Monday, March 02, 2009

Crowded House

Crowded House

I paraphrase: Neil Finn, Paul Hester and Nick Seymour formed a trio in Melbourne, Australia, in 1985, called The Mullanes....which morphed into Crowded House who had a couple of hits in America with "Something So Strong" before becoming, in 1991, a quartet with the addition of Neil's brother, Tim, who left soon after when Crowded House was having their biggest hits with "Weather With You" and "Four Seasons In One Day" and then breaking up as a band in 1996 just as they became more well-known and then reforming ten years later .

They are the most confusing band in the history of popular music, but I think they're worth it.


Lou said...

You forget to mention the Finn brothers are kiwis Bob! Their first band was very successful in NZ in the 70's, it was called Split Enz and they formed the band while students at the school where my son is now.

Paul Hester died last year (or 2007?) by suicide which was very sad.

Bob said...

I wasn't sure if they were from New Zealand or Australia.
I'd thought it was NZ but didn't want to say it if it was wrong.
I was a fan of Split Enz as well as Tim Finn's solo work.
It was sad when Paul Hester died--I think it was suicide. They were (are) a great band and one of my all-time favorite concerts!