Friday, July 31, 2020

I Didn't Say It ...

Nancy Pelosi, paying tribute to John Lewis, the “conscience of the U.S. Senate.” as he lies in state at the Capitol:

“When he made his speech [at the March on Washington] 57 years ago, he was the youngest speaker. How fitting it is that in the final days of his life, he summoned the strength to acknowledge the young people peacefully protesting in the same spirit of that march, taking up the unfinished work of racial justice. Helping complete the journey begun more than 55 years ago.”

The best thing we can do to honor and remember Lewis is to stand up, speak up and vote.
Louie Gohmert, the GOP loon and anti-masker from Texas, blaming his positive test for Covid-19 on wearing a mask:

“It’s really ironic because a lot of people have made a big deal out of my not wearing a mask a whole lot but in the last week or two I have worn a mask more than I have the whole last four months. … I can’t help but wonder if by keeping a mask on and keeping it in place, if I might have put some germs… some of the virus on the mask and breathed it in… But the reports of my demise are very premature.

Stupid, stupid man you have representing you Texas.
Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious diseases expert, on _____’s assertion that he had mislead Americans about Covid-19:

“I don’t know how to address that. I’m just going to certainly continue doing my job. I don’t tweet. I don’t even read them, so I don’t really want to go there. I just will continue to do my job no matter what comes out because I think it’s very important. We’re in the middle of a crisis with regard to a pandemic. This is what I do, this is what I’ve been trained for all my professional life and I’ll continue to do it…I have not been misleading the American public under any circumstances.”

Gosh, who to believe? The medical expert, the college educated doctor, or the fuckwit who believes in Demon Sperm and drinking bleach?
Anderson Cooper, CNN, taking _____ to task for defending a Houston doctor/minister who touts hydroxychloroquine as a “cure” for Covid-19 and how witches and demons use astral projection to have intercourse with humans from afar:

“Once again, today, he did have plenty to say about this woman who he has praised for her public embrace of hydroxychloroquine. She is a doctor who also preaches about alien DNA and the sperm of demons … [and] … she’s part of a group of doctors talking about unproven and… potentially dangerous Covid treatments. He would not or could not face questioning the support of this person he knows nothing about and today he made no mention of demon sex but like a man possessed, he was still praising her. ‘I’m impressed with her; he says, ‘I know nothing about her’ he says. It been 24 hours and if the president did want to know something about this person that he is now promoting on a global stage, he’s had plenty of time to Google her or have someone else do it and tell him about her and the demon sex and astral sex. Hard to imagine this president’s ears wouldn’t perk up with those topics. Clearly, what doesn’t interest him is medical studies and the action of the FDA removing authorization of the drugs she’s touting. What clearly doesn’t interest the president is scientists and guidelines on social distancing or wearing masks. Things that actually can save lives.”

Our new death rate is One American Per Minute thanks to the continuing ineptitude of the man who said he alone can fix anything.
So much winning.
Madonna, on the Demon Semen Doctor:

“The Truth will set us all Free! But some people dont [sic] want to hear the truth. Especially the people in power who stand to make money from this long drawn out search for a vaccine. Which has been proven and has been available for months. They would rather let fear control them and let the rich get richer and the poor and sick get sicker. This woman is my hero. Thank you Stella Immanuel.”

Gurl, stick to what I would loosely call singing. Or, maybe just go back to taking semi-nude photos in your tub. Or is it that Demon Semen Doc is the one who's been doing all your recent plastic surgery?
Seth MeyersLater Night host, with his own take on Dr. Demon Sperm:

“As the coronavirus pandemic has spread out of control, so has misinformation about it. If you have Facebook, or an uncle who still wears his class ring, you’ve probably heard some of it. [But] believe me, we all wish hydroxychloroquine actually worked. Everyone wishes there was a cure for coronavirus. No one wants to be trapped inside for this long …[But] demon sperm sounds like a catchphrase on Church Chat After Dark. Seriously, who on Earth could possibly trust a doctor like this? _____ won’t listen to the renowned infectious disease expert who actually works for him, but he loves the demon sperm lady.” 

Perhaps had he taken his own SATs and failed miserably and never got into college and became the fat orange blob that works a loading dock at a big box store and spends the weekend getting drunk and choking his mushroom shaped chicken to high school pictures of his hooker daughter Ivanka, we wouldn’t be in this mess.
So, naturally, I’m’a blame the guy who took the test for _____.

