Friday, July 03, 2020

I Didn't Say It ...

Tammy Duckworth, Democratic Senator from Illinois, and possible VP candidate, on the Senate floor taking on _____ and his apparent lack of concern for military men and women murdered by Putin’s hired assassins:

"He's had time to call Joe Biden names, however not once in the past 72 hours has he found time to express outrage that American service members are dead."

Well, to be fair, he doesn’t wanna piss off his boss.
And he’s a coward and a murderer.
Rachel Maddow, MSNBC, hammering Murdering Racist In Chief, _____, about Putin putting bounties on American soldiers heads while he was napping through the winter:

“This is kind of sickening news. … Vladimir Putin is offering bounties for the scalps of American soldiers in Afghanistan. Not only offering, but some of the bounties that have been offered have been collected. Not only does the president know … there was that unexpected and friendly conversation he had with Putin. According to the Kremlin what they discussed on that call was how much Russia would like to be allowed back into the G7. President _____ then got off that call with Putin and immediately began calling for Russia to be allowed back into the G7. … That’s how ____ is standing up for Americans being killed for rubles paid by Putin’s government.”

Well, when you’re Putin’s bitch …
Alex Azar, Health and Human Services Secretary, saying he hadn’t seen the video that _____ retweeted of the White Power senior citizens, moment, MOMENTS, after host Jake Tapper played it for him:

“I’ve not seen that video or that tweet, but obviously neither the president, his administration nor I would do anything to be supportive of white supremacy or anything that would support discrimination of any kind. I’ve been here getting ready to speak to you. I’ve not seen that, and so I don’t want to comment further on that. But obviously the president and I and his whole administration would stand against any acts of white supremacy.”

Let me say this, the GOP Cowards are so complicit with this racist murdering traitor, that when he is defeated and run from office, they’ll all band together and swear they never saw his presidency.
Vote all these fuckers from office so people like Azar are out of government.
Chris Hayes, MSNBC, laying into _____ over his failure to handle the COVID-19 outbreak:

“There is no country on Earth this far into this pandemic that has bungled it this badly. We need leadership and a leader to get us out of this. But we do not have that leader. We have Donald _____ … As coronavirus cases race back up, the president ignored warnings from his public health experts and that resulted in tens of thousands of preventable deaths. And we’re looking at tens of thousands more. Right now, we are seeing our chance as Americans to get back to some semblance of normalcy the way other countries have with work and school and even sports, we’re seeing it slip away because of Donald _____. We are suffering through the incompetence of a man who took a huge inheritance and squandered it on stupid glitzy investments and bankrupted his company six times because he was not up to the task. If this presidency had creditors, the virus’ resurgence this week would have been a default event. Only it is not his creditors who are suffering. It is us. It is the people who could have survived this virus. It’s friends and loved ones in nursing homes …. Donald _____ does not learn. He is not going to get good at this. He is not going to change. He has failed, definitively, and it is an urgent matter of public safety at this moment for the president, Donald _____, to resign.”

As of today, _____’s ineptitude has resulted in 130,000 dead Americans, and if that isn’t enough to vote him out of office ,don’t forget he’s a racist-hate-baiting pussy grabbing criminal motherfucker.
Dan Patrick, asshat Lt. Governor of Texas, attacking Dr. Anthony Fauci and his knowledge of COVID-19:

“Locking down doesn’t work! If it did, those two states [California and New York] would be doing better than Texas. Fauci said today that he’s concerned about states like Texas that skipped over certain things. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about! We haven’t skipped over anything. The only thing I’m skipping over is listening to him. … He has been wrong every time on every issue. I don’t need his advice anymore.”

Hey Dan, pull your head out of your ass and look at Europe and South Korea, countries that locked down at once and mandated masks. Their numbers are down and going down, and our number, and your in Texas are through the roof.
Plus, you also said old people should be happy to die of the virus if it meant saving the economy, so please forgive those of us who choose Fauci’s advice over that of a GOP Coward and _____-kissing fuckmonkey.
Spencer Brown, DJ and producer, coming out as gay:

“Imagine waking up daily with unshakable self-hate without knowing why. School starts in an hour; crippling anxiety keeps you under your sheets. You stumble into the bathroom and look in the mirror; you see a person you don’t understand. You drive to school; you drown your thoughts with the loudest music you own. You try to suppress your natural feelings and emotions; you tell yourself that love is an idiotic fairytale. This was my, and many others’, reality for over a decade, but I’ve learned that mornings don’t have to be that way. I am gay. It’s so much easier to say today than it was even a few years ago. While I have never publicly denied this part of me, I have also never spoken out about it. I will no longer live in fear.”

Nor should you, or anyone for that matter.
Welcome out Spencer, and please accept from HOMO HQ the Official Coming Out Toaster Oven™ and copy of the Gay Agenda.
Welcome out.

Thursday, July 02, 2020


As Mistress Maddie said in a comment yesterday, hot gay British journalist James Longman proposed to his boyfriend fiancé, Alex Brannan, yesterday.

