Friday, March 31, 2017

Muslims Are Not Terrorists ... Terrorists Are Terrorists

On March 22, 2017 52-year-old Briton Khalid Masood deliberately drove a car into pedestrians along the south side of Westminster Bridge and Bridge Street—near the British Parliament—injuring more than 50 people, three of them fatally.

After the car crashed into a perimeter fence, Masood abandoned it and ran into New Palace Yard where he fatally stabbed an unarmed police officer. He was subsequently shot and killed by another police officer.

The attack lasted barely a minute, but it once again raised the idea in people around the world—and in our own White House—of Muslim terrorists attacking decent honest, non-Muslim folks, even though police now say that while Masood had an interest in jihad, they have found no motive, no evidence of radicalization or any link with any known terrorist group.

Still, many said Muslims are terrorists ...

There was another man close by Parliament that day; he owns three restaurants in the area and as the attack and the aftermath spread, he was ordered to shutter his businesses and evacuate.

Instead, he decided to keep Troia, his cafe just yards from Westminster Bridge, open so police officers had a place to eat and keep warm.
“I went to one of the officers and said 'I can shut all the businesses, but I want you guys and all the emergency staff to use this place for food, drinks, and for warmth for free'.”
His name is Ibrahim Dogus; he’s Muslim.
“All these great people need our support. Some of them tried to give us money—one said, 'I'm a police officer, you have to take my money.' We said, 'We're not going to take any money from you.”
Dogus kept the restaurant open until 11:30PM “until the last officer was fed”. He estimates he fed between 300 and 500 emergency workers from the police, London Ambulance Service, and London Fire Brigade.
“We wanted to play our role in terms of supporting the emergency crew. This was happening right at our doorstep. If you walk two seconds on my doorstep I would be on the bridge. I use the bridge to take my kids to school, not on that day, but I live next to the area, I work next to the area.”

Think about Ibrahim Dogus the next time you, or anyone near you, says Muslims are terrorists.

And think about this, too ...

After the attack, a group of women, many of them Muslim women, gathered at the scene and linked arms as a show of solidarity with its victims.

Wearing blue as a symbol of hope, the women stood on the bridge where pedestrians were mown down by terrorist—not Muslim terrorist, just terrorist—Khalid Masood.
In an event, organized by Women's March On London, they formed a human chain by holding hands for five minutes as Big Ben chimed at 4PM.

Fariha Khan, joined by fellow Ahmadiyya Muslims, said she wanted to condemn the attack and stand up to the face of terrorism:
"The feeling of what happened here on Wednesday was really strong."
Sarah Waseem:
"When an attack happens in London, it is an attack on me. It is an attack on all of us. Islam totally condemns violence of any sort. This is abhorrent to us."
Ayesha Malik:
"As a visible Muslim I think it was important to show solidarity with the principles that we all hold dear, the principles of plurality, diversity and so on."
Again, remember, after this horrific attack, it was a Muslim man who stood up to help, and a group of Muslim women, who chose to stand in solidarity against terrorism, in the days after the attack.
Muslims are not terrorists.

Terrorists are terrorists.

I Didn't Say It ...

Kellyanne Conway, on folks who say she's an idiot and a liar:

“Anybody who pretends I’m not smart or not credible, it’s like, ‘Excuse me, I’ve spoken 1.2 million words on TV, okay?’ You wanna focus on two here and two there, it’s on you, you’re a fucking miserable person, P.S., just whoever you are.”

Seriously? This moron has counted her words? This moron can count?
And that’s a lovely thing for a Catholic and mother to say about people who find her obtuse and stupid and asinine and a liar and a goosestepper in the Hate Regime.
Fuck off, Kellyanne, your Fifteen Minutes are about up.
Eric Swalwell, Democratic congressman from California, and member of the House Intelligence Committee, calling for its chairman Republican Devin Nunes, to resign:

“This was done because the White House wanted it to be done, and this is what the cover-up to a crime looks like. We are watching it play out right now. A lot of [lawmakers] have said that we don’t need an independent commission because we’re doing the work in the House committee, on the Intelligence Committee, and so that’s always been the out for not having an independent commission, [but] I’ve heard frustration that they don’t have that out anymore. So where do we go now?”

