Monday, October 31, 2022

Vote. Vote Blue. Here's Another Slew Of Reasons Why

Happy Halloween! And I'm here to offer the biggest frights of them all: the Midterms. We are just a week away from the election, and I will remind you again of what horrors the GOP will do if we allow them to take power …

Rick Scott, Florida Senator, and Medicare fraudster, claims … wait for it … that Democrats “cut Medicare” by allowing the agency to negotiate for lower drug prices, while Scott proposes allowing Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid to sunset every five years, requiring Congress to reauthorize them; or not if the GOP is in power.

That’s right; if the GOP gets in power again Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid will disappear.


Henry McMaster McDisasterSouth Carolina Republican Governor, is running for a second term and wants to end same-sex marriage in the state if SCOTUS chooses to overturn its 2015 ruling that found a constitutional right for same-sex couples to marry:

“Well, gay marriage is, is, it is in our Constitution, it is not allowed under state law. It is not allowed. I would follow state law whatever the state law is, but I’m, maybe I’m old fashioned, but I think in marriage ought to be between a man and a woman. Just like I think that boys ought to play in boys’ sports and girls ought to play in girls’ sports.”

McDisaster wants to end equality for LGBTQ+ citizens, and it won’t end with marriage; he, and his GOP masters, will overturn every single equality law in this state.


Doug  Mastriano, a Pennsylvania GOP state senator running for governor, has centered his campaign to an extraordinary degree on Jhis Democratic opponent, Attorney General Josh Shapiro's Jewish faith.

Mastriano, who promotes Christian power and disdains the separation of church and state, has repeatedly attacked Shapiro for attending and sending his children to what Mastriano calls a “privileged, exclusive, elite” school. It is a Jewish day school, where students are given both secular and religious instruction, but Mastriano’s language portrays it as an elitist … read: woke, liberal … school. And now Mastriano’s wife, Eva Braun, er, Rebecca, says:

“I’m just going to say, as a family, we so much love Israel. In fact, I’m going to say we probably love Israel more than a lot of Jews do … And the reason why I say that is because I’ve given and we’ve given for, I would say, at least ten years to outreach to Israel and Jerusalem. We have, I have visited Israel, we saved for five years. We’re just an average family. We’re not wealthy, wealthy people.”

Am I the only one who thinks that sounds anti-Semitic? She loves Israel more than Jews?


Don BolducGOP New Hampshire Senate nominee, has once again trotted out the ludicrous lie that kids are dressing as furries in schools:

"We have furries and fuzzies in classrooms. They lick themselves … When they don’t like something, they hiss … And get this, get this. They’re putting litter boxes, right? … [They] let children lick themselves and then touch everything. And they’re starting to lick each other.”

Every school district in New Hampshire has denounced this lie, and there is not one single photo of a furry, photo of a furry using a litter box in a school bathroom, or even photos on litter boxes at all; this is fearmongering at its most ignorant.


Ron DeSantisFlorida Governor, and Fascist, and his administration have steered millions of dollars in state business to two outside law firms with ties to him, including his old employer, according to records reviewed by The Daily Beast.

Republican election law powerhouse Holtzman Vogel PLLC has received more than $4 million in contracts over the last year, mostly tied to voting rights cases, and yet in years before DeSantis took office there were no contracts listed in the Florida Accountability Contract Tracking System for Holtzman Vogel.

Holland & Knight had only $2,750 in contracts with the state of Florida, but in 2018, the firm developed “a new revenue stream” to defend “state agencies and DeSantis in lawsuits, sometimes involving controversial legislation” and have been given nearly $3 million between 2018 and 2020.


Ron Johnsontinfoil hat wearing QAnon lapdog and Wisconsin Senator, recommends early voting only if you have a Republican county clerk running the elections, casting doubt on Milwaukee County’s Democratic clerk.

Johnson failed to mention his involvement with the plot to deliver a fake list of electors to then-Vice President Mike Pence on January 6, 2021.


Tudor DixonMichigan gubernatorial nominee, says Democrats have been plotting to overthrow this country for decades because they lost the Civil War and they want they slaves back.

“Do you think that the Democrats are over losing to the north? Democrat leaders, meanwhile, they sat back in their designer suits, eating their fillet with their nice béarnaise sauce while they watched the country rip itself apart because they were getting it all back, the slaves again. This time they’d be people of all colors—poor and broken—looking to them and begging for help. And they will gladly own you. Next they’ll take your guns, your speech and your God.”

Amazing that this is her platform and no one in the GOP has spoken out against it. But what do you expect from a party that pouts up a Baby Killer in Georgia.


Ronna McDanielGOP National Committee Chairwoman, mocked the speaking abilities of Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, the Pennsylvania Democratic Senate candidate who is recovering from a stroke, and President Biden, who grew up with a stutter.

“I think all the candidates got together and said, ‘Which one of us has to campaign with Biden?’ [Fetterman] drew the short straw. So Biden said, ‘Between the two of us, we may be able to finish a full sentence.’”

That’s the GOP, making fun of people’s speech issues. Imagine her saying that to a child who stutters, or an older American who suffered a stroke.


Paul Gosar,  the right-wing white supremacist and Arizona GOP Representative, who is loathed by his own siblings for his reprehensible actions, is seen on video expressing his approval for two people pretending to be migrant hunters who told him they shoot migrants who cross over to their family farm in Yuma:

“Say a prayer because this country needs you. There’s a bunch of people that are ready to go into action.”

Gosar approves of murdering immigrants.


