Friday, March 06, 2009

Hold That Grudge!

So Grampa McAngry lost the election, and it was good. He even made a very nice concession speech talking about how we all need to work together to fix the economy, and how he would work with President Obama on a bipartisan level.
Right after the election McAngry flew to Chicago to meet with Obama for what was called a "friendly chat." Obama and McAngry even issued a joint statement afterwards, vowing to work together to reform government. And even on the night before Obama took office, he gave a dinner to honor John NotEver GonnaBePresident McAngry.
So does it surprise anyone that McAngry is now on the attack, the offensive if you will because his behavior is really offensive.
Two weeks ago, at a White House fiscal responsibility forum, McCain called out President Obama on the cost of his helicopter--said helicopter was ordered by former Criminal Bush, in case you were once again misinformed, McAngry.
And just last week John McAngry spent hours on the Senate floor helping to lead GOP opposition to a bill that would give the District of Columbia a vote in the House--a measure Obama supported as president and is expected to sign if it makes it through Congress.
McAngry is going after Obama explicitly -- and repeatedly -- over about $7 billion worth of earmarks in a massive spending bill that costs more than $400 billion.
"Americans all over this country hope for change," McAngry said to the Senate. "They hope the corruption, earmarking and pork-barrel practices will stop. What are we giving them? We are giving them a slap in the face, that is what we are giving them ... So much for the promise of change."
McAngry got so hot'n'bothered about the spending bill that he actually learned how to Twitter last week--taking over from his minions who used to post for him--and began publishing snarky wisecracks about individual projects. He complained about money for something he calls "Mormon cricket control" in Utah, and a telescope in Hawaii.
However, Obama and his aides haven't taken the bait; the White House has avoided engaging in a debate with McAngry, although they argue against more general complaints about the spending bill.
Which makes the spectacle of a scowling McAngry railing about the way the administration is handling the spending bill even stranger. "The president's budget person says, 'We want to move on,'" McAngry said Monday. "That is insulting to the American people."
All of the rants are getting McAngry lots of attention by the media, but many are beginning to wonder if the old man isn't still sucking on sour grapes after losing the election to "that one." Of course, McAngry says that's not what's going on.
But at a Capitol Hill press conference to introduce legislation to give the White House a line-item veto, McAngry once again made a special point of bashing the Obama administration's handling of the spending bill, though he sounded shocked when asked if there was any trouble in his relationship with the president.
"I'm the -- as I said, the loyal opposition," McAngry stammered. "Both words [are] operative. I want to work with the president where we can, and I have on several issues."
That's certainly true; McCain went straight from the press conference to the White House, where he was the only Republican to join Obama in calling for the Pentagon to stop wasting money on overinflated private contracts. And a few days earlier, McAngry did give his support for Obama's plan to withdraw troops from Iraq--of course, after spending his entire losing campaign calling Obama's plan wrong.
One of McAngry's handlers, er, advisors, says, "None of this means anything in terms of where McCain's going -- he's getting mad at the White House, he's not getting mad at the White House, or he's bitter from the election or he's not bitter from the election....It means just what it always means from McCain -- what you see is what you get."
What you see is what you get?
He's mad. He's not mad.
He's bitter. He's not bitter.
What you get is a man who can't make up his mind, which further shows what a disaster his presidency would have been if the people hadn't made the right choice.
And his people are saying that MCAngry treated W the same way; but then McAngry lost an election to him also. It's hard to believe that McAngry doesn't realize that calling out Obama will make news, or that people will wonder if the fact that Obama remains much more popular than he is, or ever was, is what really bothers him.
But McAngry is not helping himself by bashing the spending bill. For one thing, a lot of money is going towards scientific research, even projects with silly names like the aforementioned "Mormon crickets." So don't bash the name because it sounds odd, when you can't be bothered to learn what the project will do. And even though the Repugnants are taking their share of pork in the spending bill, and McAngry has acknowledged this, he still bashes the White House for not taking a harder line on spending.
McAngry really needs to take a step back, or better yet, a step down, if he can't put his own personal grudge against the president aside and work with both sides to fix what ails us. If he can't do that, then he ought to pack up his toys and go home to one of his eleven houses and take Cindy to her Botox appointments and keep his mouth shut.
Seriously John, if you haven't got a better plan, and you most assuredly don't, as witnessed by the events of November 4, 2008, then go away.


Anonymous said...

The only silver lining is that it's increasingly likely McNasty will be dead before the end of Obama's first term.

Berry Blog said...

Maybe so truthspew, but there are plenty of jerks to step up to the plate.My old teaching buddies...all retirees now, pepper my email with anti Obama and anti Democratic crap that is so far removed from sane logic and blatant lies, I shudder to believe they ever taught.

Mark in DE said...

McSour Grapes.