Monday, March 09, 2009

Straw Hats and Bow Ties

I have one hard and fast rule--actually I have about a thousand, but we'll deal with this one today.

Unless you are under six or over eighty, you should never wear a bow tie.

Amended to add: or unless you're Carlos.

Backing up a bit. When I flew to Miami nine years ago to meet Carlos face-to-face, he was picking me up at the Ft Lauderdale airport. I knew what he looked like, and he knew me; we'd emailed and snail mailed pictures. But he told me he'd be wearing a bow tie when I arrived so I could spot him. And yes he was; a cute little bow tie and a bunch of roses. He looked adorable, although that one hard and fast rule played in my mind.

A bow tie?

Come to find out, Carlos only wears bow ties when a tie is needed. And of course, being the 21st century and being Miami, we weren't invited to too many functions where a tie was necessary, so I didn't see him in one for a long while.

Flash forward to yesterday. We're meeting Roger and Thomas at the HuffawFawFaw Hall--it's actually called Springdale Hall, but at first I thought it would be a pretentious affair, hence the HuffawFawFaw. I showered and shaved and cologned and styled and got myself pressed and dressed and spackled and shined; and Carlos did the same.

He came down the hall wearing a new green shirt and a yellow bow tie. That rule rang a bell in my head. Then I looked at him.

He was the cutest thing ever!

I have changed the rule as of yesterday. No bow ties unless you're Carlos.

But then he put on an actual straw hat, and for a moment I thought I was going to lose it. Straw. Hat. Oh And then the damned thing increased his cuteness level tenfold. I may have to keep him in bow ties and straw hats forever. My heart skipped a little he looked so handsome.

Sometimes you forget, when you see the same face day after day, just how handsome they can be....even in a bow tie and straw hat!


David Dust said...


Where are the actual pictures of the two of you? We read about you and Carlos every day - and yet have no idea of what either one of you looks like!!

Just think, publishing a picture Carlos in his bow tie and straw hat would have saved you the time of looking on the internet for generic pictures of bow ties and straw hats (which is what you actually posted ... BOOOOOO!!!!!)

Even I have published pics of my fat ass - and I absolutely HATE what I look like and have horrible self-esteem. If I can do it, so can you.

One more request ... if you could privately send me a picture of Carlos in NOTHING but a bowtie and a straw hat, I'd appreciate it.




Bob said...

David, dear,
I begged Carlos to let me post his bow-tie-straw-hat-wearing picture and he actually refused!

I thought for sure he'd go for it.

When he gives me permission, I'll do it. I'll put up shots of us both. The happy couple!

As for the picture you asked for, they are in my private collection only!


Ultra Dave said...

Isn't it amazing that after years together, they can still win you over with their charm?

Beth said...

awwwwww...someone is in looooooove!!!!!!

Mark in DE said...

Isn't it funny that fashion 'rules' are created so we can be sure we are 'in fashion' and so we can berate those who are not, when in reality we should all be cultivating our own personal sense of style?

Its heartwarming that you embrace Carlos' personal sense of style.

Berry Blog said... very charming.
I'm the over 60 set and recall in my day that bowties were associated with sneaky people- "never trust a man wearing a bow tie". there were certain national politicians known for bowties then but i forget their names now. It waws just when I was going to college and some professors sported them...we definitely didn't trust them.