Thursday, July 30, 2020


Earlier this month I mentioned to Carlos that actress Olivia de Havilland had celebrated her 104th birthday, Carlos gave me that look so I said …
“Olivia de Havilland? Gone with the WindThe Heiress? She took over Joan Crawford’s role in Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte when Crawford faked an illness? Olivia de Havilland?”
“What about her?”
Oh Carlos … but cut to the end of the month when Carlos, in the living room watching CNN, comes back to tell me that Olivia de Havilland  has died.
“Yeah. I just read that.”
“She was 104.” 
“I know. I told you that a few weeks ago and you had no idea who she was.”
“I knew her. She was in … in … Gone with the Wind!”
What role did she play?”
“She was the star.”
No, that was Vivien Leigh. Who did Olivia de Havilland  play?”
“She was … she was … one of the girls.”
That’s my Carlos, and just one of the many reasons I’m keeping him.
Like his two Daddies, Tuxedo is completely over the Covid-19 Hoax bull shiz ….

An as-yet-unnamed Minnesota man and woman followed the rules and wore masks while shopping at a Walmart. But their masks featured a Nazi flag and, needless to say, shoppers were not amused. One person yells:
"You can't be American and wear that mask. We literally had a war about this." 
The masked woman replies:
"If you vote for Biden you're gonna be in Nazi Germany. That's what it's going to be like."
No, what it’s going to be like is Nazi Ken and Karen have been banned from Walmart … every  Walmart … for a year.

Oh lord, where are they gonna get their Curs Lite and Pork rinds now?

Free Speech is free, but Hate Speech has consequences.
Oy, the week … DVR s and internet go down; the air conditioning went out; Friday we took Ozzo to the vet for a checkup and to get more heartworm meds for him, and they found two bad teeth that need to come out … to the tune of $1,000.00. I’m trying to find a way to whore out a neutered Black Lab-Dachshund mix …and then Saturday our refrigerator quit working; the freezer was all good, but the refrigerator was all, “I’m’a get hot now.’ And then Monday, after the AC guys came to replace a part and get us set again, the AC stopped working on Tuesday.

It’s been a Murphy’s Law kinda week for us, but here it is Thursday, and everything seems to be working out … except for whoring out Ozzo.

This weekend, when asked if he planned a visit to the Capitol building to pay his respects to late Congressman and Civil Rights hero, John Lewis, the Occupant of the White House said:
“No, I won’t be going. No.”
Instead he went to North Carolina.

What did you expect? He’s a racist.
In Sorry Not Sorry news … GOP governors like Greg Abbott in Texas, Doug Ducey in Arizona, Brian Kemp in Georgia, and Ron DeSantis in  Florida all saw their approval numbers drop in the wake of the _____-like bumbling of the pandemic.

When you follow stupid …
In Petty Betty News … an hour before Dr. Anthony Fauci threw the first pitch at the season opener between the New York Yankees and the Washington Nationals, the Occupant of the White House appeared in the Briefing Room to announce that he, too, had been invited to throw out his own opening pitch.

Except … no one at the White House and no one at the Yankees confirmed it. It was just the effing President acting like a spoiled baby and lying, blatantly, about the honor.

And, of course, he later tweeted that he couldn’t throw the first pitch because he was too busy working on the China virus.

He tweeted that while playing golf.
And finally, some good news … swimsuit and underwear model Alexandros Kaltsidis. I could purr that name all day.

And he’s Greek, like Kalamata Olives and Feta Cheese; I imagine he’s a delicious snack too.

Just sayin’.


Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Architecture Wednesday: Modern Truckee Mountain Home

A while back, I took y’all to an A-frame at Lake Tahoe and now were going back to that neck of the woods for this modern forest getaway. Located in Truckee, California, this one is much larger than the cabin, with both indoor and outdoor living spaces to enjoy the mountain air.

With some 8,000 square feet of living space, the home was divided into four zones: an open concept living, kitchen and dining area; a separate wing for the children; a private master suite; a detached guesthouse. A gorgeous forest setting adds to the overall beauty of this home, lending a feeling of tranquility.

What do I love? The setting… the soaring ceilings …the walls of glass … that stainless steel fireplace in my bedroom … the space for everyone to come out and stay. And while it’s not that close to the lake, it is a gorgeous setting and the prefect home to get away.

Click to emBIGGERate ...

