Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hi There!

Welcome to Bina, from her spot in the blogosphere, Just Another Day.
Bina is "a mother of four, ranging from 22 - 6. They are all healthy and great kids! I have two step children and a full time job. I've worked at my current job for 14 years and feel like I could do it in my sleep!"
She loves long walks in the rain, sunshine, rainbows, and kittens, her wish is for world peac....oops, sorry, I was doing a little beauty pageant channeling.

Anyhoooo, welcome Bina!


Beth said...

Bina is my best friend....and she'll be yours too!!!!

Bina said...

Thank you! I LOVE that! And yes, I do like walking in the rain, and kittens and rainbows. How'd you know?