Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I sometimes wonder about people.
I take that back.
I always wonder about people.

The other day a two co-workers were having a discussion. It didn't seem to be particularly private, so I sidled up to them. I didn't get that 'This is private' vibe so I stayed.

Then the girl looked at me and began including me in the conversation. There were questions on her part and answers from me. There were questions on my part and answers from her. Then I disagreed with her about one of her statements and she actually said to me, I wasn't talking to you. This is a private conversation between me and fellow co-worker.

I said, Are you serious? You were just talking to me?

I wasn't talking to you!

Seriously? Looking at me? Asking a question? Answering mine? That isn't including me in the conversation?

I never looked at you!

Then you better get your glasses cleaned because I've been standing here for five minutes in the conversation.

Crazy has a new name and it's co-worker!

The Snore Update:

For some reason--my insanity leaps to mind--I could not let go of the bad Bette Davis impression of yesterday I spoke with Carlos once during the day, when our home phone rang. I saw the caller ID and picked up the phone and said:

Fo-ah times, Cholly! I begged ya t'stop snoring fo-ah times!

He was not amused.

So, I kept it up. When I got home from work he was just finishing his dinner, and I said it again.

Watching American Idol I said it again

During The Real Housewives I said it again.

When I told him he would be sleeping in the guest room, I was Bette all over again.

But, he, uh, um, strapped it on--the Breathe Right--and it was a buzz saw free night.

Oh Cholly, I love ya!

Why is the Today show so anti-Obama?

Every stinkin' morning Matt-You'll-Never-Be-The-News-Anchor-Lauer has this smug self-righteous smirk on his face when he talks about the president. He seems almost gleeful when asking any and evry talking head if they think Obama is doing too much....or not enough.

Where was he when we were being lied to by W and his Hellhounds? Where was his indignation over the fact that anti-war protesters were kept away from W's motorcade?

Oh yeah. He had no outrage or indignation. The press was on a anti-negativity campaign during the first six years of W's term.

But sheesh, fifty days in and all he can talk about is whether Obama is failing.


What's up with Paula's eyes?

On Idol last night Paula was her usual incoherent self, wearing something better suited for the bottom of a birdcage. But every time she spoke--or tried to speak--I wondered what was wrong with her eyes?

Has she had work done?
Or is it the latest cocktail rage: Oxycodone and Gin on the rocks?

There are hot messes and cold messes.

Abdul is what's called a Frigid Piece of Dog Crap Mess.


frogponder said...

I thought about you in the middle of the night...
The Engineer did NOT snore all night. In fact I had to make an effort to see if he was still breathing - I thought he might be dead! But he was breathing which left me wondering WHAT happened that made him not snore. This was almost as bad as getting woken up by snoring!

Constant Motion said...

Paula is most definitely a poster child for AA across America. What's in your wallet, Ms. Abdul? A two for one happy hour drink card. Re: coworker/discussion: Are you talkin' to me? Are YOU talkin' to me? Heh.

Lou said...

People are crazy. Your co-worker sounds klike a classic. Ms Abdul looks like an out of control drunk half the time.

Joy said...

I love this post! I laughed, I cried, I shook my head in disbelief. OK, I didn't cry.

"I'm not talking to you." Unbelievable! Too funny!

Glad you had a snore-free night, Bette.

Excellent point about the news and esp Matt Lauer. I'm not usually up that early but watch Diane Sawyer when I am.

Poor Paula. What can we say? (but keep saying it!)

Joy said...

That's interesting, FP. I can understand that but am glad I'm not dealing with it. Damned if he snores; damned if he doesn't, huh?

Wonder Man said...

i worry about people too