Thursday, March 25, 2021


Carlos and I love to cook, though I will say, having worked in hotels and such, and bars and such, in the past, and knowing some really great chefs, I tend to be the better cook in the house.

Part of Carlos problem is what I call the Coco Chanel problem. As Coco once advised women:

“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off. It is always better to be underdressed.”

I had to explain this to Carlos the other night because he made a delicious Salmon for dinner but there was something about the rice:

“What spices are in this?”

“Cumin. Curry. Turmeric, Coriander.”


“Paprika. Garlic Powder. Salt, Pepper.”


“Chipotle Powder. Chili Powder. Garam Masala. A little bit of Cinnamon. And Five Spice. I think that’s it.”

Carlos is now limited to Five Spices…Salt, Pepper, and three others, lest I sic the ghost of Coco on him.

The Great Tuxedo has had a week. He’s getting on in years—he’s seventeen or eighteen—and has been having some issues with his hind legs being unsteady. A trip to the vet and a few tests and we’ll see if it’s diabetes—not good, because it requires two shots per day—or arthritis—not the best because there is no real treatment for feline arthritis—or a thyroid issue, which can be helped by medication. But other than that he’s in good health and a happy cat, so we’ll see how this plays out.

We first noticed his leg issues because he’s always been a jumper—he used to jump from  the clothes hamper in the closet to one of the high shelf’s, a leap of about six feet straight up, and now he has difficulty getting onto a chair.

Sidenote: he was, as usual, the hit of the vet’s office because he’s just so easy going getting poked and prodded, and still giving hugs to the vet and the technicians. The only downside is the car ride, which he hates, and lets us know by howling like a mad man.

Good times.

San Antonio doesn’t have Thing #45—thanks Todd—to push around anymore.  And you cannot throw things at him either …at least for the time being.

Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks has moved the wax figure of the twice-impeached, one-term loser to a storage—much like what the American people did in November 20202—because some museum visitors were punching and hitting the wax dummy.

Not to be confused with the actual lard dummy.

Dear Jeopardy: Just say No to Katie Couric hosting the show. Just say No to “Dr,” Oz. hosting the show.

Bring back Mike Richards.

After the last two weeks, and two more shootings that left 18 Americans dead, President Biden called to reinstate the US ban on assault weapons.

Biden said he did not “need to wait another minute, let alone an hour, to take common sense steps that will save lives in the future and to urge my colleagues in the House and Senate to act. We can ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.”

These are not hunting weapons, or protection weapon, these are weapons used to murder. No one, and I don’t care who you are, no one needs these weapons.

Customers at Legends Diner in Denton, Texas are met with a new pink sign on the door when they visit the breakfast spot:

“Our new surcharge: $50 if I have to explain why masks are mandatory. $75 if I have to hear why you disagree.”

Co-owners Wayne and Kat LaCombe are asking their customers and employees to continue to wear masks even though the mandate lifted in Texas on March 10 because, as Wayne says, he cannot afford to get the virus and keep his business going.

See, that’s how it works.

Sorry, but  I'm more afraid of white people with weapons of war than I am of migrants at our border seeking a better life.

Rightwingnut lawyer Sidney Powell, who tried suing to hand the election to Thing #45 and ended up being sued by Dominion Voting Systems for defamation, is now claiming she is not guilty because "reasonable reasonable people wouldn’t have believed" her assertions of fraud, even though she filed case after case with the same idiotic assertion.

Now, she as an attorney, representing her client, says she was just stating her “opinion.”

Nice try, Kraken.

Congressional Democrats and Washington DC's mayor made their case for statehood for the US capital, proclaiming the disenfranchisement of DC residents as one of the last glaring violations of American civil rights.

More than 712,000 people live in the District of Columbia; a populations greater than both Wyoming and Vermont, and comparable to two others. Its residents fight and die in US wars and face a higher federal tax burden than people in the 50 states, but while Washingtonians can cast ballots in presidential elections, they are denied votes in Congress.

Taxation without representation much? The GQP is against the idea because DC is mostly Democrats, and the GQP wants to continue suppressing votes especially given that DC statehood would give Democrats three more  Congressional seats. See, it’s not about doing what’s right for Americans in DC for the GQP, it’s about cheating to win elections.

Last fall the US Congress passed the National Suicide Hotline Designation Act to establish a toll-free number with assistance for those with mental health crises.

Sounds like a good idea, but then why did the US Conference of Catholic Bishops quietly lobby against the legislation.

It's because it contained special funding for LGBTQ+ support, and a group of bishops said that, while “all persons must be protected from violence … codifying the classifications ‘sexual orientation’ and ‘gender identity’" was problematic.

Cuz, you know, if anyone in the LGBTQ+ community kills themselves that should be okay. Or at least so says a group of closeted homosexual child raping money grabbing hypocritical fuckmonkeys.

I don’t know much about Fredrik Ericsson except that he is Swedish and has a stunning face …

… and he looks good out of his clothes …

… and good in them, too.


