Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Rush Limbaugh is the new head of the Repugnant Party?

They've pinned their hopes on a drug addict, albeit a prescription drug addict?

Rush is roaring so loudly these days that even those Repugnants who disagree with him are keeping quiet for fear that Limbaugh's ample ass may soon find it's way over to them.

Michael Steele criticized Rush, then backed down. But then that's what Steele does. Say one thing, then say the exact opposite.

How's that strategy workin' for ya, Mike?


But we have Rush still saying he hopes Obama fails.

He hopes the President of his country fails. And yet he's a card carrying, goosestepping, fall in line Repugnant who was part of the whole "Obama is not a real American" chant last fall.

Remember when Grampa and Wink-wink were campaigning and saying that certain parts of the good old US of A were the real America? As if anyplace other than a small mining town in West Virginia or a farm community in Pennsylvania was unAmerican.

How did that work for you Repugnants?


So now we have Rush Limbaugh and Congressman Mike Pence of Indiana saying they hope Obama's policies fail. And this, nonsense, is real American?

Instead of complaining and hoping for failure, why not try a novel approach? Come up with your own, better, plan to fix things.

Huh? What's that? You can't? So you'll just stomp your feet and say ridiculous things?

Even their own party has no faith in the Repugnants. Your approval rating among your own followers is about 20%.


Rush and Pence.

Two zeroes.


frogponder said...

This was an interesting read this morning -

Apparently he came on their radar when a poll showed him with an 11 percent approval rating among young voters. You should hear Daughter if he shows up on our radio dial.

What astounds me is that Rush thinks he is such a leader. He never liked John McCain going clear back to the 2000 campaign. So who is the nominee for 08, McCain. Nobody listened to him. McCain was considered GOP-Lite if that. Hardly a conservative bone in his body. And the base of conservatives are going to rally around Rush? The party of Lincoln, it is to cry.

But it does provide an interesting sideshow when listening to more financial shenanigans gets too damn depressing.

truthspew said...

That AJC blog is very interesting. I've long suspected that team Obama knows how to destroy their enemies.

That said, Limbaugh is and always has been a bloviating blowhard. I used to commute to work with a friend who was a die-hard Limbaugh fan. We'd listen to it during our commute.

But even the fan had lots of WTF moments with Rush.

Wonder Man said...

I hate Rush