What About Bob

Well, let's see here....what about Bob? 

I was born in Mississippi, but raised in California. So, I am a southern-born, west-coast-raised, east-coast-living homosexual.

I met my partner, Carlos, in an online chatroom--yes, it can happen--back in April, 2000. Within a couple of months I flew to Miami, where he lived, and then he flew to California, where I lived, and then i moved to Miami, where we lived.

Until 2006, when we grew tired of hurricanes and roofs blowing off, and power outages, and decided to head a little further up north. We landed in Smallville--Camden, on the map--and settled in quite nicely in a teeny-tiny town in a Bible Belt, Red State.

But we were pleasantly surprised at how welcoming the locals were to a couple of 'mos moving into town, and even more pleasantly surprised to find that there is a nice sized LGBT population in Camden.

Who knew?

More about me, you say?

Well, I am as liberal as one can get. I have an opinion on just about everything. I have a way with words and a razor-sharp tongue, which can get me into trouble, but I am also hysterically funny, so I can get myself out of trouble.

I am a spiritual person, who does not follow any religion because I believe religion is just another way to keep us apart, to make some feel less than others. What people do in the name of god [little g] can truly be frightening. Keep it simple: god, goddess, Buddha, Allah, Mohamed, Fred, whatever you call him or her or it, they are love. It's just love.

Carlos and I are parents to five furry children. Ozzo--the Pocket Dog; Tuxedo--the Most Beautiful Cat ever; MaxGoldberg--of the Boca Raton Goldbergs--Tallulah Belle--sort of a Grey Gardens kind of cat....lovable, but loony--and Miss Consuelo Roca Jones--a Latina ex-pat living in South Carolina..

Mi familia? Other than Carlos, my father lives in Oregon--my mother having passed away back in 2007. I have an older sister and a younger brother in California, which makes me the middle neglected child, which is quite apparent in the way I act. Middle. Neglected.
Carlos' family, mother, father, aunt, daughter--long story, that one--all still live in Mexico City, where Carlos was born.

So, that's me, and a little bit of Carlos, in a nutshell.

Nut, being the operative word.


  1. Anonymous11:13 AM

    Bob... heard about this?


  2. Anonymous1:21 PM

    I like your blog and what you say. Could we exchange links?



  3. Great blog! I'm following! :0)

  4. Great profile . . . enjoyed reading it!

  5. Elliott Humrich1:30 PM

    Bob, I am SO happy I discovered your blog. It is OUTRAGEOUSLY wonderful.

    I wanted to make sure you saw The Divine Ms. Cathy Hobbs's REAL exit interview after she got canned last Monday night. It is absolutely delicious!!


    Love - Elliott

  6. Hi Bob,
    No need to approve or keep this comment but I couldn't find your email address :-(

    I moved my blog and its now at www.bosguy.com. Would you mind updating my blog address on your "Brillian Bloggers" blogroll?


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  8. Excellent profile writeup! I'm glad I stumbled on your blog. We're on the same wave length. I look forward to reading your postings and knowing more about you. Honest and open, that's what I like.

  9. Love your blog, which I discovered after the Vatican vs. Nuns fiasco. From the viewpoint of a former nun (19 years) ,a satisfied ex-Catholic (for umpteen years) and a proud out Lesbian, your comments on "bitch slapped" were dead on. Someone needed to say it.Thank you for being the one. (My blog: http://sagewindywomon.blogspot.com )

  10. I think I love you ...


  11. Anonymous2:44 PM

    Bob - wanted to say thank you so much for putting my blog on your list of Brilliant Blogger (me? brilliant? really? ... thanks!)
    Been seeing some traffic from your site, so many thanks! And happy blogging!

  12. So you live in SC? So do I. My family and I live in Greenwood. Not as flat as Camden. Pretty bigoted, though.

    I like what I've read of your blog.

  13. Hi Bob, I can't find contact info for you here, but I'm Lisa with TLC Book Tours. I have a GLBT memoir coming up on tour and wondered if you'd be interested in reviewing it. Would love to send you all the info. Please email me at lisamunley@ca.rr.com if this sounds good to you. Thanks!

