Sunday, March 01, 2009

In Like A Lion

It's going to be cold and wet today.

We survived the tornado threat yesterday.

It's supposed to snow tomorrow.
Smallville shuts down if it gets more than an inch
(insert sexual innuendo here ________ )

I want my spring!


Constant Motion said...

Texas can relate, somewhat. No tornadoes, yet but it had been in the 80's only to drop into the 30's and 40's in a matter of hours. Not sure if it's the weather climate change that is due for this time of year ... or ... global warming is rattling mother-nature's cage ... or ... some foreign government has finally created the ultimate weather machine and have it zoned it on the U.S. Next week's forecast: unseasonably warm. No rain. Speaking of an "inch", reminds me of a guy I once knew. Anyway, another story, another blog, another day.

Ultra Dave said...

Same thing called for here. I'm looking forward to the snow! I hope we get it! It's been raining since 530am. Thunder woke me up!

Lou said...

At least you've got summer to look forward to. Our temp is steadily dropping now and a wild, wet and windy winter awaits.

Bob said...

The grass is always greener, eh, Lou?
You were basking in the joys of spring and summer while we were frigid and miserable.
Maybe I should live in NZ in ,"your" summer, and then come back here in "mine."

mistress maddie said...

I usually shut down after.....Oh nevermind.

Joy said...

LOL, Mistress Maddie! I can't even remember!

We had snow last night and it's supposed to be in the low 70's this weekend. Last week a tree blew down in my back yard! Weather weirdness!

Who knows what spring will be like?