Monday, March 02, 2009

Smallville. Stop. Closed For Business. Stop. Snow. Stop!

Yesterday the news in and around Smallville was all about the blizzard. It was gonna snow, and it was gonna snow hard. Six-to-ten inches in the Upstate, and three-to-five here in the Midlands.

Last night Carlos and I met Thomas and Roger for an early dinner--sausage and peppers and some fine pinot noir--before the storm. As Carlos and I drove out of Smallville, the rain and winds blew. When we pulled up in front of the restaurant it began to sleet.

Eat fast, I thought, the snows a'comin'.

Ate slow. Laughed. Chatted. Laughed. Laughed. Laughed. Roger and Thomas are a fun couple and we all shared storied and giggled. One of those nice meals you almost never want to end.

But it did.

And we returned home to all the special news bulletins of what was closed, and what was closing and preparing for the blizzard. There were maps, and radar images, and forecasts and it all seemed so serious.

They cancelled Smallville. Seriously, it doesn't exist today.

No mail.

No banks.

No schools. snow.

That's right. Not. One. Flake.

Weatherpeople? Pffffft.


Ultra Dave said...

We got some but not as much as they said, but I'll take it! School is cancelled this evening! Yippee!

mistress maddie said...

I wish I could say the same here, but they were correct on this end! :(

Mark in DE said...

Are you kidding? Not a flake? Wow, it is snowing to beat the band here in southern DE.

Bob, I would like to respond to some of your comments on my posts. I don't like to comment on my own blog as it skews the number of actual comments, so I'd prefer to respond via email. Email me at if you don't mind.

Beth said...

HA!!!! people are NUTS when it comes to snow! My daughter doesn't have school today....3 inches on the road. woo-fricking-hoo!

I've had to dig my car out of FEET of snow, just to get my kids to school!


truthspew said...

I'm a die hard New Englander. Snow can't stop me. Seems to stop everyone else but not me.

The kicker, I absolutely hate winter. Can't stand it. Lived here all my life and could do without winter thank you very much.

My ideal winter scene, picture the Corona ad, the one with the palm tree done up in lights. Yeah, that's my paradise. 75F to 85F during the day, low humidity, and then no lower than 60F at night. All year round.

I realize this means equatorial but hey, I can dream.