Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Ginger McGuire Sleeps Like A Log......A Big, Dumb, Frivolous Lawsuit Filing Log

Ginger McGuire, demonstrating her sleeping posture at her press conference.

Ginger McGuire, of Michigan, was flying from Dulles Airport outside of Washington DC to Philadelphia on Monday night and was so tired she slept through the one-hour flight.

She also slept through the plane landing.
And she slept through every single other passenger disembarking the plane.
And she didn't wake up as the flight crew left the aircraft.
In fact, Ms. McGuire slept on the plane for an additional three hours after it landed, and woke up to find herself alone.


The aircraft landed about 12:30 a.m. at Philadelphia International, but Ginger McGuire said the flight crew didn't bother to rouse her. She did not awaken until 4 a.m. when she found herself alone on the 50-seat plane with all the doors locked.

"Waking up to an empty airplane and not begin able to get out was very horrifying," Ginger McGuire told anyone and everyone who would listen.

Pretty silly, right?
It gets sillier.

Back home in Michigan, after her horrendous ordeal, Ginger McGuire held a news conference--which is what one does when one is seeking fifteen minutes of fame--alongside her attorney, Sheisty McShady, er, Geoffrey Fieger, to announce she was filing a lawsuit against Trans State Airlines, alleging false imprisonment, negligence, emotional distress and breach of contract.


Her ambulance, or in this case, airplane chasing attorney, said: "For a crew of United Airlines and Trans State Airlines to leave her there and lock her in a plane is beyond unacceptable. It constitutes false imprisonment."

It also constitutes abject stupidity.

After waking up alone on a plane, Ginger McGuire said that she walked up and down the aisle for 15 minutes, until, suddenly, the plane's door opened and she was confronted by a TSA officer and two of Phillie's finest. They demanded her ID and questioned her for a horrifying ten minutes.

During which Ginger McGuire told them that she used her cell phone to check the time after her nap, but didn't think to use her CELL PHONE to call anyone.

I say the airline sue her for being the week's biggest dumbass.

Ginger? Honey? Several things make a lawsuit. Falling asleep so soundly that you nap through an entire flight, landing, and as every passenger jostles by you, qualifies not.

You're dumb, Ginger. You're dumb.


froggy said...

Around here we've had school bus drivers leave sleeping children on the bus by accident. Nobody sued...

madtexter ☺☺☺☺☺☺ (corey james) said...

Whatta dumbass, or as you often put it, an asshat! No one could sleep so soundly through all that without a little pinch of Ambien. I'm thinking she took whole bunch of it, and now wants the airline to pay for her stupidity.

If there ever was a Dingleberry Award, she'd win it!

Wonder Man said...

so ridic

Buck said...

I immediately thought of Ambien when I read this, too. I'd be willing to bet she's got a big 'ol presciption for it. It's scary stuff -- I'll never take it again.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I was incregulous when I saw this article. The nerve.

Dan said...

Ok, they crew needs it's ass kicked for leaving her on the plane, but that is where this shit should end.

If I am correct, isnt that the same attorney who represented Jack Kavorkian?

Anonymous said...

That's my aunt don't call her a dumb ass it wasn't her fault she has M.S. U have to learn all of the facts before you judge her she lives in a group home so don't u dare say anything about her-Riley McGuire

Bob Slatten said...

Hi Anonymous--if that's your real name.
I stand by the statement that this woman is dumb, not for falling asleep, not for having MS, which was not in the article sourced for this post, but for thinking that her falling asleep is excuse enough for a lawsuit.
False imprisonment? That's just dumb.

Anonymous said...

It's still not right to call her a dumbass it's not her fault for having a mental illness but thanks for calling her that I would appreciate if you deleted this -Riley mcguire

Bob Slatten said...

MS is not a mental illness, so rethink that.
And I did not poke fun at her illness, I poked fun at her ridiculous lawsuit.