Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Catholic Curia Suggests Rape Victim Enjoyed It

A Catholic curia—a group of Vatican bureaucrats who assist the Pope in the exercise of his primatial jurisdiction over the Roman Catholic church—in Poland has asked for a court to determine whether or not the rape victim of a Catholic priest took “pleasure in the intimate relationship.”

The victim, Janusz Szymik, was 12 years old when the abuse began and the Catholic Church wants to know if he enjoyed being sexually assaulted by a priest.

Last year, Szymik  launched a civil case against Bielsko-Żywiec diocese seeking roughly $1 million in compensation from the curia, which he argues is responsible for abuse he suffered at the hands of a priest—named only as Jan W. under Polish privacy law—in the 1980s.

A church court had previously found Jan W. guilty of sexual offences against Szymik, and in 2017, Jan W. was given a five-year ban on conducting priestly ministry, hearing confession, and was ordered to live in isolation.

Cut to today, and the curia, really the Catholic Church, is demanding  “evidence from an expert sexologist on the determination of the claimant’s sexual preferences, in particular determination of the claimant’s sexual orientation.”

And they would like to question Szymik on his relationship with the priest, including him “showing pleasure in maintaining an intimate relationship with Jan W.” and even “deriving benefits [from it], including material benefits.”

Victim blaming is a Catholic thing, unless the victim is Catholic …

The curia also argues that, although Szymik was an altar boy, because meetings between him and Jan W,--the adult—took place outside the church they were not related to Jan W.’s ministry.

Note to child raping Catholic priests: do it outside of the church and you’re safe.

The curia claims Szymik “participated voluntarily” in his rape because “the sexual contacts did not take place during the performance of the duties entrusted to him.”

Again, pedophiles, take your business outside and the church will protect you.

In response to the publication of the diocese’s legal submission, Tomasz Terlikowski, a prominent Catholic commentator, called the questions the curia proposes asking of Szymik are indicative of a “pedophile’s model of thinking” and will cause “the victim harm again.”

Again, keep in mind that Szymik is still suffering the effects of being raped by a priest when he was twelve years old, and that the Catholic Church thinks because he may have enjoyed it, or because it didn’t happen on church property, that it really didn’t happen at all, or just doesn’t matter.

Also keep in mind that child rapist Jan W. is suspected of raping other boys while a priest, and rather than being punished of jailed for his crimes, he is quietly living a life of seclusion on the Catholic Church’s dime because they care more about their image, and their bank accounts, than they do the victims of child sexual abuse.

Notes from Poland

Monday, January 17, 2022

Bad Companies, Part 2

A year has passed since the deadly insurrection on the U.S. Capitol and in the aftermath of the insurrection a great many corporations promised to defend democracy. By the end of that week, nearly every major company in the US and dozens committed to cutting off the lawmakers involved.  

Sounded nice on papers but the facts are quite different. By the end of 2021, corporations and trade groups still donated over $8.1 million to the 147 members of the Sedition Caucus ¹—the members of Congress who validated dangerous myths of voter fraud by objecting to election certification.  

I’m going to share those companies with you …


According to CNBC, who reported on January 12, 2021:

“Health insurer Cigna will stop giving money to elected officials who ‘encouraged or supported violence’ during last week’s siege of the U.S. Capitol by followers of [Thing 45].” 

After seeing the violence inflicted during the insurrection, the company and its executives condemned these actions with Chief Human Resources Officer John Murabito saying democracy “makes our nation strong” in a memo announcing Cigna’s decision to halt donations to lawmakers who spurred the insurrection.  

However, by the end of 2021, the company’s PAC had gone back on its word to the tune of $30,000. Additionally, Cigna has made donations to anti-democratic officials in Texas who shepherded a controversial voter suppression bill to passage.

Duke Energy 

Grace Rountree, Duke Energy spokesperson, on January 15, 2021:

“We were shocked and dismayed by the events at the Capitol last week. Duke Energy is taking this very seriously…” 

Duke Energy is one of America’s largest energy holding companies, serving nearly 8 million customers and employing tens of thousands of Americans, and they say they care strongly about the democratic process …

So strongly that since then Duke Energy has donated a total of $59,500 to members of Congress who refused to certify the results of the 2020 presidential election. 

