Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Protect The Children [and mean it]

from Rob Tisinai at Waking Up Now.

We've all heard the myths about gays and pedophilia. It's just one of the ways that homophobes and haters spread intolerance of the LGBT community. Well, Rob Tisinai debunks that theory with this video, and some words from his blog:

"The Prop 8 trial, predictably, has shown our opposition spreading this most vicious lie about the LGBT community.
Homosexuals are 12 times more likely to molest children.
This particular version comes from William Tam, who volunteered be a defendant in the trial against Prop 8 and then dropped out, claiming the publicity might lead us to take revenge on him. Our side called him as a hostile witness anyway, and exposed his hateful ignorance, pathetic illogic, and blind willingness to believe whatever anti-gay crap he reads on the Internet. Even the Prop 8 lawyers tried to distance themselves from him – during cross-examination, I mean, not during the campaign. During the campaign they were happy to have him out there spreading this evil.
But the best cure for dishonesty is truth. We all need to be able to debunk these lies. I hope this will help."


Mark in DE said...

This is so good! I wish it could be made 'required viewing' by everyone who claims to be conservative and/or Republican.

Kyle Leach said...

In this case politics makes predictable bedfellows.