Sunday, March 08, 2009

Breathe Right It's Only Brunch

It's a gorgeous day here in Smallville. Just last Sunday it was raining and sleeting and they were talking snow--which never happened.

This Sunday it's going to be 82-degrees, clear skies, beautiful breezes. It's the perfect day to clean up the yard, clear away the last bits of the tree that fell a month or so ago; bag up some more leaves; do some pruning.

Screw that! We're going to brunch!

Our friends Roger and Thomas are members of a private club here in Smallville; they joined because the club--called HuffawFawFaw Hall--has private cabins, and when they have out-of-town guests, their friends can stay at the HuffawFawFaw with their pets.

But the HuffawFawFaw also has a really great brunch and we've been invited, so we're doing that instead of yardwork. I mean, yardwork, champagne? It's a no-brainer.

One rule of the HuffawFawFaw Hall is that men must wear a jacket-and-tie. Apparently it's like Somewhere In Time over there and there are strict dress codes. I'm putting a 2009 penny in my pocket so I can get home later--that's a Somewhere In Time reference for those who haven't seen the film. But see it; Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour; quite romantic.

So, Carlos and I decided to have a light breakfast of toast, juice and coffee this morning because we're meeting the fellas at around noon for our trip through time. And I'm looking at the t-shirt Carlos wore to bed last night. There's a piece of tissue hanging on it, and I'm just about to tell him, when I realize it's not a tissue or piece of paper.

It's a Breathe Right Strip. He has been doing the snore more lately so he's taken to wearing one--to strapping it on, as he says.

But, as I say to him trying not to spew juice all over, you need to strap it on your nose and not your elbow.

I laughed so hard I scared the dog!


savante said...

Elbow?! Hahahahaha.

I wonder though whether those strips really work!

Ultra Dave said...

FUNNY! I thought the name was the club was funny too!

Wonder Man said...

I wonder if they work too

Mark in DE said...

I LOVED that film "Somewhere in Time". Actually I like any film that deals with time travel.

Do the Breath Right strips work? Let me know, as Spouse's snoring has gotten so bad I've taken to sleeping in the guest room.