Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More Hatred From The Catholic Church

Bishop Francesco Nolè, a man of God, and also, apparently, a man of few active brain cells, believes that gay people, and criminals, don't deserve funerals:

“Our behaviour, which could be perceived as mean or cruel, in the long-run often heals and evangelises. We must have the courage and tact, perhaps first informing the individual, or the families if he has passed, that it’s not possible to administer a communion or funeral. We would perhaps pray for his soul, which must be done.”

Oh, Francesco, you ought to start praying for your own soul, because goddess ain't gonna like this.


Old Midhurstian said...

Ye gods! They just don't know when to shut the hell up do they?


Kyle said...

It's not that he can't, because of scripture or because his god has said so, it's that he doesn't want to because of his own bigotry. Big difference.

robertga99 said...


SteveA said...

Makes me sick - "perhaps pray for his soul" - talk about being hypocrites!