Saturday, January 30, 2021

I Ain't One To Gossip But ...

A brief history …

Back in 1995, Pamela Anderson married Tommy Lee four days after they met; that marriage ended in 1998.

That same year, she became engaged to Swedish model, Marcus Schenkenberg, but they never reached the altar, and their relationship ended in 2001.

In 2006, Pammy married and divorced Kid Rock.

In  2007, she married producer Rick Salomon and then had the marriage annulled in 2008.

In 2013 or 2014, Pammy again married Salomon and then divorced him in 2015.

In 2020 Pammy “married” movie mogul Jon Peters and that union ended after twelve days. To be fair, it was not considered legal since they never finalized their marriage certificate.

And now she’s done it again … on Christmas Eve, Pammy married her bodyguard, Dan Hayhurst, marking her sixth marriage and fifth husband if you count Jon Peters–-which Pammy does not.

Two marriages in one year. That’s our Pammy.

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Alec Baldwin has quit Twitter and Twitter has heaved a huge sigh of relief. And all because Twitter came for his wife, the formerly Spanish-born and bred and raised Hilaria, er, Hillary, and that’s just not fair.

Alec said Twitter is like being a party where everyone is screaming and that it’s just not fun anymore.

Funny that, because it’s usually Alec doing the screaming … at people on the streets … at paparazzi … at his own child.

Bye Alec. But could you take Hilaria, er, Hillary with you?


He is no longer a Husband-In-My-Head, but the Armie Hammer ickiness doesn’t seem to be ending,  and so here we are …

Hammer, who has claimed he’s ‘100% a cannibal’ in Instagram messages to women, has been accused by Paige Lorenze, a second ex-girlfriend of carving the letter ‘A’ into her skin of her nether region, and then licking the blood from the wound. Paige even shared a photo of her ‘A is for Armie’ scar, but I ain’t sharin’ that shiz.

But it’s even worse, according to Lorenze. She says Hammer is an out-of-control narcissistic sexual deviant who seemed fixated on biting her body, begging that she allow him to take lumps of flesh from her arm, before consuming them. She says Armie would tie her up, hit her with paddles and a series of painful sexual moves that left her covered in bruises.

Now, for Armie’s side, or at least his side as told through his lawyer:

“These assertions about Mr. Hammer are patently untrue. Any interactions with this person, or any partner of his, were completely consensual in that they were fully discussed, agreed upon, and mutually participatory, the stories being perpetuated in the media are a misguided attempt to present a one-sided narrative with the goal of tarnishing Mr. Hammer’s reputation, and communications from the individuals involved prove that.”

Huh. It doesn’t seem to say the story isn’t true, it just seems to say the rough sex, the mutilation and the blood drinking were consensual.

Sorry Armie, ain’t buying it.


Oh Demi, what have you done now?

The 58-year-old former actress and model hit the runway as part of Fendi’s Spring-Summer 2021 collection during Fashion Week in Paris, France. She modeled a look from British designer Kim Jones, in his first ever Couture Collection for Fendi.

And it appears she unveiled a new face?

Now, to be fair, I cannot tell if it’s make-up, or maybe Botox,  spackle and fillers, or one of those Terry Gilliam's Brazil plastic surgeries, but 2020 Demi looks startling different than 2010 Demi.

Scary, even.

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Friday, January 29, 2021

I Didn't Say It ...

Cindy McCain, on being censured by the Arizona GOP for her support of Joe Biden and marriage equality:

“I’m not surprised by the continuous insults and personal attacks from Arizona GOP Chairman Kelli Ward. She’s shown how attacking Republicans like me can impact elections—her involvement in both Senate elections to replace Jeff Flake and my husband John McCain, two regular targets of her personal attacks, resulted in Democrat wins. As Chairman of the AZGOP she managed to turn Arizona blue in November for the first time since 1996. Maybe she should be reminded that my husband never lost an Arizona election since his first win in 1982; he and Governor (Doug) Ducey are the last two Republicans to win statewide races in Arizona. Now Ward sides with Congressmen (Paul) Gosar and (Andy) Biggs on supporting the mob of angry Trump extremists who attacked our Capitol, disrupted our constitutional elections process and threatened our Democracy.”

Um, it looks like you shouldn’t come for Cindy unless she sends for you.


David Hogg, Parkland survivor and gun control activist, on that video that surfaced this week of Representative, and QAnon nutbag, . Marjorie Taylor Greene stalking him on the streets of Washington D.C. and telling him she has “a concealed carry permit “and carries a gun:

“What I always says to myself is, ‘if they shoot me they prove my point.’ The reality is they can’t kill a movement. It’s funny when they say we’re paid off. There’s no amount of money you could ever pay us to do this work because it’s not why we do it. None of us want to be doing this, but we have to, because sadly, corrupted elected officials like Marjorie Taylor Greene are in Congress and would rather choose to protect guns than children. It’s just a horrific reality.”

Hogg appeared on CNN last night and urged people to Text Resign to 954954 to add your name to a petition to have Greene removed from office.

It’s legit.