We go to an independent committee to investigate Hair Furor for treason and then jail the whole bunch ... including Nunes who colluded with _____ to save his ass.
President _____, lying about the GOP-Don't-Care Epic Fail he suffered and who was to blame:

“I think there wasn’t a speech I made or very few where I didn’t mention that perhaps the best thing that could happen is exactly what happened today, because we’ll end up with a truly great health care bill in the future after this mess known as Obamacare explodes. Obamacare was rammed down everyone’s throat, one hundred percent down their throat. [And] I never said ‘repeal and replace Obamacare’. I never said ‘repeal’ and ‘replace it’ within 64 days.”

Actually, you lying piece of sh*t, there wasn’t a speech you gave where you didn’t say Job One was to repeal and replace ACA and you couldn’t even get that done.
You lie, and you fail, and I’m sorry, but you’ll be up for elimination, er, impeachment.
Stephen Colbert, on _____'s son-in-law, Jared's Kushner's new "job" in Washington:

“Kushner’s job will be to lead a team to ‘fix government with business ideas.’ And you know he’s got great business ideas, like being born into a wealthy real estate family, or marrying into a wealthy real estate family. Why hasn’t the government tried that?”

Snap. Jared will probably join his daddy-in-law in the clink and poor little Complicit will be without her two great loves.
Devin Nunes, Republican House Intel Committee Chairman, trying to spin a _____-sized lie about the Russia scandal:

“We’re beginning to figure out who’s actually serious about the investigation because it appears like the Democrats aren’t really serious about this investigation.”

Bitch; please. 
President _____, at a women’s empowerment event:

“My cabinet is full of really incredible women leaders .... Since the very beginning, women have driven, and I mean, each generation of Americans, towards a more free and more prosperous future. These patriots are women like the legendary Abigail Adams, right? Who, during the founding, urged her husband to remember the rights of women. She was very much a pioneer in that way. We’ve been blessed with courageous heroes like Harriet Tubman who escaped slavery. And went on to deliver hundreds of others to freedom, first in the underground railroad and then as a spy for the union army. She was very, very courageous, believe me. Around we’ve had leaders like Susan B. Anthony. Have you heard of Susan B. Anthony? I’m shocked that you’ve heard of her — who dreamed of a much more fair and equal future and an America where women themselves as she said helped to make laws and elect the lawmakers, and that’s what’s happening more and more.”

To be clear, the PussyGroper's cabinet is more white and more male than any cabinet since Ronald Reagan.
And I find it funny that _____ thinks if he hasn’t heard of some famous person—Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass, fer chrissakes—he thinks no one else.
Seriously, Hair Furor is one of the dumbest presidents ever.
Jack Falahee, How To get Away With Murder actor, on how playing openly gay Connor Walsh, who has an HIV-positive boyfriend, has opened his eyes to the LGBTQ struggle:

“I’m still not over how the much of an impact the show has made and a lot of that is Connor’s character and his importance to fans. It’s emblematic of my straight privilege, but I never thought his character would be so important to the LGBTQ community.  ... Going into this, it was never written on the page that ‘Connor Walsh is a homosexual,’ so when it came to the first love scene I just thought, ‘Wow, this guy is willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead’ and now I know that was the heteronormativity in my mind back then that was rationalizing this whole aspect of his character. It wasn’t until [series creator] Pete Nowalk was like “Oh no, Connor is gay” that I’ve been really trying to become a student of the history of LGBTQ rights and learning more about the struggle of those in the past and in the present day.  I asked my friends for a reading list on LGBTQ history because one of my favorite aspects about being an actor is that I’m continually having to learn about things I’ve been very uneducated on in the past.”

Okay, first things first, I find Jack Falahee smolderingly hot.
Secondly, I love how a straight actor, when taking on a gay role, uses that as a way to learn about the struggles of an entire community so he can bring that to the role.
Thirdly, I love how he explains his ‘heteronormativity’ and how it colored his mind into thinking Conner was straight.
Lastly, yeah he’s kinda sultry hot.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Random Musings

Donald _____’s son-in-law, the one with zero government experience, is set to lead a new White House department—so much for smaller government, eh?—called the White House Office of American Innovation.

Sounds phony to me, but Jared will be daddy-in-law’s little helper in a new office staffed by former business executives—_____-speak for “rich white men”—to “infuse fresh thinking into Washington, float above the daily political grind and create a lasting legacy for a president still searching for signature achievements.”

Achievements like healthcare? Um, no; a Muslim ban? Um, still a No; a wall paid for by Mexico? Another No.