Eli Lilly 

Eli Lilly spokesperson Bradley Jacklin, January 2021:

“We expect any candidate we support to demonstrate respect for people and respect for our democratic process and institutions. […] This certainly covers anyone who promoted violence or sedition that contributed to the appalling events on January 6th…” 

The Eli Lilly company spoke out against the insurrection in January, implying that legislators who voted against certifying the 2020 election results were disrespectful of America’s democratic process.

However, by July 2021, Eli Lilly had given $32,500 to election objectors and funneled money to Governor of Georgia Brian Kemp, who signed into law one of the most restrictive voter suppression bills in the country. 


From an ExxonMobil statement on January 13, 2021:

“Before giving to any political candidate, the ExxonMobil PAC has a robust process to assess the candidate’s platform, prior voting record, and consistency with the company’s priorities.” 

It sounded like ExxonMobil was saying its political contributions are subject to a lengthy vetting process and regular reviews, but it is evident that the company’s “process” doesn’t include weeding out of lawmakers who spent months supporting baseless and dangerous claims about election fraud, stoking a fatal attack on our nation’s Capitol.

Since then ExxonMobil has donated a total of $61,000 to election objectors and given even more to Governor of Texas Greg Abbott, who signed an anti-democratic voter suppression bill into law. 


In a statement from January 2021, FedEx said:

“Multiple factors impact our decisions to support candidates, and we are reviewing all future political contributions. We condemn the violence that occurred in Washington, D.C., and fully support the results of the U.S. general election.” 

FedEx joined many other major U.S. companies in condemning the violence at the Capitol, and even assured Americans that the company looked forward to working with the incoming Biden administration on policy matters relevant to FedEx and its customers, and they promised to review all future contributions, but …

This review did not bar FedEx from donating $58,500 in 2021 to the very people whose actions helped fuel the violence the company condemned in January 2021. FedEx has also supported Tennessee’s governor and Secretary of State while they pushed anti-voting rights legislation. 

More to come …

This Bitch: Is Not Working For The People

Arizona’s DINO—Democrat In Name Only—Senator,  Kyrsten Sinema, spit in the face of Democrats, and 705 of Americans, who wanted to see changes to the filibuster that would allow voting rights legislation, said last week that she both supports the legislation itself and the 60-vote threshold that is keeping its passage an impossibility.

She’s trying to play you all that she wants to help but her hands are tied, and that is yet another lie from Sinema.

In a floor speech, the Arizona Democrat portrayed the Senate’s rule allowing members to block debate on legislation with a 41-vote minority as a necessary tool for safeguarding democracy in a time of unprecedented political divisions.

“I strongly support, and will continue to vote for legislative responses to these state laws. [But] I will not support separate actions that worsen the underlying disease of division infecting our country.”

She supports voting rights but won’t vote for the one way to pass voting rights because she believes in bipartisanship and yet not one single Republican will cross the aisle.

And keep in mind that she is allowing 41 people out of 100, a minority, to run this country

How’s that working out for you, Kyrsten?

Sidenote: Arizona is coming for you and you’re not going to be able to lie your way out of this, and all that corporate money you took, that you swore you’d never take, won’t help you each.

Take the day and write, email, Tweet, Facebook, carrier pigeon, your Congressional Representatives and demand  they pass legislation to protect and expand voter's rights for without those, we are lost.

Saturday, January 15, 2022

I Ain't One To Gossip But ...

Dr. Dre and Nicole Young have been fighting over his reported $800 million fortune ever since deciding to split over a year ago. Nicole originally demanded $2 million a month in spousal support but did not get that; instead, she’s walking away with $100 million—an eighth of her husband’s wealth—or $2 million a month for four years.

It sounds good, but I think I’d prefer getting a check for $2,000,000.00 every month and then working really  hard to stretch that out for thirty days, rather than $100,000,000.00 that’s supposed to last for life. Plus, Dre pays $50 million now and $50 million next year and gets to keep all of their seven homes and the rights to his masters, while Nicole gets  4 cars and the jewelry she got while they were married.

I may be wrong, but Nicole got played.


If you ever, for even the briefest moment, didn’t think Tori Spelling was one of the dumbest people on Earth, think about this … Tori, and her husband-for-now, Dean McDermott and all five of their children have COVID-19.