Nikki Haley, former UN Ambassador, who once rightly said the former present is the worst thing that could happen to America now wants us to leave him alone after he incited a violent mob to attack the Capitol:

“Does he deserve to be impeached? Absolutely not. .. They’re trying to just kick him out the door. … I don’t even think there’s a basis for impeachment. The idea that they’re even bringing this up. They didn’t even have a hearing in the House. Now they’re going to turn around and bring about impeachment yet they say they’re for unity… I mean, they beat him up before he got into office. They’re beating him up after he leaves office. I mean at some point I mean give the man a break. I mean move on … ”

Give the man a break? He incited a riot that attacked our Democracy because he was butt-hurt he’s a loser?

I still remember South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley saying that the former president would be the worst thing to happen to this country and now she carries his water.

Off is the direction Nikki Haley should fuck.


Jimmy Gomez, California Democratic Representative, on introducing a resolution to expel QAnon nutbag Marjorie Taylor Greene from Congress:

“As if it weren’t enough to amplify conspiracy theories that the September 11 attacks were an inside job and the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School was staged, a string of recent media reports has now confirmed that Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene had previously supported social media posts calling for political violence against the Speaker of the House, members of Congress, and former President Barack Obama. Such advocacy for extremism and sedition not only demands her immediate expulsion from Congress, but it also merits strong and clear condemnation from all of her Republican colleagues, including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. Her very presence in office represents a direct threat against the elected officials and staff who serve our government, and it is with their safety in mind, as well as the security of institutions and public servants across our country, that I call on my House colleagues to support my resolution to immediately remove Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene from this legislative body.”

Sadly, I don’t think the GOP will ever condemn someone like this lunatic, again, out of fear of retribution. They’d rather the country fall into the hands of these tools than grow a pair of balls and stand up for what’s right.

Still, good on Jimmy Gomez for leading the charge.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, New York Representative, on the GOP in the wake of the last occupant of the White House, and the party’s refusal to condemn—and instead, embrace—the violent right-wing QAnon and MAGAt forces:

“There are no consequences in the Republican caucus for violence. No consequences for racism. No consequences for misogyny. No consequences for insurrection. And no consequences means that they condone it. It means that that silence is acceptance. Far from distancing themselves from the most extreme elements of [his] base now that he’s out of power, Republicans are still attempting to wield those violent and racist forces for political gain.”

Again, they’re looking out for their cushy jobs and not the country and the traitors within their own party who fed the fires that attacked the Capitol.

Which is why … Vote Blue, No Matter Who.


Mitt Romney, on the Republicans who say an impeachment trial would further divide the country:

“I say, first of all, have you gone out publicly  and said that there was not widespread voter fraud and that Joe Biden is the legitimate President of the United States? If you said that, then I’m happy to listen to you talk about other things that might inflame anger and divisiveness.”

It’s funny the GOP sees impeachment as divisive but don’t see insurrection the same way. It’s because they are also terrified of getting primaried by the one-term twice impeached loser that they will not stand up for America.

And that’s the divide.


Thursday, January 28, 2021


I am a terrible person to buy gifts for because I really don’t want anything and when I need something, I get it myself. So, as my birthday approached—sidenote: thanks for all the birthday wishes yesterday—I told him I’d give him a clue, and here it is:

“The husband of a presidential candidate from last year wrote a book I would like to read.”

“What? Say it again?”

“The husband of a presidential candidate has written a book and I would like to read it.”

Cut to yesterday and there’s a gift on the table—a book—and I open it up to find that it was ‘Trust’ by Pete Buttigieg. I said to Carlos:

“I didn’t realize Pete had written a book … ”

“I thought it was the one you asked for.”

I said, again:

“The husband of a presidential candidate wrote a book …”

“Oh, Chasten?”

“Yes, Chasten.”

We went out for the day and stopped in at Book on Broad where he ordered the book. But. As he asked the shop owner about the book, I heard him say Chasten Buttigieg, and the shop owner said:

“Yes, I have it: ‘Trust.’ By Pete Buttigieg.”

So, it really wasn’t his bad, it was hers. Luckily, he, um, straightened her out.

Tuxedo is growing ever more annoyed by Republicans who think sedition isn’t impeachment worthy.

Traitor insurrectionist, and North Texas realtor, Jenna Ryan, the Private Jet Terrorist, has been kicked off PayPal for attempting to solicit donations for “legal fees and losses.” Ryan, who was arrested last week, asked her Twitter followers to help her pay her attorney’s fees:

“I am accepting donations to pay legal fees and losses due to my arrest and charges by the FBI.”

Well, no, honey, it’s due to your being an ignorant fool who thought you could take over the nation’s capitol. Ryan had raised just $1,000 when PayPal shut her down.

Oh, sorry. Not sorry.

Dr. Deborah Birx, the last administration’s coordinator of the Coronavirus Task Force is now saying that she disagreed often with the administration and their response to the virus even though she never said one single word until now.

When asked what her biggest mistake was during her time in the last administration, she wishes she’d been “more outspoken,” especially on the issue of COVID testing and drinking bleach and shining flashlights up our asses.

Too late, doc, you and your scarves are complicit. Now, go away.