Good luck looking for _____ achievements.
I’m a show queen and proud of it. One of my favorite shows was Miss Saigon, which is back on Broadway and features one of my favorite songs, and so here it is:

Harris Jackson, the Baltimore man who stabbed bottle-collector Timothy Caughman to death on a New York street has been charged with terrorism. Good; see Jackson came to the city with the intent to kill Black people, so let’s put him away for, um, oh, I don’t know, forever?

That said, one disgusting aspect of this story was the fact that many papers reported on the criminal history of the dead man, Timothy Caughman.

See how that works in America? A black man is stabbed to death on a public street by a racist white terrorist—and remember, that’s homegrown and white—and his past is dredged up. It shouldn’t matter what his history might have been; he was murdered in public, for being black.

That’s, and the fact that the media aired the dead man’s laundry, is a crime.
So, there’s a show called The Magicians, which is kinda fun, and kinda different, and features some hotties ... like, clockwise from upper left, Arlen Escarpeta, who plays Prince Ess ... Princess? ... and Hale Appleman, who plays Elliot Waugh, and Leonard Roberts, who is Prince Ess’s father, King Idri. In a sly move, Elliott and King Idri were set to duel, as leaders of rival kingdoms, but found a better way to solve their issues: the two men would marry and untie their lands; ain’t love grand.

Lastly, while I don’t watch Dancing With The Stars[?] I was passing through the TV dial and saw one Bonner Bolton, rodeo star, dancing, and, well, let’s just say that he has the ass for dancing.

That’s all.
I also enjoy Patrick Stewart’s Starz show Blunt Talk. And on a few occasions, Stewart’s character has dressed as a woman, and recently the internet became aware of a striking resemblance between Drag Stewart and a certain Minister of Propaganda.

I actually think Stewart looks hotter. And now some fans are asking SNL to have Stewart on the play Kellyanne Conway.

Could be high-larious!
President _____’s approval rating slipped even lower this week in the Gallup daily tracking poll; now barely a third of the country thinks he not a giant douchebag, while the majority knows he’s a dick out of water.

Fish? No, dick is right.
This past Monday my Dad’s dog Foxy died ... just a week after the tumor was discovered. She did go peacefully, and spent the last week sunning herself on the deck and watching life in Toledo, Oregon.
Looks like North Carolina has just found out that Hate is expensive! Their Bathroom Bill is set to cost the state some $3.76 billion—with a b—in lost revenue.

I think the state should sue the GOP and all the haters to recoup their lost coins.
Now, back in the day, during the OJ trial—I lived in California then and it was the story—I watched the trial and developed a small crush on Christopher Darden.

Then, last year, The People v OJ Simpson aired and I developed a crush on Sterling K. Brown, who played Christopher Darden. Later in the year Brown was cast on This Is Us, which is such a lovely show, funny, heartbreaking, life, and my crush built.

Then that happened ... Brown gave fans a sneak peek at his six-pack, saying:
“So, I’ve been working on @the_predator_movie with the wonderful @_trevante_  [Trevante Rhodes], & try as I might to believe otherwise…that brother reminds me everyday that I’m 40 years old!  Even still…thanks for the inspiration young man. It is greatly appreciated!.”
And I thought, “Damn!”
Oh, FoxNews ....

At the end of 2016, Bill O’Reilly had hosted the number one rated cable “news” show for 16 consecutive years, and loved to brag about it.

As the kids say, Not no more.

Reilly has succumbed to the _____ slump ... Last week the number one show in cable news belonged to Rachel Maddow on MSNBC, and Bill O’Reilly wasn’t even number one in his time period ... that was Chris Hayes on MSNBC.

Poor Bill, couldn’t have happened to a bigger blowhard.
Residents of a Washington neighborhood say the _____ clan doesn't make for very good neighbors, hogging parking on an already crowded street and leaving trash bags rotting on the curb, and their yuuuuuge security presence, with even a trip to the playground requiring three vans.

Not Donald, though; this time it’s “Complicit” _____ and her husband, also called “Complicit”, and their three children who have caused the sidewalks to be closed, public parking to disappear, and the fact that the _____-Kushner house can’t seem to remember when trash day is, and leave their garbage on the streets all week.

But hey, their daddy is president, for now, so what do they care?

Maybe after the impeachment, when they crawl back to NYC like the cockroaches they are, they feel the pain.

Oh, and get this: the home is owned by a company with ties to a Chilean billionaire and they had no right, and no license to rent the home to “Complicit” until just this week when they finally filed their paperwork.

You know, because rules are different for rich folk.

