Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Georgia Is Still Ringing The Birther Alarm

Michael Malihi, an administrative law judge in Georgia--which is apparently still mired in 2008, beating a dead horse--has ruled that Barack Obama’s name can be placed on the state’s 2012 presidential election ballot because Obama was born in Hawaii, and Obama is “native born” and thus also is “natural born” as required by the Constitution.
Still, the judge needed a little help from an Indiana judge because, well, it's Georgia: “The Indiana court determined that a person qualifies as a natural born citizen if he was born in the United States because he became a United States citizen at birth. For the purposes of this analysis, this court considered that President Barack Obama was born in the United States. Therefore, as discussed in Arkeny, he became a citizen at birth and is a natural born citizen.”
Um. Duh?
The ironic part of this idiocy outta Georgia? The decision came without any evidence being presented by Barack Obama or his lawyer because they refused to participate in the required hearing.
Perhaps because this was settled, oh, I dunno, four years ago.
Still, Malihi was miffed at the president and his lawyers for failing to show--he probably wanted an autograph--but decided the case on its merits: “Neither defendant nor his counsel, Michael Jablonski, appeared or answered. Ordinarily, the court would enter a default order against a party that fails to participate in any stage of a proceeding [but] despite the defendant’s failure to appear, plaintiffs asked this court to decide the case on the merits of their arguments and evidence.”
The plaintiff's then demanded that a contempt citation be issued against Obama for refusing to appear as subpoenaed, but Malihi declined.
Secretary of State, and certifiable wingnut, Brian Kemp had warned Obama and his attorney that to snub the Georgia court system would be at Obama’s “peril.” And, Mark Hatfield, one of the attorneys who focused on the issue of the definition of “natural born citizen,” said the judge ignored the issue of burden of proof: “If Obama has the burden of proof, and failed to show up, clearly he didn’t carry the burden. The judge here completely ignores that.”
Maybe, you asshat, it's because Obama has proven time and again, and time and gain, that he is a US citizen. Maybe, you asshat, you should try to focus on the more pressing issues of your state.
For the love of the baby jeebus, Georgia, grow a pair and move on.



Wonder Man said...


Tiger Chanter said...

Seriously! Don't these people have anything better to do?!! Why don't they go after them Duke boys?!!

They just rode the General Lee through my cornfield and now I won't have any mash for my moonshine! ;)

S'A said...

Really? What were they trying to prove? I'm definitely missing something.

Ron said...

Proof positive that there are a lot of ignoramuses who pass as state lawmakers.

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