Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Constance Can Go!

First there was a prom and Constance McMillen asked if she could bring her girlfriend. She was told 'No' and the prom was cancelled.

Then some parents decided that would hold a "private" prom--read No Gays Allowed--and then that was cancelled because parents thought they'd get sued.

But now, the Itawamba Agricultural High School’s parent-sponsored prom is back on, and it will be held at the Fulton Country Club, the club’s manager, Stanley Ramey said. It had been originally set at another venue, but was canceled Monday night, though parents who sponsored the private prom would not say why.

Lori Byrd, who served on the bigot, I mean, parent, organizing committee that planned the canceled event, said it was called off because, "there are a lot of people involved and they don’t want to get sued."

Whatever Lori.

The good news is that Constance can go to the prom now.

Now, think for yourself, isn't this an awful lot of hullabaloo about a girl wanting to take her girlfriend to the prom? Isn't it sad that this mess came about for such a stupid reason?

It's a dance.

Have fun, Constance!


Michael Rivers said...

I'd guess the adults were having a much more difficult time with this than classmates. At least I hope so.

Dance the night away!

froggy said...

Everyone have fun and everyone stay safe.

Kyle said...

Dance Constance dance! Have the time of your life!

Wonder Man said...


robertga99 said...

That was my thought all along...what the hell is the big deal? Why would two girls dancing cause such an uproar? It wasn't like it was two guy or something. I thought even str8 people were into girl on girl action.