ISBL Asshat of the Week: Will Dismukes

Down there in Alabama, the Democratic Party, and some in the GOP, are calling for state Representative Will Dismukes to step down after he posted on social media that he had a “great time” honoring Confederate Army General and Ku Klux Klan leader Nathan Bedford Forrest over the weekend.

The very weekend John Lewis was being honored for his decades of service and his fight for Civil Rights following his death last week.

Dismukes posted on Facebook that he had a “great time” celebrating a Klan Leader’s birthday and said he was honored to give the invocation for the festivities:
“Always a great time and some sure good enough eating!!”
Dismukes is a chaplain for the Prattville Dragoons, a chapter of the Sons of the Confederacy whose Mission Statement reads:
“To you, Sons of Confederate Veterans, we will commit the vindication of the cause for which we fought. To your strength will be given the defense of the Confederate soldier’s good name, the guardianship of his history, the emulation of his virtues, the perpetuation of those principles which he loved and which you love also, and those ideals which made him glorious and which you also cherish.”
Dismukes took the post down by Monday and said that the photo and posting “was in no way glorifying the Klan or disrespecting” John Lewis” who was being celebrated in Alabama over the weekend.

Huh; two celebrations you can attend in Alabama as a representative of the people. One is the celebration of the birthday of a Klan leader and the other is a memorial to the life of a Civil Rights activist.

And Dismukes chose to celebrate a racist which makes him the ISBL Asshat of the Week.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Tuesday Thought #3

Tuesday Thought #2

Tuesday Thought #1


Thanks for all the well wishes yesterday.

I don't have IT; what I have is the residual effects of the shingles I had a few years back. Shingles affects the nerves and since my shingles were around my eyes, I still get massive headaches and cannot tolerate the light.

I'm like a vampire that way, and so that was me yesterday; I woke up at dawn with the sun burning into my retinas and then made my way to the guest room to sleep in the dark.

Carlos was nice enough to keep all the shades down and curtains drawn so that when I woke up I wouldn't scream like a howler monkey.

The upside is that, right after the shingles, I would get these nerve headaches about once a month and then they kind of tapered off; it's been probably a year since I had one.

The down side is that they hurt like a motherf%ker.

But it lasts just a day and so I opened my casket this morning and was able to meet the sun!

Saturday, July 25, 2020

I Ain't One To Gossip But ...

Tori Spelling has owed American Express a Love Boat—see what I did there? Her daddy is Aaron Spelling, who created Love Boat!—of cash for a looooong time. She hasn’t made much of an effort to pay them off, even from the few coins she seems to get from the annual reboots and failures of a Beverly Hills, 90210 revival.

And finally, AMEX had enough and, last week the company just went into her bank account and took their money out … with a court order of course. More shocking than that is that Spelling actually had money in her account, and it wasn’t just chump change.

As of March 2020, Tori owed American Express $88,731.25. Amex filed two different lawsuits against Tori and her husband, Dean McDermott,  back in 2016, and still they weren’t getting paid, so AMEX took it to the judge who said:
“Here’s her account number, help yourself.”
A writ of execution was ordered by the court in March 2020 and executed by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department in April. It isn’t entirely clear if AMEX got their full nearly 90K, but this may not be the last time a creditor get access to her accounts.

Tori and Dean are currently involved in a lawsuit with City National Bank over $189,000 of unpaid debts; they owe $282,000 to the state of California in back taxes; they were also hit with a federal tax lien of over $707,000 dating back to unpaid federal taxes from 2014.

Dayum; bitch better get a side job before she and Dean and their four, er, five, er, six kids are living in her mother, Candy’s, car in the garage of Candy’s luxury condo building.

Sidenote: Tori has no comment for this story … unless you offer her coins.
I love a good cat fight, and, normally, the press plays it up as women doing the hissing and spitting, but this time it’s a decades long feud between Mickey Rourke and Robert De Niro.

And this week, Mickey reignited the feud and on Instagram by suggesting that Martin Scorsese wanted him to be in The Irishman, but De Niro refused to work with him:
“The casting person told my manager that Robert De Niro said he refused to work with me in a movie.” 
The De Niro clapped back on Page Six with a story under the headline: “Robert De Niro: Mickey Rourke is lying about ‘The Irishman’ snub.” And De Niro‘s rep said at the time:
“According to The Irishman producers, Jane Rosenthal and Emma Tillinger Koskoff, and casting director Ellen Lewis, Mickey Rourke was never asked to be in The Irishman nor was he ever even thought of, discussed or considered to be in the movie.”
That’s the latest spat to a feud that started in 1987 on the set of the movie Angel Heart. Rourke said that he looked up to De Niro at the time, but he says the actor was not nice to him on set.

