Monday, March 16, 2009

Me from A to Z

I saw this over at Lou's place, The Quiet Life, and thought I'd give it a go.
Create a poem, such as it is, from A to Z.

As always happens,
Being the middle of three,
Childhoods are often left behind
Dangling, as though nonexistent.
Even as an young boy you search for self,
Finally aware that you are
Gay, and even more set apart that dreamt possible.
Home is that place where you don't fit,
In a world that views you as less than;
Joking and poking, hitting and
Killing; simply because of who you are
Men look down at you, women look away,
Never bothering to see what is really there.
Out, now, out loud,
Proud to take that step.
Queer isn't queer, it's just me
Realizing that I am, in fact, okay.
Seeing the world as a welcoming place,
Thinking I'll find true love
Understanding that I deserve the same and
Vowing never to settle for less....then
Welcoming him into my heart and my life,
X-isting as never before, yet still
Yearning for acceptance and getting
Zero from my country


Ultra Dave said...

That is really cool and very clever!

Wonder Man said...

neat list

Mark in DE said...

Good job, Bob!

Joy said...

Thoughtful and expressive! Like you. :-)

Lou said...

Wow you made a great job of it Bob. That's really good. Did you find it carthartic?

Bob said...

Lou: I did find it cathartic. And I was surprised at how easy it came out, and how it all fit together.
Only 'z' gave me grief.
Thanks for giving me the idea.

Berry Blog said...

sensitive, sad, and thoughtful.

Bina said...

Wow. That is just beautiful. You did an excellent job.