Monday, February 27, 2012

Top Ten Outstanding Guest Comments Of The Week

Another week down, another ten comments that made my day, made me think, made me laugh, or made me say, 'WETF??!?'At any rate, in no particular order, here are the winners of the cov eted...coveted?...ISBL Top Ten Outstanding Guest Comments of the Week, or ISBLTTOGCOTW, or the Isblitogcot, as we in the biz like to call it so.....
Let's rip........
#10 Y'all know that I Ain't One To Gossip, But....sometimes people--and by people, I mean celecrities--say and do things that need to be addressed; so I do:
Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...
Poor Adam, I have not believed in pull-out since I got out of my pull-ups... 
#9 So, he's a sheriff in consevrative Arizona, and he's strong on illegal immigration. He's alos a closetetd gay man having a reltionship with an Is-he-or-isn't-he illegal; that's what happenes when you're Deeply Closeted, In More Ways Than One:
Stan in NH said...
Well, I am shocked to find another closeted Conservative Republican caught in the act. If they aren't hanging out in bathrooms, or flying off to wherever with their rent boys, them they are playing Sheriff of Pinal County by day Sheriff of Penis County by night! Hard core hater, Bullyboi1, turns into mild mannered Studboi1, at the first sight of dick! How quaint!
#8 All the ills of this country and Tennessee wants to tell teachers what they can and accnot say; Tennessee Tuesday: Don't Say Gay Bill Advances: said...
Tennessee makes me sick, too. 
And I live here. 
For now.
#7 And then they want to tell you what to watch on TV: Tennessee Tuesday: Don't Watch "Modern Family"....It's Gay:
Will J said...
Proposed state motto for Tennessee: The world is scary - let's go hide under a rock.
It is a shame because it is a beautiful part of this country. However, I do not feel welcome there.
#6 And so we learned that Tennessee is so backwoods and backwards, that they even pissed off a cat in Smallville: Tennessee Tuesday: Tuxedo Is Not At All Pleased With You:
twunty mcslore said...
I'm in love with your cat. If you hear scratching and creaking, pay no attention. It's just me spiriting him off in the middle of the night. I'm going to put him on the Kitty Pageant Circuit.
Those exist, right?
#5 Uh oh, GOP...the economy is Obama promised; jobs are being Obama promised. Andf the GOP will not win the White Obama promised: Hey Mitch McConnell? Why So Spooked?:
Ron said...
Old Lady Mitch is beside Herself.
#4 Poor Newt. His flash in the poan political attemtpt at becoming President is cooling off faster than his Tiffany's credit line. He was just onme of those talking, in I Didn't Say It.....:
Ask the Cool Cookie said...
There is an old Yiddish saying that applies to Newt Gingrich: Nisht geshtoygen und nisht gefloygn. The meaning is that something is an unbelieveable tale; the literal meaning is that it didn't hop up and it didn't fly; as in "Christ didn't hop up on the cross, and he didn't fly to heaven."
This is my feeling towards Gingrich. He isn't winning primaries or converts and he isn't going to the White House. 

#3 And speaking of Newt and The Crazies, I heard a little from Victoira Jackson, and she found a spot in Random Musings:
tamayn said...
We all know that Victoria Jackson was a great political philosopher during her entire career on Saturday Night Live. I mean, after all the times she played a dumb blonde, that was totally ironic.Also, it doesn't matter what Adele does; I will always love her!
#2 Also in Random Musings:
froggy said...
Team Paul all the way!
Newt Gingrich was here today! Paper says 500 people showed up. We were not one of them...
If Santorum shows up here I may not be able to keep Abby away from him. Nobody disses the master! 

#1, or #1's Now, although these are three comments, I will count them as one. The one from S'A is based on personal experience so it bears mentioning, and the second is a comment combo from Cubby and Sam, regarding Good News Friday: A Young Man Comes Out To His Mom....on YouTube:
S'A said...
I got caught by surprise- when his mother talks about other peoples' bigotry I started crying. Her feelings are so close to my own. When my daughter told me, I also said "I thought so, but thank you for telling me". My daughter's relationship makes her happy. Her partner is such a positive part of her life--how could I not be happy for them both?! But it's a part of her life that she chooses to keep private from all but our closest friends. Because of the bigotry. It's hard. 
Cubby said...
Wow, this whole thing made me feel super creeped out.
I felt terrible for the mother, having to be filmed like that for one of the most significant moments of her and son's relationship, and the whole time the kid is busy fingering his phone. I would have taken his damn phone and threw it out the window if I was his mother.
If he was my son and that's how he chose to come out to me, I'd be very disappointed in him, and also be very disappointed in myself because obviously as a parent I did something wrong in raising him for him to be more concerned about his damn phone and YouTube video than communicating with me. How disrespectful!
The mother was an unwitting participant in the son's selfish quest to use a deeply personal moment to get a bunch of hits on YouTube. It is shameful and I'm disgusted by it. This should be an example of how NOT to come out to a parent.
Attention gay kids: put down the phone and turn off the video and look your parents in the eye when you come out to them. I got news for you, they already know. You won't be shocking them. But this is an important step you must take in your life and in theirs. Show them, and yourself, some respect by unplugging for the few minutes it takes to say "Mom I'm queer". 

To which Sam replied...
Well well well. My comment is not so much about the video but more about Cubby's comment. 
I loved the video. I loved his Mom's response. 
I completely get it. 
I get why he had the phone. I get why he Hee hawed around and I understand why he Recorded it. 
Everyone has there own way of coping. 
That is a huge first step (coming out to a parent) and it changes everything in a young persons life. I don't think I have to give examples either. Not every parent already knows either. 
And who gives a shit if they ( a parent) knows. It doesn't mean a fucking thing until you can gather up the courage to say it.
I wouldn't give a flying fuck if my child was fingering fucking the radio in the kitchen while trying to talk to me, as long as he's not hanging from a god damn rope in the closet. 
Enough with the labels. Why in the fuck are we even having to say we are queer??? Or a fag???
Anyho. I loved this. Maybe in my lifetime we won't be having to make a god damn announcement, maybe we will just be.
Did I say I loved this video??

Thanks all for your delicious comments, but, you tell me, which is your favorite of the week?


froggy said...

Nisht geshtoygen und nisht gefloygn.

Also Sam's - Straight kids never have to make any pronouncement about their sexual orientation. They are allowed to keep that part of their life and never have to worry about what people will think or do.

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

Well, mine, of course. But I'm shallow like that.

Oh, Someone else's comments? I have to say that Cubby and Sam kinda got it right, each from their perspective. My coming out 30 years ago was not a Kodak moment, so I could never imagine employing a camera in my situation. Can any of us tell anyone else which is the right way to do it? I can't.

Kyle Leach said...

Very hard to choose this week.I'd say, besides my husband's comment, 4,3,2,and 1.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I may be #10, but I am at the top of the page :o) Thanks for the shout-out.

Sam said...

Thanks Bob, I've been close to death, behind on comments. I appreciate you accepting me for my lack of grammar skills!!!