Tuesday, March 31, 2009

First The Gay Gene, And Now The Gay Test

Going, ahem, down under is given a whole new meaning, now that the Melbourne Catholic Church has confirmed that it will be following Vatican recommendations to test would-be priests who are suspected of “deeply seated” homosexuality.

Deeply seated? Is that some sort of butt joke?
Does the test involve butt-less chaps and feather boas?
Does it require hands-on instruction?

The head of the Vatican committee which released the guidelines has also stated that celibate gays must also be banned because homosexuality is ‘‘a type of deviation’’.

A type of deviation? Well, at least they aren't mincing words while they're mincing around.

The "Guidelines for the Use of Psychology in the Admission and Formation of Candidates for the Priesthood" were drawn up by the Congregation for Catholic Education in the Vatican. The prefect of the Congregation, Cardinal Grocholewski, explained that any seminarian should be excluded from the priesthood, even if he is celibate, if it appeared that he was homosexual.

"The candidate does not necessarily have to practise homosexuality. He can even be without sin, [b]ut if he has this deep-seated tendency, he cannot be admitted to priestly ministry precisely because of the nature of the priesthood, in which a spiritual paternity is carried out. Here we are not talking about whether he commits sins, but whether this deeply rooted tendency remains."

A "tendency" to be gay? Well, I for one don't tend to be gay; I am gay. I do, however, tend to be annoyed by homophobia.

The tests will show, so they say, that if seminary students show signs of grave immaturity, then "the path of formation will have to be interrupted". The listed 'Symptoms of Immaturity' include unclear sexual identity, difficulty with the celibate life, excessive rigidity of character and lack of freedom in relations.

So, the Pope doesn't believe condoms work in the spread of HIV, and the Vatican believes it can test for homosexuality.

Gotta love them Catholics, there are a fun bunch to watch.


frogponder said...

And they think lifelong virginity and celibacy does not 'deviate'?
And this excessive interest in rummaging around in these fellows' heads - this is healthy?

RAD said...

They can be fun to watch--sometimes you just have to shake your head and shrug....

Mark in DE said...

Catholics are an abomination!!!

Beth said...

All I can do is shake my head. The complete and utter lack of logic and rationality boggles my mind.

John said...

The RC Church has little use for logic and common sense. I used to try to achieve some sort of peacable coexistence (from within), but I had to give up trying for my own peace of mind and happiness.......truly sad and shameful! God save us from such thinking and the harm it inspires.

Berry Blog said...

Never have the words of one prophet been so aborted from their intent. Over two thousand years later we are so far from even the scriptures themselves, it is unreal.