Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Buzz Saws and Bad Bette Davis Impressions

It's funny, in an I'm-so-annoyed-I-could-snap-at-any-second kind of way.

I talked a couple of days ago about Carlos and the Breathe Right strip, and how it ended up on his elbow in the morning. I had several people ask if the strips work, and I said, Yes, most of the time.

Last night was not one of those times.

I went to bed a little after ten. After my day of yardwork and cat attacks, and cooking pasta for dinner, I was tired. I crawled into bed and was asleep before I knew it.

Carlos came to bed a little after 11PM, and the snoring began before I knew that either.

Buzz saw. Charlie? You're snoring.

Buzz saw. Charlie? You're SNORING!

Buzz saw. Charlie? YOU'RE SNORING!!

Buzz saw. CHARLIE? YOU"RE SNORING!!!!!!!!

I grabbed my pillows and headed into the guest room where I slept all night. Even MaxGoldberg and Tuxedo had had enough of the Buzz Saw and they joined me in bed. the three of us commiserated and cuddled and slept until morning, when a light came on and a hand nudged us.

Why are you sleeping in this bed?


Oh, I'm sorry.

So, I slowly pull myself out of bed, head into the bathroom for morning rituals, and then out to the kitchen. Suddenly I turned into every 1940s actor or actress, speaking in that affected English accent.

Fo-ah times, Cholly. Fo-ah times I begged you to stop snoring. And fo-ah times my wishes were ignored. Fo-ah times!

Poor Carlos. he had to put up with my rant about the snoring, and then my bad Bette Davis in The Letter impression.

But tonight? The guestroom is all his!


Berry Blog said...

THIS Carlos sleeps alone. I think I drove everybody out of the house years ago. but I swear I don't snore. I'm a thrasher.

Dan said...

I got out of bed once then swore I would never do it again. Unfortunately for me, I have it with Luis and Ozzy! I have no problem waking them both up.

Beth said...

oh lordy...I sleep on the couch almost every night cuz of the Buzz Saw in my bed. It is awful, and he refuses to do something about it. Maybe I shoudl try those strips with him too?

Wonder Man said...

crazy...but that's happened to me too

Joy said...

I hate snoring! Now I don't have to deal with it since I live alone and don't have sleep-overs any more. Oh well.

Mark in DE said...

Ugh, this exact scenario is only too familiar to me. Sorry Bob!