Thursday, February 09, 2012

Random Musings

'Wis plaizure.'
Those are the only words spoken by Best Actor nominee Jean Dujardin in The Artist. Seriously, it's a silent movie, with no one speaking, until the last couple of minutes, and yet it was such a joy to watch. 
Black-and-white, silent film, in 2012. Who knew!
Sidenote: Apparently the silent motif extended to the audience because, except for some laughter, the theater was eerily silent.
I sense a trend....?
Plus: Jean Dujardin is hot. And French. And funny.

Okay, so I loves me some Justified because I loves me some Timothy Olyphant.
It's all good.
Then it gets better because one Neal McDonough has joined the cast and suddenly it's Kentucky Man Candy every Tuesday night at 10 PM on F/X.
Neal and Timothy. They haven't had any scenes together yet, but the DVR is set. 

After all the kerfuffle about the Susan G. Komen Foundation cutting its tie to Planned Parenthood over the idiotic excuse that PP was "under investigation" by a bunch of lying hypocritical GOP goosestepping monkeyfuckers--and their ilk--you'd think Komen would lay low.
Not so, today they announced that they have teamed up with Discount Gun Sales to offer a pink version of its popular Walther P-22 handgun in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Breast cancer and pink guns.
That's all.

Not yet, I don't think. Carlos calls it the adult Glee, but I'm on the fence.
Don't get me wrong, I'm a Liza-loving-showtune-singing-Defying-Gravity-Dreamgirls queen, and I love Debra Messing, and you can't go wrong with Angelica Huston.
But it also stars Katharine McPhee, and her, well, I am not one of her fans.
When she was on Idol she was very cold and calculating. She had a voice teacher mama, and knew all about the right notes and pitch and key, but there was no soul.
On Smash, she plays the Iowa farm girl who moves the La Grand Apple to pursue her dreams. She is supposed to be naive and Innocent in the ways of the big city, but it just doesn't work.
I'm hoping this Innocent Phase is just that. Until then, I'll be watching the chorus boys and Megan Hilty.
She's brilliant.

Carlos is not much of a fan of South Carolina. The right-winged-monkey-ness of it. The Bible-thumpiness of it. The Nikki Haley-ness of it.
But, one day this week, he was invited to a breakfast and awards ceremony at the Statehouse and so he put on a jacket and tie.
A bow-tie.
Now, Carlos has been wearing bow-ties since he was a young queerling, and he does look adorable in them. But, in Miami, no one wore a bow-tie unless they were over eighty or under six. In South Carolina, however, bow-ties are quite prevalent.
Which caused me to tell him that he was destined to live in South Carolina. He began shrieking that it was not, and I began Darth Vader-ing, "It was your destiny, Carlos."
I still haven't been able to scrape him off the kitchen ceiling.

There's a reason supermodels shouldn't speak and Gisele Bundchen proved that this week, after her husband, Tom Brady, and the Patriots lost the Super Bowl.
Hearing people jeer about Brady's loss, Gisele said something to the effect of, "He can't effing throw the ball and catch the effing ball."
Or something.
Now, this pissed off some of Brady's teammates who don't feel that a Team Wife should dog out the team. And it also irked  winning team, New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs, who said, “She just needs to continue to stay cute and shut up.” 
Of course, then he apologized for his comments, though Gisele, like a good model, is keeping her yap shut.
For now. 

I watch HGTV.
I'm a gay man.
Now, while I do watch for ideas on what to do with our house and yard, sometimes I watch for what to do with our house and yard, as told to me by hot guys.
I don't have a basement of an income property, but I still watch Scott McGillivray religiously. And I even watch the shows with those girls hosting, because they usually have a hot carpenter. You know....
My new favorite show is Kitchen Cousins.
We have a perfectly lovely kitchen. it could be updated, but it has all the storage we need, all the counter space we need, and the payout is just perfect. But still, I'd love to have Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri come to Smallville and "work" in my space.
And, if I get a new kitchen out if it, all the better.
If you get my meaning.


truthspew said...

Speaking of government fetes, I never get invited. They're too afraid of me.

But South Carolina while it might come off a little red neckish has some progressives. It's strange.

Tiger Chanter said...

We will definitely have to check out HGTV going forward! WOOF!!

P.S. Did you see the recent Ab Fab? When talking about Karl Lagerfeld, Patsy said that his pony tail was a result of a "comb-over" nosehair! ;) said...

I can’t get into SMASH either. I’ve started it three times and never get past the first fifteen minutes. I think I agree with you that the cause of my dislike is McPhee. It’s as if they made such a big deal about introducing HER that she’s not playing a character … she’s playing herself. And I don’t like her.

(Scott McGillivray is on my list. And how about that Matt Muenster from BATH CRASHERS?!)

tamayn said...

I was all about Scott Mc Gillivray and yes, I watched Designed to Sell partially out of love for Lisa La Porta but more for Steve Hanneman and later, Lynn Kegan. Don't even get me started on Get Carter!

Frank said...

They don't call it Homo Gay TV for nothing.