Thursday, March 05, 2009

I Knew Pluto Was Gay, But.....Come On!

Remy, that wizard in the kitchen, that culinary impresario, that rat!
He's gay?

According to Laure Murat, "Ratatouille" is the story of a homosexual coming out. Remy is a misunderstood adolescent who embarks on a journey of self-discovery.... She says, and she's going to lecture on the topic later this week, that Remy embodies "the lonely gay, both refined and the object of disgust, excluded and successful" and the animated movie is "the story of the Oedipus conflict, mixed with issues of race and species.... If 'anyone can cook,' any queer guy has a role to play in this world -- at least in Paris."

Laure, dear.
Step away from the lectern.
And get a life.

But if you're in LA, and want to hear her firsthand, here are the details:
"Queering Ratatouille: A Rat Reclaiming French Cuisine" at Royce Hall, Room 236, UCLA campus, Thursday at 4:30 p.m.


frogponder said...

good grief and I just thought it was a cartoon!

mistress maddie said...

What happened to cartoons being just cartoons? Next thing you know the smurfs are all gay and having gang bangs,since they were all male. Except Smurfette. But you KNOW she was just a drag smurf. She was really a he! LOL!

Beth said...

I always thought Smurfette was a slut....she's the only girl among all those guys! ;)

can't a cartoon just. be. a. cartoon? sheesh??? does every livin thing have to be gay?? Next thing ya know...she'll be saying that Ryan Seacrest is gay or something.....

Constant Motion said...

LOL@Beth's comment above. I'm gay and I'm not a cartoon. What does that say about being "non-animated" I wonder? Never ceases to amaze me that if someone looks a certain way, talks a certain way or even, dare one imagine, is single in a book or movie, he's gay? I recall even reading that Prof. Dumbledore was gay per the author, J.K. Rowling in a later interview after her last book was published. *SIGH*

frogponder said...

Well, just all the cool authors want their characters to be gay after the fact. I say, step up to the plate and let your character be who he/she is from the get go. That's the path courage takes. And not even a 10th of what it takes in real life.