Sunday, March 01, 2009

Squirrel 1; Carlos 0

When we moved to Smallville, we rented a house for the first six months to see if we wanted to live here, or there, or there. It was a nice house, small, small yard, no real outdoor space.

So six months later we found a house we liked and bought it. It was a nice house, with all that we wanted for a house, and on nearly an acre, so we had a good sized yard for the Pocket Dog to run and jump and play.

And the yard was visited by all sorts of birds. One morning, not long after we moved in I saw a couple of splotches of red in the trees out front. Cardinals! Absolutely gorgeous birds. We watched every morning as they came back and searched the trees for something to eat.


We got a couple of bird feeders, and set one up in the front yard, and one in the back just off the deck. So every morning, sitting at the kitchen table, we watch the birds come: the Cardinals, the Finches, and every once in awhile, a Dove and a Woodpecker.

Then the squirrels came. They had been sitting in the trees watching the birds go through the seed buffet, and they thought, Why not?

So the squirrels came down from the trees and began eating the seeds that the birds knocked out of the feeders and that fell to the ground. It was just two squirrels, which I have named Cecil and Beanie, but they visited every morning to scrounge around the deck for dropped seeds.

Then Carlos bought a hanger, to hang the bird feeder off the side of the deck, so now there were no seeds on the deck. Now the squirrels began to go onto the feeder and get the seeds themselves. Of course, since the feeder is made for bird beaks, squirrels have a devil of a time getting seeds.

Carlos sat there laughing as the squirrel jumped on top of the feeder, trying to get at the seeds.

You won't be laughing when he learns how to pop the top and get at the seeds, I said.

He just wants some seeds, he said.

No, he wants all the seeds, I said.

Later that day, Carlos was out back playing with the dog, and saw something on the ground.

The feeder.

Those cute squirrels had chewed through the nylon rope and let the feeder fall to the ground so the top would pop and the seeds would spill, and they could eat.

Squirrels: One.
Carlos: Nothing.


Ultra Dave said...

Never underestimate the furry critters at feeding time!

Bob said...

They are tenacious little beasts!

frogponder said...

It is a war as old as time.
Our squirrels are named Twitchy and Stumpy (somebody has chewed on his tail).
One of my girlfriends told me about a feeder that twirls every time any weight comes on it and squirrels go flying.
I just feed them all. The squirrels have their own peanut feeder and the magpies steal *their* peanuts. Survival of the fittest I suppose.

mistress maddie said...

I'll probably be shot for saying this but I think squirrels are cute little critters. Their so funny to watch especially when theri chasing each other. I have one here that I feed peanuts too right from my hand. Every morning when I leave he hears the door open and comes running to get the peanut. I also have cardinals and finches that feed of the window sills everyday also. In the spring the finch get bright yellow. I love to watch birds! ;)

Bob said...

FP: I'm with you. Don't fight the losing battle but get the squirrels their own feeders.

Mistress Maddie: I agree. I love watching them run and jump along the deck. I'd like to be able to feed them from my hands. I say let 'em all be what they are, and enjoy 'em.

Joy said...

I like watching them all, too. Yes, I agree. Get feeders for everyone and have a party!

Berry Blog said...

I gave up on feeders for the birds- and it wasn't just the squirrels. I have huge windows in the back of the house. They reflect the woods and the poor birds were doing kamidaze flights by the dozens.I tried dropping the shades inside the house, depriving myself of light, but it didn't work.
Any ideas?

Bob said...

Charlie: I saw these things that cling to windows to keep birds from crashing into them. They look like spider webs, and the birds stay away.

Berry Blog said...

If you run across them again, lemme know Bob. Meanwhile I'll search too. Thanks. I put up signs but the birds ignore them. Whyizzat?

LeatherneckJoe said...

Getting the squirrels their own feeder will help eliminate the competition for the bird seed. Since you all watch these happenings through your window, why not make it entertaining and give the squirrels the Squngee Bungee feeder. You simply attach a cob of corn onto the feeder and get ready for the laughs! Here is a good online source,

Mark in DE said...

Those greedy squirrels...

Beth said...

oh they are smart little suckers! I finally had to use WIRE to hang my bird feeders up....but I DO buy peanuts for the squirrels..and the blue jays. they love peanuts.

truthspew said...

Squirrels are smart little bastards.

One time I house sat for a friend who had a pet squirrel. He was a nasty critter until I fed him. Then were buds.

This friend btw, his phone number spelled out APE-COCK. Seriously.