Monday, March 09, 2009

Cocktails Rants and Southern Men

We watched Brothers and Sisters last night, and it's like watching the same episode over and over again. Family secrets. Dinner party. Secrets revealed. Fight ensues.

And I realized something I always knew but never expressed.

Rob Lowe is one horrible actor.

I had Oprah on again last Friday. Why I do this to myself I will never know. I told Carlos that he'll come home one day to find a chair thrown through the TV set; I'd go all Elvis on it, but we are the rare gun-free house in Smallville.

Anyway, Oprah is talking again about how rich she is; it's her favorite topic. She has her husband, Gayle King, on and they are talking about something they call Couple-speak.

The things that couples say to one another that make them feel good. Sometimes innocuous little things, like when Gayle said her ex-husband would always ask if she needed something when he left the house.

Carlos and I have that. Couple speak. Do you want something from the kitchen? It's simple, but it's sweet.

Oprah's Couple-speak? Your plane or mine?

When are her minions going to realize that she doesn't speak for them, for the average woman?

Seriously Oprah. STFU.

At brunch yesterday it was like a trip back through time. Springdale Hall was once an old equestrian estate and was bought by a group of investors in 1950 who turned it into an inn. The main house is over 100 years old, and serves as the dining room for the inn. There are two parlors; a club room--a bar for people like me who had no idea about club rooms. There was a sunroom, and a veranda, and then several large dining rooms. We first sat on the veranda and watched the wind blow through the magnolia trees and sipped mimosas and Bloody Marys.

It was completely, utterly, totally Southern.

Even the story we were told about one member of the club called the, ahem, Ankle-biter. Seems this Southern gent would get all liquored up and then, actually, truly, try to bite women on their ankles.

Only in Smallville.....or other smallvilles.


Constant Motion said...

Too funny. Gayle, her husband. I laughed heartedly at that comment. But you are right: Oprah, STFU ... and soon.

Dan said...

You know I can not stand Poperah!
And alas, I was thinking the same damn things lastnight about Brothers and Sisters. I had such hope for that show!

Mark in DE said...

I was never able to get into "Brothers & Sisters" (although I wanted to) for the same reason.

Oprah is totally out of touch.

Your southern brunch sounds delightful.

Joy said...

I feel the same way you do about B&S and Rob Lowe. It's become tedious and predictable.

Oprah is out of touch and oh so full of herself. It's time for her to sashay away!

The setting for the brunch does sound totally Southern. How was the food?

Berry Blog said...

I love these "Smallville" vignettes. Love to have been at that inn with ya.