Apparently, Tori and Dean, who haven’t been spending a lot of time together lately, did manage to get together for the holidays in their Superspreader Home, where they each got COVID, and then the kids also tested positive.

Both Tori and Dean took to Instagram with their tales of woe, and how sick they are, and how bad they feel because their kids got sick and their terrible parents and … I can’t shake the feeling that these too fools are trying to find a way to monetize and televise their entire family coming down with COVID so they can pay off that American Express card debt and then divorce freely with no bills.

They are that dumb, you know.


Speaking of stupid people … singer Jason Derulo ALLEGEDLY attacked two men in a Las Vegas casino after one of the men shouted, “F**k you, bitch,” and the other dared to call him … wait for it … “Usher.”

Video shows Derulo pouncing on the hecklers at the Aria Resort and Casino while coming off an escalator after someone in the crowd shouts, “Why did you slap him, dawg?” and another voice yells “Hey Usher, **–k you, bitch!”

No one knows if the heckler really thought Derulo was Usher or was making a joke but being called Usher really set Derulo off. He ALLEGEDLY attacked the man who called him “Usher” and wrestled him to the ground as people tried to tear them apart.

It ended with Derulo being taken away in handcuffs though it’s unclear if the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department pressed charges against him. Derulo was, however, removed from the Aria property and ordered not to return.


Another ALLEGED entertainer being investigated for ALLEGEDLY punching a stranger is one Kanye “Ye” West.

Last Saturday, at around 3AM, Kanye was leaving the private club, Soho Warehouse, in Los Angeles when a fan had the audacity to come near him and request an autograph. The fan claims Kanye cussed him out and then shoved him to the ground. Kanye fled the scene by the time police got there, but a report was filed.

I guess it doesn’t pay to be an Usher fan around Derulo, and it doesn’t pay to be a Ye fan around, well, Ye.


Are Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas finished? Hard to say, though Priyanka is kinda teasing that news. You see, after several wedding ceremonies, and lots of press coverage, Priyanka Chopra officially changed her name to Priyanka Chopra Jonas.

But now, after using social media to say she and Nick hadn’t seen much of one another for a while, Priyanka Chopra Jonas changed all her social media handles to just Priyanka.

Bitch thinks she’s Cher. Oh Hell No.

Right after the name change the newly minted Just Plain Priyanka gave that interview where she says she and Nick spent most of 2021 apart, but then turned that on its heels when she said … wait for it … this woman shared all her weddings, honeymoon, and everything else on Instagram … that even though she changed her name all over the web, too many people are making something out of what might be nothing:

“It’s a very vulnerable feeling, actually, that if I post a picture, everything that’s behind me in that picture is going to be zoomed in on, and people are going to speculate. Because of the noise of social media, because of the prevalence that it has in our lives, I think it seems a lot larger than it is. I think that we give it a lot more credence in real life, and I don’t think it needs that.”

So says the woman who lives for social media and slyly changed her name to Priyanka Chopra Jonas and then  to Priyanka on social media and now says people pay it too much heed. Know how to make it all stop Just Plain Priyanka? Get off social media and stop talking.



Friday, January 14, 2022

I Didn't Say It

MJ Rodriguez, reacting to her Golden Globe win as Best Actress  for her role as Blanca Rodriguez-Evangelista  in Pose and being the first Black transgender woman in history to win that award:

“OMG OMGGG!!!! Wow! You talking about sickening birthday present! Thank you! This is the door that is going to Open the door for many younger talented individuals. They will see that it is more than possible. They will see that a young Black Latina girl from Newark New Jersey who had a dream, to change the minds others would WITH LOVE. LOVE WINS. To my young LGBTQAI babies WE ARE HERE the door is now open now reach the stars!!!!!”

Brava, MJ, brava, and well-deserved.


Franklin Graham, faux-christian, urging people to pray for Jesus to stop the Voting Rights and Social Spending Bills

“The U.S. Senate returns to session today and Democrats have said two of their highest priorities are pushing President Biden’s climate/social spending bill and working on “voting rights” legislation. These are both extremely important issues that can greatly affect our nation. Let’s start the new year off praying for these elected leaders. Join me in praying for members of our Congress, in both political parties, that God will give them wisdom and direct the decisions they make that impact all of our lives, families, and futures.”

Pray to Jesus so people of color have a tough time voting, and low-income families are pushed even further down.