James Longman—and I believe the last name suits him—has long been one of my boyfriends—and as I told Carlos about the engagement, I then had to tell him again who James Longman was …
“You know how when we watch GMA and I squeal like a schoolgirl about my boyfriend being on TV? That’s James Longman. And now he’s gonna be a Husband-In-My-Head.”
Carlos said:
“It’s must be getting pretty crowded up there.”
And he’s not wrong.

Here’s Alex and James, the happy cute couple.

Tuxedo has been trying to explain the asshattery of All Lives Matter on Facebook for weeks now … this time he chose a direct route.
I’ve always called them The Chicks, just because I wanted to, but now it appears that the artists formally known as the Dixie Chicks are now officially The Chicks. If you didn’t know, and how could you not, the word “Dixie” is commonly used as a nickname for the Southern United States, mostly regarding those that composed the Confederate States of America.

So, The Chicks can now be found on Twitter at @thechicks, and their website has been redirected to In addition, The Chicks released ‘March March,’ a new song that features footage from protests through the years and up to today, naming both George Floy and Breonna Taylor in the lyrics.

March, march.

I was watching a movie called The Weekend over the, um, weekend, and learned a new word to describe my need to accept no responsibility for my actions: I’m Alibipolar.

That’s all.
Well, well, well … the Mississippi legislature has voted to remove Confederate symbol from the state flag. And Governor Tate Reeves, has said he would sign the legislation into law. Mississippians will vote on a replacement flag in the November election and the current design cannot be an option.

That’s my idea up there.

Still, there is a move to make sure the phrase ‘In God We Trust’ will be somewhere on the flag, totally ignoring that whole Separation of Church and State thing. Oh well, baby steps … 
I was sitting in a parking lot waiting on Carlos and a woman came out of the store and raised her hand, holding her keys, to unlock her car because, apparently, she’d forgotten where she parked. She raised that hand, pointed and clicked … nothing; raised it again, pointed and clicked …nothing.

I was tempted to toot my car horn just to fuck with her. And if I got caught? Alibipolar.
I was watching GMA the other day and there was another viral video of a Karen at Trader Joe’s shrieking and whining about having to wear a mask because she has a medical condition and you’re gonna get sued and she’s not a sheep and … you get it.

After the video, they brought on the GMA doctor, Jen Ashton,  who calmly explained that if your breathing issue didn’t preclude you from being outside then you don’t have an issue breathing. But then she nailed it further by saying:
“And if you can shriek at Trader Joes employees at the top of your lungs about having a health issue that precludes you from wearing a mask, you don’t have a health issue. You can breathe just fine.”
Snap, Karen.
Why? WHY????

Because the first two films made a combined $1 billion around the world, there will be a third Mamma Mia movie.

Haven’t I suffered enough? Lockdown? Furloughed from work? And now this?
Under lockdown, with case rates climbing every day, I have little desire to set foot outside unless I must, so I watched a couple of films with hotties the other day…

The first was Official Secrets was about an woman who worked for the British government and released secret intel to prove that England, and the United States, lied about the WMD in Iraq, and lied about Saddam Hussein’s involvement in 9/11, to force that illegal war. Good film, but, again, it had some good-looking men [top left and top right] in Adam Bakri and Matt Smith—who has been here before..

The second was The Weekend, where I found my new tagline—see earlier Bobservation above—with two delicious mens [lower left and lower right] Tone Bell and Y’lan Noel. The movie was cute funny, at times, but needed a few more laughs, so I focused on those two and found myself, um, interested.

Lockdown can provide some nice views if you’re looking in the right direction.

Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Careful What You Say ... Karma Is Listening

First off, y’all know I don’t follow the volleyball, or whatever it’s called, but apparently one Christion Jones, a kick returner and running back for the Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadian Football League, stepped in it over the weekend when, out of the blue, he Tweeted:
 “Ima keep it this real…. Man ain’t suppose to be with a man. A women is not suppose to be with another women. THATS ME THO! Live life with safety.”
Let’s move beyond the illiteracy and onto one Janis Irwin, a member of the Legislative Assembly for the New Democratic Party of Canada, who responded to Jones:
I’m going to keep this real too... I‘m a woman who loves women. Live life with kindness, and don’t worry about who other people love. Also … you play for the Edmonton Eskimos. You play a few blocks from my house at Commonwealth Stadium. I’m so proud to represent this community, but you need to know we are kind and we are welcoming. We challenge racism. We challenge homophobia. Your comments hurt.”
And Jones, still feeling himself, replied:
“We challenge racism and homophobia???? Are you serious.?? Ok after this IM DONE. WOOOOOWWWWWWWW.I never will apologize. Thank you tho bro.”
But then as Twitter came for Jones he was not done, and went after people who suggested he be removed from the team:
“They trying to get me fired now!!. A black man giving his opinion on Twitter is sickening for many. People understand that I don’t care about getting fired standing on what I stand on. An opinion is obligated.
And finally, the Edmonton Eskimos stepped into the fray and, well, fired Jones:

Suddenly, Christion Jones was all contrite, and apologized:
“From Janis Irwin. ‘This is an opportunity for growth.’ She is absolutely right. My words were deeply hurtful, painful and served zero purpose. I added to the struggle of a community, to live a life free of oppression of any kind. I sincerely apologize. I was wrong.”
Too late, sir, and based on your previous Tweets where you said you’d never apologize, not entirely believable. It sounds like you lost your job and so that’s the reason, the only reason, you apologized.