Color me surprised but asshat FauxChristian Franklin Graham is standing up for bigot and homophobe, Aussie tennis legend, Margaret Court. One of the world’s greatest women’s tennis players, Court will receive the Companion in the General Division of the Order of Australia (AC), the highest category of honor awarded as part of Australia Day.

This is the same woman who has maintained that being gay is the work "of the devil" and has also compared it to Hitler. And so, these FauxChristians, who spew hate stick together; one getting as national honor, and one propping her up.

They can both fuck all the way off. God is watching and she is not happy.

At the same time, however, up here in America, President Biden signed an executive order overturning the former administration’s ban on transgender Americans serving in the military. The ban, which allowed the military to bar openly transgender recruits and discharge people for not living as their sex assigned at birth, affected up to 15,000 service members.

Biden said that the last thing America needs is to deny any American their right to serve their country.

It is a new day.

The great Cloris Leachman passed away this week at the age of 94. A brilliant actress and comedian and human being, she was feisty and outspoken and just plain fabulous. From The Last Picture Show through the Mary Tyler Moore Shoe and on into Young Frankenstein and beyond, she was brilliant.

RIP And thank you.

Republican Senator Rob Portman announced that he will not seek a third term in 2022. He blames his decision on the schism in the GOP between the old guard Republicans and the MAGAts and Proud Boy  and QAnon of today.

Portman will be around, however, to vote on the impeachment of the last president and has said that “as a juror, I’m going to listen to both sides. That’s my job.”

Portman is one of the few in the GOP to blame the last president for the Capitol riot.

It was just a couple of years ago that North Carolina was at the center of one of those Bathroom Ban initiatives, to deny trans people the right to use the bathroom of the gender with which they identify. But that was then … when the GOP ruled the state, and this is now, with Democrats in the statehouse.

But now, three North Carolina municipalities—Hillsborough, Carrboro and Chapel Hill—have passed ordinances protecting the LGBTQ+ community from discrimination. These new non-discrimination ordinances are the first in the state since a provision, put in place by the GOP in 2016, in a state law barring such measures expired in December.

And now, four years later, Republican Senate Leader Phil Berger, says the party won’t do a thing about the new ordinances because, ahem, he and his party have more important items on their mind.

Or maybe they realize anti-LGBTQ+ bigotry is on the way out in North Carolina.

Add Google to the growing list of companies will not make contributions from its PAC during this election cycle for any member of Congress who voted against certifying the results of the presidential election, following the deadly Capitol riot.

Microsoft has paused its PAC contributions as well. It will decide by February 15, after soliciting employee feedback, about whether to continue stopping donations to members of Congress who voted against certifying the election results.


Saverio Pescucci, a self-described “super chill, friendly, gay, Covid responsible” New York City ballet dancer is going viral after posting a thirsty apartment search ad in a popular Facebook group.

As part of his Brooklyn or Manhattan room search, Pescucci posted on the 284,800-member Gypsy Housing group on Facebook, and included a handful of photos of himself, in all his sexy glory, to spur interest. His post, naturally, went viral, with almost 1,000 likes and more than 400 comments.

And, Pescucci has found a room to rent, though, sadly, it’s not the one he was offered here in South Carolina.

Just sayin’.

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Architecture Wednesday: Mirrabooka, The Perfect Birthday Gift

It’s my birthday and if y’all are still searching for the perfect gift, might I suggest the Mirrabooka House in New South Wales, Australia. And, as y’all know, I do love a Frank Lloyd Wright house, and this one, designed by renowned Australian 20th century architect, and student of FLW, Bruce Rickard, is in that same Prairie Style.

The Mirrabooka House, built in the 1960s, sits on five acres of gardens filled with rare, exotic and native plants, abundant birdlife, with expansive views to the Blue Mountains. Rickard designed and built the home, and actually lived on the site for 18 months, using trademark materials like Sydney sandstone, Australian timbers, copper, concrete and the extensive use of glass. Immaculately maintained through the year, Mirrabooka and 1.75 acres of the surrounding garden have been honored with NSW State Heritage listing.

The visitor arrives at the front door via a series of steppingstones over a Koi pond, just past a waterfall and through a Japanese garden. Inside is an expansive open plan, with wooden accents, a stone fireplace and clerestory windows to the garden.

A skylight above the fireplace casts sunlight onto the stacked stone fireplace. A raised dining area is located to the right, while a playroom and the kitchen are both accessible on the left. The expansive living room extends to a sitting area. Three walls of windows and sliding glass doors provide views of the backyard pool and patio.

Glass doors connect the living spaces to a huge, cantilevered balcony which provides views over the gardens, spectacular sunsets and endless entertaining options. Paved areas of the terrace surround a large saltwater pool and adjoining lush gardens.

Since just 1.75 acres of the property are part of the State Heritage listing, the remaining 3.23 acres, including two small dams and a natural spring, so there is the potential for future rezoning and development.

Mirrabooka appeals to fans of mid-century architecture, FLW homes, bird lovers, plant lovers and those wanting to escape the city and work from home in tranquil surroundings. And, as I mentioned above, it’s my birthday and for the first time since it was built, it is on the market for a mere $4.2 million.

Click to emBIGGERate.