  1. Omg....with all those spices Im surprised your cholesterol isn't through the roof.

    Finger crossed for Tux. That was one of the first signs for my Starbooty. She Unfortunately didn't last long.

    Swedish is always good. Those men are often hot. One of my ex bosses was Swedish. He drove me nuts in a good way.

    I wondering I'd Sidney Powell washes the fruit off before she eats it?

    The Legends owners are smart!!!! I just read a story of four people who tested positive for COVID 19 after being fully vaccinated. Guidelines still need to be followed.

  2. (Carlos) (Tuxedo - with extra loves)
    "Mein Space" - much chortling!
    xoxo :-)

  3. "a group of closeted homosexual child raping money grabbing hypocritical fuckmonkeys" - yep, that describes the RCC perfectly!

    too many spices in the rice. hope tuxedo gets better soon. NO MORE GUNS! STATEHOOD FOR DC! the only things swedish I like are fish and meatballs. and we all love george takei!

  4. Sympathies re Tuxedo and his problems. My old dog developed diabetes a year and a half ago and has injections twice a day. She is now so healthy and loving life again. Good luck with the diagnosis.

  5. Oh Tuxedo! I once drove a friend's cat to a new home three hours away and the goddamn thing yowled the entire way. Boy was I glad when that trip was over!

  6. One can always count on George to get it right.

    I hope Fredrik kept his receipt. It appears he's packing some extra muscles. He should return those and get store credit.

    LOVE your description of the Cathartic Church. Please go to Wikipedia and add it at once!

    Yay, for DC. About time. And now... on to Puerto Rico! I want them both. 52, baby.

    Powell... interesting defense. I learned this morning over at Bobby's Blog that it is the same defense FOX news used to get out of paying out for something T(F)ucker Carlson said. The judge bought it. So, who knows.

    Legends Diner! Right on. Classic.

    Ugly Ted got on the news last night and complained that those Dems are making a political issue of gun violence as a means to take away law abiding American's second amendment rights. Sigh. He looked like Elvis, if Elvis melted.

    I think Kathie Lee and Koda should host Jeopardy and take a swig every time someone has a stupid answer. How I miss those two booze bags.

    Waxworks... hey, orange ogre? There's a job opening!

    Oh, dear, about Tux. Hard when they get old. We have a 21 year old. We had to buy things so he can step up to the bed, the couch, a chair, etc. He's such a crabby puss, but love him so and as long as he comes running to eat, we'll accommodate. Good luck with Tux. Hope it all works out.

    Carlos... OH MY. Yes. There is a thing as too much.

    Thanks for the feed. Take care. Wishing the best for Tux.

  7. I think yeah, maybe Carlos needs to tone down the spices a tad (and goodness knows I love your husband). Please be gentle with him. I hope Tuxedo is ok but what can you say with a 14 year old cat. As for your sexy Swede, sadly that's the first one that hasn't done anything for me. Maybe I just like them dark and mysterious (not that any of them would look at me anyway but one can dream)!

  8. Ha!
    I'm still laughing at Upton's Cathartic Church. That's fab.
    Poor Tuxedo! Hope it's something minor (at his age, minor is a blessing).
    I love George Takei! LMAOOOO
    And I hope The Kraken is left without a penny. Not. One. Penny.
    Oh, Sweden. I'd like to get a taste of Mr. Ericsson. I can do that store credit, Upton!


  9. Do you what the absolute BEST part of Sydney's filing in the Motion to Dismiss? ALL OF IT can be used against her by Dominion, and it can be used in her disbarment hearing. ALL OF IT. The part where she admitted capricious filings. The part where she knew that it was all false. The part where she claimed that no reasonable person would believe the charges was literally a knife in her back. Now she could be facing time in the Federal pokey.

    And even better news? She has, in court, announced that she was a liar, that Donald Trump is unreasonable, and that his followers are crazy.

    It's like the Christmas present that keeps on giving All-YEAR-ROUND.

  10. Oh dear, sweet Carlos! With all of those spices, why bother with the rice?
    Bobulah, sweetiekins, please stop disparaging fuckmonkeys this way. I hear they have a union and you can be sued for comparing them to stuff like the Catholic Cult.
    El Gato Guapo (still my superhero) gets all the hugs today. Hang in there guys.
    That is one tasty Swedish meatball! Yummy!
    I don't watch Jeopardy anymore, mores the pity. I got bored with the categories long before Alex Trebeck died. I tried watching again, but no.

  11. Hmmm... Five spice. You won't believe it but I know that three of the things in that are cloves, cinnamon, and fennel seeds. INTERESTING addition... as are some of those others. Is Carlos saying his life isn't spicy enough? Hope whatever it is with Tuxedo is eased and he continues to be the happy cat.

    Can we please require Thing 45 to pose 8 hours a day... around the country... so everyone can get a chance to punch it?

    I always wanted to look like a Swedish Ericsson.