Yeah, Frank, Jesus would love that. I mean, if he existed and was a Republican.


Brian Kilmeade, Fox, says Thing 45 needed to “learn to lose” regarding the results of the 2020 election:

“I think that in life, you have to learn to lose. And if you did, in fact, get screwed out of this election, put together an A-team list of lawyers—not the ones we witnessed—and show us the districts and show us how. Is it anti-[Thing 45] by the media to report the fact that there is no significant evidence of widespread fraud? It isn’t.”

Cue Thing 45 meltdown on Kilmeade Any second now.


Ron Johnson, GOP Senator from Wisconsin,  on why he decided to run for Senate again despite promising to impose term limits on himself:

“There are many factors [about why I changed my mind]. It wasn’t an easy decision. But I think probably the easiest way to put it is that I love America dearly. I love the American people. I love the folks in Wisconsin and I think this country is in trouble. I think Democrats in power in Washington have put us on a very dangerous path and I think I’m in a position to help improve things. It really just boils down — it’s that simple. We need to restore confidence in so many institutions within — throughout America, whether it’s in governmental agencies, whether it’s in media, in big tech. People have lost confidence. And the only way I can see restoring confidence is we need to ask a lot of questions, we need to get some answers, we need accountability. We need the truth and unfortunately the truth is being censored today at an alarming, very disconcerting rate. And so, I’m just one of those truth-tellers. I ask tough questions, I try and get answers. But when I tell the truth, the truths that the media elite, the governing elite don’t want to hear, I get censored, I get attacked, I get vilified but it doesn’t deter me. And I think we need people who are willing to seek the truth.”

In short, Ron Johnson knows he could never get as cushy a job as one where he does very little actual work and thinks he can fool the people of Wisconsin into keeping him in the Senate.

Do your job, Wisconsin, and send crazy home.


Lucas Bravo, Emily in Paris, actor, complaining how hard it is to be so beautiful:

“I’m, like, this objectified overnight thing. It made me very self-aware. Because when you think about that word and the people it encapsulates, you see always a healthy, good-looking, ripped person [but] you can’t be aesthetically beautiful, and be smart or have depth. I kept getting roles like the dumb gym teacher. It’s hard to break that image. ‘I don’t want to be perfect. I’ve been working against that. In France, they don’t want good-looking. They want broken faces. I’m not complaining, of course, but it’s a reality. I think being famous is the worst thing that can happen to you. It’s just smoke. It doesn’t mean anything.”

Um, Lucas? You aren’t that hot so when you keep talking about how hot you are it looks even worse. And for the record, you are complaining.


Adam Kinzinger , Illinois GOP Congressperson, refusing to be a lapdog to Thing 45 or the GOP:

"When I was six years old I became a Republican because I like the idea of strong national defense, you know, limited government," Kinzinger said. "I still believe in that. But what has changed is the use of conspiracy, the absolute lack of courage to call it out, the fear that permeates leaders of the Republican Party against a man that is basically insane, you know, sending out press releases from Mar-A-Lago. It's unrecognizable and it's sad because the Republican Party will exist and it's a major political party in the United States. We need conservative voices out there as well. But it is lost in a lot of people's minds any credibility and it's going to take a while to get it back. We have a truth crisis in this party and that is the first thing we have to get back to is truth. You can have different opinions but you can't have a different truth."

The Republican Party as we used to know it may be salvageable. Perhaps, one day the Thing 45ers and any sane Republicans will form a real Conservative Party and align with Democracy and work for the good of the country and not the good of a con artist for whom they’ve all bent over.

But that may be a long time …


Tilda Swinton, gender fluid actor, on identity:

“For myself, I feel most relaxed when I think that identity is something entirely flexible, that we can choose at any moment, and that it’s nobody’s business, what we choose on any given day, but ours. It seems a bit of a waste to just put oneself in a box and cut off all one’s limbs. For me, it’s never been more interesting than to stay as flexible as possible and to just play.”

Swinton, who has 23-year-old twins Honor and Xavier with former partner John Byrne, is currently in a relationship with Sandro Kopp.

I think identity can be fluid, for those who feel that need, and isn’t so fluid for those who don’t.

Me? Gay man, through and through.

But that’s just me.


Thursday, January 13, 2022


Another tale of Carlos and Siri … the other night I was leaving work, and I texted Carlos:

“Leaving soon.”

