Thursday, January 05, 2012

Lucky Number Seven??

This woman ain't messin' around; and she ain't mincing words either.
Washington state governor, Chris Gregoire, announced yesterday that she is going to put forth legislation to legalize marriage for gay and lesbian couples. And her proposal will be introduced in the legislative session that starts next Monday. 
Like I said.....she ain't playin'.
Chris Gregoire: 
"Today, I'm announcing my support for a law that gives same-sex couples in our state the right to receive a marriage license in Washington--the same right given our heterosexual couples. It is time, it is the right thing to do, and I will introduce the bill to make it happen."
And Gregoire isn't some long-time LGBT advocate, or even a marriage equality advocate. She explained during her announcement what she sees as the moral and legal reasons for making marriage legal for everyone, as well as her own evolution on the issue.
Gregoire is Catholic--and we know I've had my issues with the Catholics--and says she has battled what her religion taught her and what she sees as legal issues: "I came to realize the religions can decide what they want to do, but it is not OK for the state to discriminate."
Forward thinker, say what? She can still be Catholic and yet not allow her religion to influence legislation? Well separate my church and state!
Gregoire has supported giving gay and lesbian partners the same rights that married couples--the "everything but marriage" laws--but has never endorsed same-sex marriage publicly.
Currently, gay marriage is legal in New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Iowa and the District of Columbia; Washington could very well become  the seventh state to legalize gay marriage.
And if anyone can do it, I think Chris Gregoire can.
Like I said, she ain't playin'.

via the Seattle Times


BosGuy said...

C'mon Washington... Don't be afraid. Did you know that Massachusetts (the first state to legalize gay marriage) has the lowest divorce rate in the US.


Sam said...

Finally someone with common decency. Now why can't everyone understand this,

designing wally said...

There are still a few Americans in politics in the USA....
It gives one hope!

Mitch Block said...

Separating church from state?!? Is that even legal?!?

Cubby said...

Yay! Really great news.

Anonymous said...

Great post! "Forward thinker, say what?" is priceless! ROFL

froggy said...

Read in our paper today that the first organizing meeting for this effort took place... here. :-) Which is pretty amazing as our state may look blue on the map but is combo of blue on the coast and red on the dry side of the mountains.

Wonder Man said...

the haters are coming for her now

Anonymous said...

Have anyone noticed that the governess of WA state looks very much like Hilary Clinton?????

Kyle Leach said...

One more flame in the arch of fire.