  12. My cat Wolfgang (now 12) has had arthritis since he was 2 following a car accident. He has been on arthritis medicine ever since (Cartrofen) and it really, really helps. He has an injection every three weeks (formerly every 4 weeks) and no doubt that gap will continue to decrease.

  13. We love Carlos...Just remind him that sometimes simple is best...So many competing flavors...Take him to a cooking class and in turn he can discover which spices are best for what and which complement each other...The best to Tuxedo...Fredrick gives good face but he looks like he can put on a few pounds...I have seen male models in person and they are almost sick-thin...Eat a burger..Lots of maintenance ...

  14. @MM
    I reminded Carlos that, with all those spices, it’s hard to tell what’s what.
    We heard back from the vet. Tuxedo has kidney issues and needs a special diet; it’s all old age related, even the wobbly legs, because he’s at least 15 or 16, maybe 17.
    And I’m sure you love a good Swedish “meatball”!
    That Sidney needs a Silkwood Scrubdown on her brain.
    I loved that the diner owners are in Texas; it proves they aren’t all asshats and Q’s!

    Thanks for the Tuxedo hugs. He’s actually doing good today and we have a special diet coming for him.
    Mein Space is perfect for Thing #45 …or perhaps, Blank Space?

    I hate the Catholic Church. Raping kids gets a pass, but an LGBTQ person feeling suicidal doesn’t need help?
    Carlos is on Spice Probation.
    Tuxedo has acondition—see what I told Maddie—and we have a plan for him going forward.
    Fredrik has Swedish Meatballs …at least you get an idea of them in those photos.

    @Lesley Duncan
    Luckily, we have been told that diabetes and arthritis aren’t the issue. The depletion of muscle mass in his back and hind legs causes the wobbly. But he does have a kiney issue tht can hopefully be resolved with a special diet.

    He’s a very easy going cat, except in the car!

    Takei nailed it!
    As I am aptto say, the Catholic Church can fuck all the way off.
    He can bring the muscles to me. I’d find a good use for ‘em!
    Hopefully DC gets statehood and Congressional representation.
    Powell seems to be saying, it’s not my fault I put up the Stupid Shit Defense and people believed I meant it!
    Legends in Texas of all places!
    The GQP needs the NRA coins and don’t care about people being murdered.
    I can’t with Kathie Lee …not even with a Box of Chardonnay.
    I’d like the real Thing #45 to stand still long enough for me to throw something.
    I hate Tuxedo getting old, but he’s not hurt, not in pain, and we have anew diet that will be better for him.
    Carlos, in a good way, most of the time, is always too much!
    Thanks for the good wishes.

    Oh, I was gentle. I gently put a lock on the spice rack!
    Tuxedo’s a good soldier and gets around fine. It’s mostly when he tried that he struggles a bit. But, yeah, he’s getting up there.
    Fredrik is what I call oddly handsome.

    Yeah, Tuxedo is getting up there. At the vet’s when they asked how old he wasCarlos said he was 10. I reminded Carlos that we’ve lived in SC over 14 years and had Tuxedo at least a year efore that. My man ain’t good with dates!
    Takei has a killer sense of humor!
    I know the Kraken ain’t got a billion but take whatever she has.
    Fredrik does give me tingles.

    I hope the Kraken chokes on all her words. She’s the perfect lawyer for a con like Thing #45.

    Don’t give Carlos any ideas!!!
    True, I like fuckmonkeys more than Catholics.
    Tuxedo loves a good hug. Thanks!
    Thanks you for the meatball joke! You and I think alike; a rare breed.
    We like Jeopardy but not Kate and never quack doctor.

    I think Carlos wants the food to be as spicy as his life, but my stomach sometimes disagrees!
    He’s got his aging health issues, Tuxedo, I mean, not Carlos, but he’s doing fine.
    I’d like Thing #45 to tour the country and be in every county fair and carnival dunk tank in the US. Or, be the mole in Whack-a-Mole.
    He’s a good looking meatball, no?

    The vet says there is no arthritis, it’s a loss of muscle density in his back and hind legs, so he’ll be wobbly sometimes as he continues to get older.

    He will be toning down his spice usage; he’s promised.
    Thanks for the Tuxedo thoughts. He’s a good boy.
    Fredrik is a bit lean, but maybe he’s a lean meatball.

  15. My, that rice was really spicey!!!! What ever happened to just butter?

    I had a diabetic cat. Found out when he began peeing all over the house. The shots were a pain. Keep in mind that diabetes in cats is not the same as diabetes in people. Their pancreas can start working again. After 4 years I stopped the injection and Max lived to be 21 years old.

  16. @Dave
    Luckily the tests came back negative for diabetes.

  17. And I get questioned for cooking rice in tomato juice, Carlos and I should compare notes on cooking. Great collection today. I hope Tux can be made comfy and happy.

  18. @Travel
    I may try rice cooked in tomato juice!
    Tuxedo has a good plan in place with his vet and still is a loving, terrorist, cat!


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