Thursday, August 31, 2023


We were having a nice weekend until Saturday night when I felt a sore throat coming on; I mentioned it to Carlos and he goes right to COVID so I told him I’ll get a test. I did, I took it, no COVID. I tell him it just feels like a cold and he said, in all seriousness:

“Where did you get this cold?”

Now, I’m thinking maybe I got it from someone at work, someone on the street, the grocers, could be anywhere, but instead of that I said:

“Maybe it was at the orgy at the firehouse on Friday.”

“You went to an orgy?”

Yes, he did ask that.

PS the storm came and went and was less of a mess than predicted; we got a lot of rain, but no power outages and no high winds. 

This week’s Tuxedo Repost is from March 2011 where I was just sharing some photos of the kids.

“Caturday....With A Small Dose Of Dog[?]urday

Tuxedo and Max Goldberg like to sneak off for a 'nap'. Yeah, that's it......nap. My two handsome men!

Consuelo Roca Jones. Hey, if she doesn't know I'm taking her picture, I don't get the stink eye!

And speaking of stink eye, Tallulah was giving it when I caught her playing with Consuelo's toy.

And Ozzo, poor Ozzo. He begged not to be included on Caturday. He.Begged.”

I loved the way Tuxedo and MaxGoldberg nestled together; just love.

Tallulah would leave us late the following year; she was aloof but loving and quite the diva. Consuelo, on the other hand is that kind of dotty old lady you might see around town, but she’s a sweetheart to all … except maybe Rosita whom she still does not entirely trust.

Now, as for Ozzo, he’s still with us, though his joints ache and his eyes are dimming, but he still has an appetite and still loves the yard and taking walks with his daddies as he enters his :::gulp::: 21st year.

Question: while shopping at the grocery store you realize that something you’ve put in your cart is something you no longer need or want; do you:

#1: Take the item back to the shelf where you found it,

#2: Give it to the cashier at check-out and tell them you no longer want it. Or

#C: Inconspicuously set it on any open spot on any shelf.

I have learned that I am the Spawn of Satan because I slyly slip it onto any open shelf I can find. Sue me. On the other hand, I always put my grocery cart back!

Apparently the last name of Inmate # P01135809 is so toxic in high-society circles these days that a relative of Mr-Former-Fake-One-Term-Twice-Impeached-Currently-Four-Time-Criminally-Indicted-Not-My-President-Gurl [hat tip to Randy Rainbow] has stopped using her last name.

The charity God’s Love We Deliver announced its upcoming Golden Heart Awards dinner, noting the event’s chairpersons include Vogue boss bitch Anna Wintour, fashion designer Michael Kors and others, but there at the bottom of the letter was one more name: Blaine. Just Plain Blaine.

But most people know her as Blaine _____, is Inmate # P01135809’s former sister-in-law, having been married to his late younger brother, Robert, from 1984 to 2009. But now she’s either Blaine Beard—her maiden name—or she’s just Blaine.

Like Cher or Madonna, but not.

It’s being ALLEGED that serial liar, and drag queen wannabe, Republican George Lucas Washington Clooney Santos has joined the ranks of folks using Ozempic to lose weight quickly.

I guess he wants to be the Belle of the Showers in prison.

PS That’s pre-O on the left on post-O on the right and I’m still seeing a little muffin top, Georgie.

At a drag queen story hour event in Princeton, New Jersey last week a bomb threat was called in and it seemed the event might be canceled, but hold on, hennies, cuz drag queens are not here for the foolishness.

That morning  the Princeton Police Department received an anonymous email full of anti-LGBTQ+ Hate Speech and claiming that “numerous explosive devices” had been placed in and around the event site. Police immediately evacuated the venue and searched the area; no explosive devices were found.

Still, the organizers decided to move the event to another building due to safety concerns and, as drag queens do, they acted as if the relocation was part of the fun, with the drag performer leading a conga line dance into the new venue.

It’s story time, bitches, and the drag queens are not playing.

How thirsty for attention must a person be to be so jealous of Inmate # P01135809’s mug shot, that you create one of your own. And I’m looking at you, Large Marge Green.

I cannot wait until her children grow up to write their own “Mommie Dearest” books.

This week, a co-worker—whom we call Junior Gay since I am Senior Gay—was telling me how he’d found a sex tape of his boyfriend giving a blow job to another man, and he was quite upset. Now, the video was made before the two became a couple, but he was upset because he’d been told his boyfriend never did anything like that, and so he asked me how I would feel if I learned that Carlos had a sex tape out there:

“Well, we’ve been together so long it would have been less of a sex tape of Carlos doing the deed, and more like a cave drawing.”


British model Deano Perona began his career as a kind of hobby to earn some extra pocket change until he was sent to Milan for a runway show. The nit hit him that this might be a cools job, though the question is: Would You Hit It?

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Architecture Wednesday: Villa Les Iris ... But First:

It looks like the really nasty stuff with stay to the south and east of Camden, but we're in for a lot of rain for the next twenty-four ...

Located next to the Parc du Cinquantenaire, near the Rue des Tongres, is the 'Villa Les Iris' built in 1898 by the architect Jules Barbier in Art Nouveau style—though the façade on the street side was modified in 1924 in an Art Deco style—and classified in its entirety since 2018.

The villa is roughly 7,000 square feet, with the through a small garden behind a wrought iron gate. The main floor showcases a mosaic entrance hall and grand staircase along with the living room with a marble fireplace, a study, a dining room and a separate kitchen that opens onto a terrace complete.

On the first floor—what we in America would call the second floor—there are 3 bedrooms, a bathroom and a shower room. The second floor offers 3 additional bedrooms and 2 more bathrooms. There are also two offices that can be converted into bedrooms. The roof has been completely renovated and the front and back facades have just been cleaned. In addition there is a large cellar and a garage for two cars.

There isn't much that I don't love about this one, though an elevator might be nice, and since it's listed for sale at a bit over $2 million, and features original details including curved marble fireplaces, herringbone flooring, high ceilings, large windows, and custom molding, with six bedrooms, it could make a very nice B&B …

Monday, August 28, 2023

Not Today ...

I have some kind of bug that's knocking me out a little so I will be taking the day off from the blog-o-sphere.
Back soon.
But first back to bed.