Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The Catholic Church Uses Bankruptcy To Protect Itself In Abuse Cases

There are more than 550 people asking for restitution from the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, for alleged sexual abuse by clergy. In response, like seven other archdiocese in the country, the Archdiocese of Milwaukee has filed for bankruptcy protection.
You know, to protect their money rather than protect children.
The Milwaukee Archdiocese filed for bankruptcy protection last year because it feels that pending sex-abuse lawsuits could leave it with debts it couldn't afford.
Oh, my goodness. You let priests rape children, and now those children want to sue you, and you want protection.
F%k you.

The Milwaukee Archdiocese has already paid some $30 million--so you know they have the money--to settle more than a dozen suits. One priest alone is accused of abusing some 200 boys at a suburban school for deaf students from 1950 to 1974.
Two hundred young men, molested, fondled, groped and raped by priests, who were then allowed to continue their 'work', and the Catholic Church wants bankruptcy protection.
Too bad they can't file for moral bankruptcy.
James Stang, a bankruptcy lawyer, estimated that about 550 claims had been filed by the deadline set by the bankruptcy court. And those who filed claims will end up splitting a settlement amount that will be determined by the creditors' committee, the archdiocese and its insurance company.
Oh, the archdiocese gets to pick a settlement amount. Now, that's rich. And, so naturally, they have set a figure of just $4.6 million in assets to be applied to claims in 2010.
Rapists. And liars.
Seven other Catholic dioceses in the country have filed for bankruptcy since the clergy abuse scandal erupted in 2002: Davenport, Iowa; Fairbanks, Alaska; Portland, Oregon; San Diego; Spokane, Washington; Tucson, Arizona; and Wilmington, Delaware. Of these magnificent seven, the number of claims ranges from 40 to 250. All told, nearly 800 claims of sexual abuse by the Catholic Church, who now wants to protect their assets. And this number doesn't include the number of victims who are afraid, and ashamed, to come forward.
I have a suggestion.
Tell Pope Benedict Arnold to sell some his jeweled gowns, and his Prada loafers and the vast collection of artwork the church has squirreled away in the Vatican, and pay off each and every victim of a pedophile priest. Then, maybe try a new tactic; try calling the police when a priest rapes a young boy. Notify the authorities when a young girl is groped or fondled. Try protecting children instead of your own fat, rich asses.
Or get out of the religion business altogether.



Cubby said...

They're trying to protect their assets in order to funnel more money to NOM.

truthspew said...

Yup, awfully funny how the biggest donors for NOM are now the Roman Catholic Church.

I'm sorry but if I were a bankruptcy judge I'd deny their petition. I'd deny the petition because it's clear what they are trying to do.

Wonder Man said...

this is sad, they should pay for their crimes

Ron said...

As in bureaucracy it's all about power and maintaining that power. Reason has nothing to do with it. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

helena said...

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vabna islam said...
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