Tuesday, March 02, 2010

He Flip-Flopped. Again!

Harold Ford will not be running for office in New York, and here's why:

"I've examined this race in every possible way, and I keep returning to the same fundamental conclusion: If I run, the likely result would be a brutal and highly negative Democratic primary — a primary where the winner emerges weakened and the Republican strengthened. I refuse to do anything that would help Republicans win a Senate seat in New York, and give the Senate majority to the Republicans. I realize this announcement will surprise many people who assumed I was running. I reached this decision only in the last few days — as I considered what a primary campaign, even with the victory I saw as fully achievable, would have done to the Democratic Party. I am a Democrat. But I am an independent Democrat. I am not going to stop speaking out on behalf of policies that I think are right — regardless of ideology, party or political expediency."

I think what he means by all his wordiness is that people don't like him and they wouldn't vote for him. At least, that's what I get out of it.

Sidenote: when I lived in California, there was a very prominent Ford dealership called Harrold Ford, and every time I hear about Harold Ford, politician, I think Harold Ford used car salesman.

It isn't a big stretch.


David Dust said...

I have never lived in California, but when I hear the words "Harold Ford", I too think of a used car salesman for some reason.


Larry Ohio said...

That man is a low-down dirty snake.

Paul Benjamin said...

I think you're absolutely right! People just don't like him...plain and simple.

This pic of him is kind of cute though. :)

Wonder Man said...

lol Paul. But, it's best he didn't run.