But neighbors complained to the city, and this week District transportation crews were outside the house removing "No Parking" signs because no permits had been issued to use the signs.

Again, 1% problems, eh?

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Architecture Wednesday: Modern Mountain Home

I know next to nothing about this one, other than it's in Park City, Utah, and it's quite expansive and clean and bright ... with toms of bedrooms, bunk rooms, game rooms, offices, dens, great rooms and bathrooms for days on end.

Oh, and I know that i like it ... a lot.


Georgia's Anti-_____ Congressional Candidate

Jon Ossoff. You may not have heard of him before, but he may be the first real win in the Resistance.

Ossoff is a 30-year-old Democrat who is running for Congress as the "anti-_____" candidate in a special election for Georgia's 6th district. Ossoff wants to take the seat of former House representative Tom Price, who left to become _____’s new Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Now, the 6th district is a traditionally red district but just might become a test as to whether the Democrats can capitalize on anti-_____ sentiment."

In fact, and this I love, Ossoff's campaign pitch is:
Make Trump Furious. 
And Joel Ossoff is running on protecting Medicaid and Medicare; he is fighting for Planned Parenthood; he is pushing a healthcare policy that sounds similar to the Affordable Care Act. And he may well have a good shot because, as I said, while the 6th district is red, _____ only won it by a margin of one percent over Hillary Clinton.

From Attn:, here are four things you might also want to know about Jon Ossoff:
1. He’s Fought Global Corruption and Sex Trafficking
Ossoff is the CEO of Insight TWI, which produces award-winning documentaries that shine a light on underreported issues in Africa and South America, including one project about women once-captured by ISIS returning to the battlefield to take them on.
Ossoff’s “team has taken down human traffickers, exposed dozens of corrupt officials around the world, and uncovered atrocities committed by ISIS in Iraq.”
2. He’s Been Compared to Han Solo, Sort Of
As a part of a $1.1 million media attack by a GOP super PAC, an ad was released that will run until the April 18 special election depicting Ossoff as an inexperienced, college kid that likes to dress up as Han Solo and have keg parties. The ad tried to undermine Ossoff’s years of experience as a senior national security staffer in Congress.
Surely the GOP must be a’scurred if they’re spending that kind of money on this one election.
3. Ossoff Has the Support of Civil Rights Icon John Lewis
Ossoff interned with Civil Rights Icon, and Democrat John Lewis, who represents Georgia’s 5th district, and he has earned the congressman’s endorsement:
“Jon is committed to progress and justice and he knows how to fight the good fight. We should unite behind Jon and send a clear message that Donald _____ doesn’t represent our values.”
4. Ossoff is currently winning in a race of 18 candidatesOssoff has polled as the front runner in the race as recently as this week, ahead of runner-up Republican Karen Handel who served as Georgia’s Secretary of State from 2007 to 2010, and the ten other Republicans running for the seat, four other Democrats, and two Independents.
Ossoff’s donation pitch to his supporters, “Make Trump Furious," seems to be helping him get millions of dollars in support.

And wouldn’t that be a great reason, all by itself, to vote for Jon Ossoff?

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

OklaStupid KenFucky Governor Bevins Legalizes Hate

Last week I posted about the Oklahoma congressman caught having sex with a boy and how, under the law, he is entitled to keep his congressional pension; I remarked then, that Oklahoma should be renamed Oklastupid.

This news only confirms that ...

Early this month state lawmakers passed a bill to protect religious freedom in schools., Now, the religious freedom of anyone was never in danger, but this bill will make it easier, and legal, for kids in school to discriminate, bully, harass, taunt, and torture LGBTQ youth because, well, you know the drill, the Baby Jeebus made them do it.

Senate Bill 17 passed the state House of Representatives by a vote of 81-8 and would prohibit school officials from punishing students for wearing religious messages on their clothes and expressing religious or political beliefs in homework, artwork and speeches.

Human Rights Campaign Legal Director Sarah Warbelow said the bill would allow student groups to discriminate against LGBT students “under the guise of religion.” Republican ... because, of course ... state Rep. John Blanton said the bill just guarantees students First Amendment rights ... to hate.

And so, this being Oklastupid KenFucky, last week Governor Matt Bevin gleefully signed Senate Bill 17 into law.

You know, again, because nothing days religious freedom, nothing says I’m a Good Christian, nothing says Jesus, nothing says, God, like being able to tell the gay kid that he’s gonna burn in Hell.

Nothing says God is love like legalizing discrimination.

At least in Oklastupid KenFucky.