Wednesday, March 03, 2010

You Can't Unring My Beeeeeeeelllllll, Unring My Bell....Ding-Ding....Ding-A-Ling-A-Ling

It looks like Bill Brady will be the GOP candidate for Governor of Illinois. It seems like a lock. So, what does he do to ensure his victory in the primary? Like any good Republican lap-dog, he changes his views on a couple of key issues hoping to cash in with the Moderates, the Independents, and some disillusioned Democrats.

It's called pandering, people, and don't fall for it.

For the record, Bill Brady sponsored, SPONSORED, a bill that would re-legalize mass euthanasia of dogs and cats by gas chambers. He wanted it; he crafted it; he put his name on it. But, after receiving a lot of criticism for it, he removed his name from the bill.

It's kinda like unringing a bell, Bill; it can't be done.

But then he did it again.

Bill Brady authored, AUTHORED, a bill that would allow discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity in the state. He didn't just like it; he didn't just sponsor it. He.Wrote.It.

And now he wants to unring that bell, too.

Don't fall for it, Illinois.


Paul Benjamin said...

I think he sealed his own grave with this proposal.

But then again...this is Illinois, AND republicans these days are all sticking together no matter what.

So, you're right: He may be our next Governor!

Wonder Man said...


Dan said...

oh dont you worry, we are well aware of his tricks. Unfortunatly, he is running agains a democtratic fool!