Not anymore; this is Mickey today, on Instagram:
“Hey Robert De Niro, that’s right i am talking to you, you big f–king crybaby. A friend of mine just recently told me that a few months back you’re quoted as saying to newspapers ‘Mickey Rourke’s a liar he talks all kind of shit.’ Listen Mr.Tough Guy in the movies, you’re the 1st person that ever called me a liar and it was in a newspaper. Let me tell you something, you punk ass, when i see you i swear to God on my Grandmother, on my brother and all my dogs, i gonna embarrass you severally 100%. Mickey Rourke ‘as God is my witness.’”
Wow, it must be bad if Mickey’s channeling Scarlett O’Hara.
Johnny Depp’s libel suit against The Sun is being heard in a courtroom in London and rumor has it that his exes Vanessa Paradis and Winona Ryder might testify on his behalf, saying he’s a good man, as some other exes of his have said. Penelope Cruz, who didn’t date Johnny but worked with him a few times, submitted a declaration in which vouching for his character, but …

Amber Heard, the ex-Missus Depp will also be heard and so, mud will be flung. Amber will tell the story that Johnny did get violet, as he ALLEGEDLY did with her, with another ex, Kate Moss.

Amber has already testified that for three days in March 2015, Johnny held her hostage in their Australian rental, and repeatedly beat her and threatened to kill her. According to Amber, she heard from two people that Johnny had pushed Kate down the stairs, and she thought he might do the same to her sister, Whitney Heard and that’s why she attacked him.

Oh, Amber. Hearsay.

Johnny’s lawyer accused Amber of making up the part about Kate Moss, as she had never once mentioned Kate’s name in any deposition or testimony before now, and Amber responded:
“I have not had the liberty of time, space or energy to list every incident that’s listed in these proceedings.”
You’ve had years since you two split, honey. Take a step forward, Amber, and move on.
Khloé Kardastrophe got into a little spat about money with designer, Christian Cowan, over something called the Kardastrophe Kloset, which sounds like a room where that Klan keeps the blood of young virgins and the phone numbers of every plastic surgeon on the planet. But, apparently, it’s a website where the Kardastrophes sell their used Klothing for Koins.

And yet it seems that one of Christopher Cowan’s dresses that he loaned Khloe—meaning she never paid for it—ended up in the Krypt Kloset and Khloe never paid for it. See, she borrows clothes and then sells them herself. I guess the Kardastrophes are having Kash issues??

Christian hit at Khloé on Instagram, posting a screenshot of his dress up for sale on her site, and asked the question:
“@khloekardashian why are my runway samples I loaned you being sold on your website? We’ve emailed 3 times and had no response.”
A similar dress from Cowan’s Spring 2020 collection retails for $1,950 and Khloé’ was asking for $1,300 for the Kardastrophe stained garment. Oy, such a bargain.

And a source—and you know it’s the Devil herself, that Woman—is saying:
“The dress was gifted to her through her stylist without a mention of a loan and it was never asked to be returned.”

And yet, oddly enough the Cowan dress is no longer on the site.

Looks like the Kardastrophes need Koins … either for Khloe’s addiction to changing her face as often as I change my shoes or for what might be a long hospital stay in the future for one Kanye Kardastrophe.

Just sayin’.
A few weeks back we talked about Elton John’s 1987 marriage to a woman, Renate Blauel, and how it ended rather quickly because he’s a homo and how she stayed out of the limelight all these years; until now.

See, Renate filed a lawsuit against Elton because he … talked about their marriage. And she claims she and John had an agreement that they’d never publicly discuss it—which she says Elton breached in both his bestselling memoir, Me: Elton John, and the recent biopic Rocketman, and now she wants coins.

Her lawyer, Yisrael Hiller, says:
“The case is about restoring the privacy that she felt was agreed to be protected when she and Mr. John entered into a divorce in 1988. This was the only option she had left … she wants to ensure her privacy going forward, that in turn has a big impact on her mental health issues.”
And so, she wants $3.8 million from Elton.

I guess her privacy is costly, but I wonder why she didn’t say anything before the book came out or while the film was in production because then she might have been able to put the kibosh on it. I mean, you can’t unpublish a book or make anyone who's seen Rocketman forget the short, short, short scenes regarding their marriage.

Sorry, Renate, it smells like a money grab.