Racism is wrong; homophobia is wrong; and both should be challenged whenever they appear.


Architecture Wednesday: Keita House

Once again, I’m looking for a Mexican house in which to retire, and once again, Carlos is ‘Meh.’

Perhaps the Keita House in Colima, Mexico, nearer the Pacific Coast might do the trick. It’s a modern, stand-alone house, but still has that Colonial Mexican house feel with a central courtyard and small pool. That central patio, the heart of the project, can be seen from nearly every space in the house and yet is completely surrounded for privacy from neighbors. And the trees! Carlos would love the trees, because in Merida, the houses in town are so close together that you don’t get that sense of nature.

Better still, the house is all on one level, easier for two old queens and their cats and dog to navigate, and makes the spaces feel connected to one another. The kitchen, dining and living rooms are all in one space, with heavy wooden beams and ceiling, but also with openings to the courtyard and the surrounding outer yard. The bedrooms are along one side of the home, created a second wall to guard the courtyard, with views but also privacy.

I like its simplicity and the trees and that pool, and the courtyard .Carlos might take some convincing …

Click to emBIGGERate ...

Monday, June 29, 2020

Ignore The Deflection and Remember The Facts

Lots to get through today, and it’s only Monday … but don’t get caught up in the news that he retweeted a story about Mark and Patricia McCloskey, AKA Karen and Ken, AKA Blobby* and Clod, a wealthy white couple in St. Louis’s Central West End gated community who came out of their home armed with weapons because a group Black Lives Matter protesters were marching toward Mayor Lyda Krewson’s house on Sunday night.

Krewson, in a Facebook Live news conference, read the names and street addresses of protesters who are calling on the city to defund the police department.

They’re all vile human beings, but the real issue is at the top of the dung heap.

And … don’t get caught up in the news that he retweeted—and then deleted—a two-minute video that featured one of his Florida MAGAts yelling “White power! White power!” at The Villages retirement community outside of Orlando.

We know he’s a racist. His own mouthpiece Sarah-leigh Spicer Huckleberry McEnany claims he didn’t hear the shouted racist words but that he stands with “the people of The Villages” and “stands with his supporters who are oftentimes demonized.”

Stands with racists. Remember that.

Do take a moment to remember that that today the Supreme Court dealt another blow to _____ when it ruled 5-4 against a Louisiana abortion law, with Chief Justice John Roberts siding with liberals. Roberts may suffer the wrath of _____ but he’s following the law of this country which says abortion is legal.

Remember that victory and vote Blue in November so, among many other things, a woman’s right to choose what she does with her own body, isn’t once again put into the hands of old white men.

And, above all, remember that, while _____ bungled the COVID-19 response and 125,000 Americans have died, that he also was briefed on the fact that Russia was paying members of the Taliban to murder our soldiers in Afghanistan and he did nothing about it.
He’s a racist and a murderer.


*No offense to fellow blogger Blobby

ISBL Asshat of the Week: Guy Phillips

Guy Phillips, a city councilman in Scottsdale, Arizona, has apologized for being an ignorant asshat after yelling “I can’t breathe” before removing his mask during a speech at an anti-mask rally.

Yes, he did. I.Can’t.Breathe.

Guy Phillips, ignorant, perhaps racist, asshat, helped organize the “Unmask Us” protest after Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane ordered residents to wear face coverings in public amid rising COVID-19 rates.

Arizona is having their worst numbers since the pandemic began, but by all means, Guy, use the last words of a man murdered by a police officer as your rallying cry. A cry he is now trying to apologize for:
“I did not mean any disrespect and there was no connection. I am sorry about a comment I made today that was the same comment Mr. Floyd had made. He didn’t deserve what happened to him and I by no means was trying to make light of it by saying I cant breathe in a mask. Please accept my sincerest apology and that goes out to anyone who became offended.”
You’d have to be living under an Ignorant Asshat Rock not to know that saying ‘I can’t breathe’ would conjure up images of George Floyd, and to suggest that your wearing a mask to help protect other people from catching a virus that has killed 125,000 Americans is anywhere near the same as George Floyd’s dying declaration is typical GOP cluelessness and asshattery.

PS Last in March, Guy Phillips apologized after sharing a Facebook post that said COVID-19 stands for “Chinese Originated Viral Infectious Disease.”

Racist then, racist now.

Guy Phillips; ISBL Asshat of the Week.