Friday, July 10, 2009

Be Gone. Be Gone For Good.

Sarah Sarah Sarah.

You're going all Mark Sanford on us by holding a press conference to announce your downfall, and then talking on and on about it.

Shaddup already!

You think you've been abused and taunted and taken to task because of your gender, but you don't stand up for women. You stand in their way.


You cry foul when people talk about you, but then you return the favor in kind. Your irritation at David Letterman for calling you a "slutty flight attendant" might have had some power if, when John Kerry said he wished you'd take a 'hike,' you didn't make fun of his looks.


You say you have done so many great things for Alaska but now you cut and run. You say it wasn't a sudden decision, but that it had been win the works for months. That sounds suspiciously like what Daddy McCain said when he tapped you for the Veep spot. I didn't believe him and I don't believe you.

You claim that politics is a bloodsport and, because of your gender, you are the latest victim. Hillary Clinton has been the victim, then, of political bloodsport since 1900, and she didn't quit. As First lady she was trashed. Over Bill's affair she was trashed. In her Senate run she was trashed. In her presidential bid she was trashed.

But. Did. Not. Quit.

You, Governor Palin, are a quitter, plain and simple. And you think this makes you capable of affecting change in this country? How do we trust a woman who signs on to run Alaska and then quits before her job is done? What can we expect of a woman who will now and forever be considered a less-than-one-term-governor?

You complain that the political attacks and the ethics charges have created an ineffectiveness in government; that no one listens to you anymore; that it is all attacks now. So, in your mind, government doesn't work unless everyone is on your side and does things your way.

Childish, immature woman.

You're all posturing and posing and a whimpering, simpering mess, who cannot stand the heat. You're a photo op politician with nothing to back up your words. You say "stepping down" will help Alaska move forward. Stepping down is not forward, it's stagnant, or backwards, it is not progress.

Even in quitting, which you announced on July 3rd, your own personal independence day since it's all about you, you only give statements to the members of the press who come out to watch you fish so you can complete the aw-shucks-gee-whiz-golly-gee-wink-wink-good-old-gal image.

But we aren't buying it anymore, Sarah.

You think you can tell us one story and then come back around and expect us to trust you? It won't happen. Wherever you run for office, in Alaska, in the Lower Forty-eight, in Bosnia, in Iran, you will be the quitter who left before the job was done. The basketball player who walks off the court mid-game to put it in a context you might understand.

You're done. Over.

There is no higher calling. There are no plans to affect change. You have proven once again that you are a cardboard cutout of a politician; useless and wavering in the breeze, teetering and falling, never to be seen or heard from again.

I like it.

Be gone, before someone drops a house on you.


Larry Ohio said...

Oh no!! Not Sarah!!

I LOVE Sarah. She's the best entertainer on TV. She's a non-stop fountain of laughs. And the really cool thing is that she does it for free! Just stick a microphone in front of her and you'll laugh for hours. Days even!

Oh please Bob, please don't wish Sarah away.

Berry Blog said...

Some kids just don't like to play if they can't be boss. Y'know, like other kids spoil the game.
Besides, I'm gay. She would never pick me for her team.

Beth said...

Don't forget that SHE criticized Hillary for..."whining." Give me a freakin' break. SSIS!

Ray Ray said...

She is incredibly arrogant. I seriously believe she thinks she can charm everyone into believing her lies. She's to charisma, but she's not very good at what she does.