Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscar Hits and Misses and Misters

Best in Show
Jessica Chastain.
Hands down my favorite.
Michelle Williams.
So cute.
Emma Stone.
Viola Davis.
Such a gorgeous woman.
Octavia Spencer.
Meryl Streep.
Looked like Oscar®.
Glenn Close.
Still got it.
Penelope Cruz.
Cameron Diaz.
Looks like she took a pre-show bath this year.
Missed It By That Much
Sandra Bullock.
Loved the backless-ness,
but the top didn't seem to fit.
Rose Byrne.
Severe hair and too skinny.
Worst in Show
Nancy O'Dell.
You ain't got no alibi, you ugly.
Angelina Jolie.
The dress isn't bad, but that pose....?
Berenice Bejo.
Without the granny sleeves,
it might have worked.
Gwynethh Paltrow.
Someone thinks she Oscar® royalty.
She ain't.
Kate Mara.
Why so sad?
Kristen Wiig.
It was a case of
The Dress Wore Her.
Melissa MacCarthy.
Look at Octavia Spencer to see how
a big girl should look.
This has too much going on
and she received the Carlos Piñata Award.
Ellie Kemper.
They don't work.
Where are your eyes.
Rooney Mara.
This is how bangs are done.
Why Are They Here?
Jane Seymour.
Why Aren't They Everywhere?
And Why Can't I Go With Them?
Zachary Quinto.
Brad Pitt.
Even with the scruff,
he's aging handsomely.


froggy said...

Penelope Cruz - my favorite!
(This is the first place I've seen that yellow dress!! ak!)

Joy said...

Octavia Spencer's dress was perfect for her. She looked wonderful. There were several hits last night.

Cubby said...

One of my favorite actors is Gary Oldman and I was happy to see him in the audience. I instantly fell in love with his glasses. Did you notice them? I don't think I have ever noticed anyone's glasses in my life, but his glasses just grabbed my full attention.

mistress maddie said...
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Wonder Man said...

JLo looked a mess too

Miss Ginger Grant said...

I think it's interesting that your favorite and least favorite were almost reverses of each other. I agree on Meryl and Glenn- dynamite! I have to disagree on Brad- he looks like he is one corvette and a gold chain away from losing his mullet in Vegas! Catch my take on my blog!

Tivo Mom said...

Nancy O'Dell oh God...bless her heart. Agree on Emma Stone. I want to hang out with her..

tamayn said...

I had never found a dress to explain what I wanted a character from a fantasy novel I'm writing to wear, until I saw La Paltrow. Generally looking like a fantasy novel heroine is a bad move. I still love the dress for personal reasons though.

Also, you can tell I have no sense of style...because I loved Nancy O'Dell's dress...

mistress maddie said...

Melissa MacCarthy. I love her, but that's what you call 10lbs of flour in a 5lb bag!!!