Thursday, October 06, 2022


No Carlos this week because, to be honest, we’ve had a rough go of it for a hot minute.

Every so often I get what I call The Blahs—yes, it’s a mild depression, but it feels very Blah so that’s what I call it—and this week it came on and I was … Blah. Carlos does not understand The Blahs and so he, who is usually quite concerned and caring, will say things like:

“Get over it.”

And that never helps and really only seems to make The Blahs worse, so we had words … not so Blah words, and so this week I have no Funny Carlos, but I do have a Why Do I say Things about me.

A while back I posed pictures of an old building in downtown Camden that was being renovated and will become a restaurant below and apartments above. But in the renovation, where they removed some 60’s granite to reveal the hundred-plus-year-old brick façade, they also uncovered another building. Yes, part of this old bank building also had a small, about ten-foot-wide second building with a carved sign out front calling it The Brick.

So the whole town was buzzing about The Brick and what it was and why it was covered up and at work one day I wandered into just that conversation and was asked what I thought it was and I said:

“Sounds like a kill room, and I need a new one.”

And the room went silent. It appears I can also kill a conversation just about anywhere.

Can anyone explain why the GOP continues to line up behind Walker and Oz? Are they so desperate for a win that they will support anyone???

I was at the store earlier this week and a man with a service dog was in front of me. In front of him was a lady who had about $200 worth of toilet paper in her cart, no doubt preparing for Hurricane Ian’s arrival in South Carolina.

She turned and asked the guy what kind of dog he had, and he said it was a service dog. She got a little pissy:

“I know, but what type of service?”

“He’s a BLD.”

By now, she had bent down and the dog was licking her face and hands and she said:

“What’s a BLD?”

“A Butt Licking Dog.

“A Butt Licking Dog?”

“Yeah, he’s been trained to lick my butt clean because I can't seem to be able to find toilet paper because of hoarders.”

Hey, it could have happened.

Asshat tech billionaire Elon Musk kinda pissed off Ukraine’s ambassador to Germany, Andrij Melnyk, after he Tweeted what he said Ukraine 'neutral' in the war so that maybe fewer people die, and Melnyk Tweeted to Musk:

“Fuck off is my very diplomatic reply to you. The only outcome is that now no Ukrainian will EVER buy your fucking tesla crap. So good luck to you.”

Musk telling Ukraine to remain neutral when they were the ones attacked is the height of ignorance. Elon Musk may have a lot of coins, but he’s an idiot.

I saw this picture of Governor Ron DeSantis “aiding” in the cleanup effort on Florida and all I could think, or Tweet, was:

“♫♪ These boots are made for stunting♪♫”

Cuz they are.

PS Rumor has it that his wife wears the pants in the family, so it's no surprise he gets the Go-Go boots.

This is gonna get juicy … Marjorie Taylor Greene’s husband, Perry, has moved to withdraw a motion seeking to seal documents in their ongoing divorce case, meaning the matter could remain public.

Sounds like Perry Greene wants the world to know all about Large Marge and her wandering vagina and maybe some of her not-quite-legal uses of campaign funds.

And just before the midterms.

Florida GOP Senator Rick Scott actually tried to justify Thing 45’s racist Truth Social post from last week in which the Thing said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell had a “DEATH WISH” and called his former transportation secretary Elaine Chao “Coco Chow.” He flailed about after being asked to explain that and then spat out:

“As you know, the president likes to give people nicknames. You can ask him how he came up with the nickname. I’m sure he has a nickname for me.”

My money’s on Medicare Defrauding Pandering Lying Fuck.

It appears Russia’s beleaguered enlistment officers are growing exceedingly desperate to get men to stop fleeing the country and join the military, so this week they are offering an enticement:

Offering their families fresh fish.

The local chief of Putin’s ruling party, Mikhail Shuvalov, promised comrades in the far-eastern Sakhalin island 5kg of flounder, pollock and salmon in exchange for sending their men to a war believed to have already killed 50,000 Russian soldiers.

Russia takes your husband, possibly off to die, and you get fresh fish.

I love me some Anne Rice, though I wasn’t a fan of the original Interview with the Vampire  film … Tom Cruise. But this latest version on AMC starring Sam Reid as Lestat, left, and Jacob Anderson as Louis, right, has me wondering: Which One Would You Hit? Or … Which One Would You Let Suck Your … Blood?

Wednesday, October 05, 2022

Architecture Wednesday: Justicia Penthouse

I just adore a penthouse view, and this sprawling rooftop abode overlooks the central barrio of Justicia, in Madrid. The apartment sits atop an historic building but recently underwent a thorough renovation creating a home that is both old and new.