He responded:

“OK, dinner is ready.”


“OK, dinner is ready.”

“Um, you said that twice.”

“I think Siri is getting snippy with me.”

“He probably was.”

Now I have to contend with Carlos and Snippy Siri. Oy.

Once again, Tuxedo has been slogging through my Twitter feed and struck Comedy Gold!

Always remember to tip your bartender, especially if you’re going to commit arson later that night.

A tourist made a big impression in a Key West bar by running up a New Year’s Eve bar tab without leaving a tip. See, after that tourist left the bar a webcam showed him, and a couple of other vandals, set fire to a Christmas tree which also damaged Key West’s landmark buoy marking the southernmost point in the United States to the tune of $5,000.

When the video hit the news, the bartenders the tourist stiffed recognized him and informed police.

Always tip.

I got a new hat for winter but it doesn’t go with anything I own so I choose to wear it  that way.

I have a birthday coming up, and this week that little chocolate gift arrived from one of my besties, Laura, from California.

For some reason, and neither of us remembers why, I call her Nora … so, Thanks again Nora!

Emily Hernandez from Missouri has pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor for entering the Capitol on January 6. Hernandez was one of the morons who posed for pictures with objects stolen from the offices of members of Congress—well, not the ones who helped plan the insurrection—and was seen holding a fragment of a sign from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office. She faces a maximum one year in prison and $100,000 fine.

And then there’s her drunk driving arrest; Hernandez was driving west in the eastbound lanes of Interstate 44 when she crashed into a car heading east. Victoria Wilson, a passenger in the car, was killed, and her husband Ryan, who was driving, was seriously injured and taken to a hospital.

In the words of MAGATs everywhere: Lock. Her. Up.

The Texas Republican Party put out an odd message on Twitter that immediately sparked a wave of criticism because it said:

“If you can wait in line for a covid test, you can wait in line to vote.”

The Texas GOP employees behind the account took note of the fast reaction to the tweet and followed up with two replies, both ignorant and clueless and rude:

“Wow, this made the pronouns in bio people big mad.”

“Masks are dumb.”

The Texas GOP has chosen to run on the very populist platform of “you should wait on long lines for everything.”

Texas, where everything is bigger, and more ignorant.

The other day as I was walking out of the Goodwill store, I noticed a woman crying because she’d just lost $200. So I gave her $40 of the $200 I’d just found.

When God blesses you, you need to bless others.

Kilian Izaak Zeugin, who simply goes by Killian Izaak, is a Swiss-Spanish model and begs the question: Would you hit it?

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Architecture Wednesday: Casa Huolpoch

I am all about retiring to Merida, Mexico when the time comes, though I still need to convince Carlos, and when I do I want something like Casa Huolpoch.

Casa Huolpoch is an old Yucatecan house from the end of the 1900s that gets its name from a snake that regularly “visited” the property's ruins—this snake reference might make Carlos refuse this home outright. Behind its colonial facade, the house has four bedrooms and a studio apartment in 3400 square feet—this also might be a bit too large for Carlos.

In the entry hall, living area, you find an old cast iron lamp hanging from the original metal beams that together with the white wooden beams embellish the high ceilings of the residence. The living room aso features a gray pasta tile “carpet”—pasta tiles are made in molds into which bits of colored cement paste are poured after which a solid-colored cement is poured as backing—surrounded by an antique white floor border that joins the kitchen and dining room through three old colonial doors that were found on-site and reused, preserving their character and its historical value.

Next up is the kitchen and dining area, with pasta tile and white quartz, has a reinterpretation of the old Yucatecan hoods above the stove. The dining room is connected to the terrace through a sliding glass door, generating a feeling of indoor-outdoor living, with a pool just beyond the covered terrace.

The chukum pool—chukum is a resin obtained from the bark of the chukum tree that is blended with fine cement creating a salmon colored for the pool—sits in a central courtyard surrounded by the stone remains of an old colonial structure, where you find an outdoor eating area and outdoor kitchen. Follow the meandering stairs from the pool deck to the second floor and the guest bedrooms, while the primary suite is located on the first floor, with views from the bed through the yard and cross the pool.

Casa Huolpoch is that perfect blend of historical Yucatecan colonial architecture and modern design.

If it just wasn’t named after a snake …

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