Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Architecture Wednesday

This is my kind of house. Although I love all sorts of architecture, from old farmhouses to Ne York lofts to Tuscan Villas and airplanes as houses, I love this modern house most of all. This house, in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains, just ten miles from San Jose, is surrounded by mature oaks, and there's even a creek running along one side. 
The best of both worlds.
The house itself is a set of smaller structures interconnected by glassed-in walks and vaulted roof structures that wind through the oak canopy. Courtyards and outdoor spaces tie the house with the landscape. The pool, pool house, and adjoining patio step down a gentle slope toward a large grass yard, bordered by a cleaved granite walk that mimics the shape of the creek edge.
Inside, a drop soffit of sheet bronze is used for the sections of the house with vaulted ceilings. The bronze reflects the adjacent exterior gardens during the day and adds a warm glow at night. A unique, freestanding staircase with glass treads is the centerpiece of the home’s circulation.
White cement panel siding was used to brighten the deep shade under the oak canopy, while a zinc standing-seam roof and a custom wood window system fill out the palette of materials on the exterior. Natural stone, concrete, plaster, bronze, and dark hardwoods combine in a rich palette of color and texture in the home’s interior.
That's what I love most. it's very concrete yet natural. Woods and bronze mixed with concrete and glass. It's urban, yet rural.
It's just lovely.

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mistress maddie said...

ohhhhhhhhh girl, this house is speaking to me, love all the textures! And I also hear Adrino demanding me to sit next to the fireplace whilest I'm fed bon-bons! Cousre after a few, I'd need a tour guide to get me to my boudior.

Stephen said...

I could leave there... so Californian!

tamayn said...

I would murder for that kitchen. We had to buy furniture here to have counter space here.

Anonymous said...

This is really nice, but I wonder how they can watch that TV beside the fireplace with that plant in the way?

Kyle Leach said...

I like the mix. Modern, natural, earthy, and open.