In a little more than 2,000 square feet, the home presents a strikingly open layout—living, dining and kitchen—complete with vaulted ceilings, exposed beams, painted brick walls, and white floorboards.

The bright living room is anchored by a large fireplace and sits opposite of the dining area and kitchen. Steps away, expansive steel-framed glass doors open to a large private terrace—an idyllic setting for entertaining and mesmerizing views of the historic center of Justicia.

Back inside, the long kitchen counter runs the length of a textured brick wall, leaving plenty of floor space for a large dining table.

On the opposite side of the foyer, a custom shelving unit spans the hallway leading to the private wing. There are two bedrooms and two baths on this side of the home, with the primary bedroom featuring a custom mural and wardrobe.

Historic and modern, a penthouse with a view and it can be your for just $2,727,961 USD.

Monday, October 03, 2022

Really? Really.

Sometimes things make you wonder what in the actual hell are some people thinking, and doing, and saying …

Out there in Washington, despite having disavowed White nationalism last spring when one of its adherents endorsed him, Republican Joe Kent, a US House candidate decided it would be smart to give an interview to a Nazi sympathizer and White nationalist in which he touted his support for far-right figures like Anti-Semite Marjorie Taylor Green and White Supremacist supporter Paul Gosar and praised MAGAt policies.

Okay, people in Washington's 3rd Congressional District, take him at his word: he supports Nazis, White Supremacists and Anti-Semites; is that who you want in your state Congress?

QAnon nutbag DeAnna Lorraine also spoke with a Christian nationalist—I call them Nationalist Christians because then you can call them what they really are: Nat C’s—Laura Witzke and said this:

“We understand that the deep state, they have weather manipulation technology. They have DARPA [Defense Advanced research Projects Agency]. They know how to manipulate and create big storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, climate change, etc. And these huge hurricanes always seem to target red states, red districts. And always at a convenient time, right before elections or in this case possibly because Ron DeSantis has been stepping out a line a lot and challenging, fighting the deep state.”

Yes, the Democrats and the deep state are so powerful that they can send hurricanes to Florida because they don’t like Ron DeSantis; except we all know DeSantis is fucking Florida all on his own.

In Congress twelve GOP senators, most of whom are on the Senate Judiciary Committee, asked Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray to justify the show of force that accompanied the arrest of Mark Houck.

Houck, president of The King’s Men, a Catholic ministry created to “unite and build up" men, has twice assaulted a man because he was a volunteer reproductive health care clinic escort.

Houck is said to be pro-life except when he is shoving women’s rights advocates to the ground, and the GOP doesn’t think he deserved to be arrested because it happened in front of his children.

Maybe he shouldn’t have assaulted anyone, eh?

In Colorado, the GOP candidate for governor, Heidi Ganahl, is trotting out the Furries Conspiracy again, saying students in Colorado schools are self-identifying as animals:

“Not many people know that we have furries in Colorado schools…kids identifying as cats. It sounds absolutely ridiculous, but it’s happening all over Colorado and schools are tolerating it. It’s insane.”

Except for the fact that one school district she called out, Jeffco Public Schools, released a statement:

“There is absolutely no truth to this claim. There are no litter boxes in our buildings and students are not allowed to come to school in costume. There are no furries or students identifying as such during the school day.”

But hey, if it gets you elected the GOP will try anything.

Down in Florida, GOP Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott sent a joint letter to the Senate Appropriations Committee chairs to secure funding “provide much needed assistance to Florida” in the wake of Hurricane Ian. Good, except that when the bill was voted on, Rick Scott voted 'No,' and Little Marco didn't even show up to vote.

Meanwhile, in the House the vote to offer assistance was approved by a vote of 230 to 201, with Republicans overwhelmingly opposing the measure; and every single Florida Republican House member voted against it.

The GOP in Congress doesn’t even care about their own constituents in the aftermath of a devastating hurricane.

And, then again in Florida, a second-grader was expelled from Victory Christian Academy, a Christian day school, because her parents refused to take a picture of her in a bathtub.

School officials at Victory Christian Academy told the girl’s parents that the picture was part of a homework assignment that included instructions to “send picture of you doing reading homework in bathtub,” and since they didn’t comply. the child would be subject to “an administration withdraw.”

Let that sink in, a Christian wants parents to take a photo of their child in a bathtub and send it to the school … for what? I mean, I keep reading about these pastors and ministers and reverends and priests molesting children and now this school wants bath time photos.

Who’s doing the grooming?

After news reports exposed the bathtub homework and fallout, Victory Christian removed the assignment from the school’s second grade curriculum.

Go figure.