  14. Hello from South Africa. Love your blog. Was particularly touched by your blog entry on Gabriel Fernandez.
    Although we have Constitutional protection in South Africa as gay people, there is still far too much abuse of LGTB people.
    Ahree with your sentiments entirely.

  15. Anonymous9:13 PM


    Great track Irish band


  16. Susan1:07 AM

    Hello Bob,

    I wanted to start the year off by saying thank you for your blog! I found it a couple of years ago because of your Project Runway recaps and it has become one of my favorites to read each morning, whatever topic you’re writing on. And, you’re so prolific – there’s always something new to read! I appreciate that you’re so open with your family life and was touched to read about your wedding this year. I enjoy the PR recaps immensely – they’re my favorites out of the many out there. I’ve also learned a lot about the LGBTQ community and issues through your blog plus you’re my go-to source for the mocking of conservative politics. Finally, I enjoy your take on celebrity nonsense. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I look forward to more to come this year.

  17. @Susan
    I like having a place to rant and rave and it's all the better because some folks seem to like it.
    Thanks for reading!

  18. Well nice to meet ya, Bob! :)

  19. Janessa Dayan7:07 PM

    Hi Bob,

    I came across your blog while doing research for a client and definitely had some laughs. I, too, LOVE Laverne Cox and that story is such a tearjerker and had to share it immediately.

    While I was reading your post, I thought of a story idea that I think fits in perfectly with your blog. I work for a website called Goodshop, "a coupons for good company" based in San Francisco. In light of national LGBTQ Pride month, I am trying to spread the word about some of the LGBTQ nonprofits we partner with, including GLAAD, GLSEN, and Larkin Street Youth Services.

    40% of homeless youth in this country identify as LGBTQ, but there are some incredible organizations working to change this. GLSEN provides support to youth in schools, GLAAD shares their stories, and Larkin Street Youth Services is a shelter for LGBTQ homeless youth in the Bay Area that provides a plethora of services to them.

    Let me know if you are interested in this story I can send you some more details or a guest post.

    Looking forward to connecting!


  20. Bob, I added you to my blog roll and in the Jan 26 posting, listed your blog as a line credit. thanks for posting such topics.

  21. So what is the name of your ruler and mark of sanity -- die Katze?

  22. Anonymous8:26 PM

    What did you think of the Project Runway Reunion...Is Brick just adorable...Why he wants to shag Ms. Thing is beyond me...

  23. @AlexandriaVic
    Brik is adorable except for that shagging Dexter bit. Shag Rik, I yelled at the TV, shag Rik!

  24. Hi Bob!

    I used to have a blog called Running with Blue Sponge. I have been a fan of your blog for years and have added it to my blog roll on my new Web site, The Gay Almanac. It is about LGBT milestones and news. I hope you can take a moment to have a look:


    It is rather new, but I've been having fun starting it up. Thanks!

    The Gay Almanac

  25. @TGA/Mark
    I remember Running with the blue Sponge! I'll add TGA to my blog roll!

  26. Anonymous4:01 PM

    I, too, am a Bob aficionado mucho - I find you to be wicked smart, razor sharp and a guaranteed smile each time I read your blog.
    I have always considered myself to be a raving liberal until I read what you have to say and then I feel downright middling.
    Love you Bob - keep us informed and agitated.

  27. Hi Bob! I'm Mark from Maine. I have followed your blog forever and think it is great! I have had previous blogs (Running with Blue Sponge and the Gay Almanac), but have started a new personal blog about me and my hubby's retirement life in Maine. Currently we are on a month-long cross country trip. Please check it out at www.blogmarkblog.com. Thanks!!!

  28. @Mark
    I remember. i'll give it a look-see!

  29. Anonymous3:12 PM

    Further reading:

    The Band Formerly Known as Lady Antebellum Has Already Lost (Guest Column)-Variety Magazine.


  30. You might enjoy this.

  31. found your blog a few months ago and just wanted to say how much I look forward to clicking on the link every evening at the end of my day. I appreciate your commitment to it.

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