Wake up, people, and tell all your friends, and your co-workers and neighbors who have yet to vote that the GOP will end choice for women, end contraception for women’ they will end Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security for all of us; end same sex marriage; end LGBTQ+ equality; they will put in office people who believe in furries, who believe Democrats want to go back to slavery, who are anti-Semitic, who believe in murdering migrants; who laugh at disability and health conditions; who get into office and then begin awarding huge sums of money to former employers; who think only the GOP should handle elections.

If you don’t vote, that’s what America will look like and you’ll have no one to blame but yourself. We blew it in 2016 when we thought Hillary might win and so we stayed home cuz we didn’t much care for her and look what happened. But in 2020 we came out strong and send Thing 45 scurrying to Mar-a-Lago and took the House and Senate. We need to keep that momentum going, we need to make sure America doesn’t become a cesspool of fascists and dictators and racists in power,


Saturday, October 29, 2022

Snarky Thoughts

We all know Matthew Perry was a raging drug and alcohol addict while on Friends but we know more now because he’s written a book to tell us … like how he wished death upon Keanu Reeves. Perry was online bitch-slapped for the part in his memoir where he wonders why actors like River Phoenix and Heath Ledger die too soon, but “Keanu Reeves still walks among us” and offered up some BS apology saying he just grabbed a name out of the sky and it turned out to be Keanu Reeves.

My Thought: Sorry, Matthew but why not say “And yet I still walk among you.” I mean after decades of rampant drug use and, in your own words, nearly $9,000,000 spent on rehab stays, you are lucky to still be walking, so, yeah, to paraphrase the immortal Chris Crocker, “Leave Keanu alone!”


A year ago, all anyone could talk about was Adele’s long awaited fourth album, 30, and its first single. ‘Easy On Me.’ But then the second single was supposed to be ‘I Drink Wine’ … AKA My Personal Theme Song … and we got ‘Oh My God’ instead. Well, now ‘I Drink Wine’ was released Adele gave an interview where she said Taylor Swift is one of the greatest songwriters of our generation.

My Thought: Perhaps Adele should rename the song, ‘I Drank Too Much Wine And Spewed Some Shiz.’


Dame Judi Dench recently wrote an op-ed for The Sunday Times taking Netflix to task for ALLEGEDLY playing fast and loose with the facts on The Crown. And apparently she has that much power because Netflix has added a disclaimer to season five indicating that anything you might hear … like former Prince, now King, Charles, while still married to Diana,  telling his mistress Camilla that he wanted to be reincarnated as a tampon so he could live inside her … is a “fictional dramatization” of events that may or may not be true … even if you heard the words committed to tape for all the world to hear.

My Thought: Netflix backed down, but shaded Dame Judi by revealing that she was in talks to play The Queen Mother during the fifth Tampon Season but turned it down because she wasn’t getting as many coins as Imelda Staunton, who plays The Queen. The Queen Mother role then went to Marcia Warren, who had no issue with the paycheck.


Big surprise … Gisele Bündchen  and Tom Brady’s marriage is over and has been for several weeks now as their lawyers have already hammered out a settlement and reached an agreement on property and custody of their two children. Gisele filed documents in Florida today and Tom sat on his hands and Boom! they’re done.

My Thought: How many minutes until Tom gets a twenty-something model on his arm because you know he’s all about the trophy!


If you had Armie Hammer’s new career as “timeshare salesman” on your Hollywood Career Change Bingo Card, you are a winner. Yes, after Armie’s career died amid the accusation of being a cannibalistic sexaholic and the horrid box office of Death on the Nile, Hammer worked as a timeshare salesman in the Cayman Islands. Perhaps he needed the coins because, like Tori Spelling—wow, not even six degrees separate Tori and Armie—American Express says he’s been dodging a $67,000 credit card balance, and they’re taking him to court over it.

My Thought: Cannibalism doesn’t pay enough to pay the AMEX.


Friday, October 28, 2022

I Didn't Say It ... With Pete Bookends

Pete Buttigieg, Secretary of Transportation, calling out Republicans for never proposing solutions to the problems they complain about:

“Many congressional Republicans take stances that seem to be more about the problem than about the solution. Even the things that they talk about the most often; immigration, inflation, I mean of all the things that congressional Republicans have proposed, policy wise, can anybody name the top five things that they’ve suggested to fight inflation? Can anyone name three? How about one? They voted No on the inflation reduction act that was about lowering prices for Americans, and I would have loved nothing more than to have a debate between the Democratic Inflation Reduction Act and the Republican Inflation Reduction Act on [floor of the House] and Senate and argued over which one was better, but there was only one and it was ours, and luckily it passed.”

First, Pete is the Poster Hottie for common sense talk, and we need more of this.

Second, I love me some Twitter and every day I see Republicans whining about the border and inflation and the ALLEGED climate change hoax and yet they offer not one solution.

They do, however, rally to keep drag queens out of libraries, people from saying ‘Gay,’ and teachers from teaching children actual US history.


Lindsey Graham, South Carolina’s GOP Senator and current reigning Miss Hissy Fit 2022, says the GOP cannot be racist because it nominated Herschel Walker for Senate:

"They're beating all our guys up. But what is it about this guy? He changes the entire narrative of the left. We're a party of racists, Sean. Me and you are racist. The Republican Party is racist. Well what happens when the Republican Party elects and nominates Herschel Walker, an African-American, Black, Heisman Trophy winner, right, Olympian. It destroys the whole narrative. [Michigan Republican House candidate] John James. [South Carolina Junior Senator] Tim Scott. Herschel Walker. Everybody in San Francisco is gonna jump off a bridge [if Walker is elected].”

My first thought is that Miss Lindsey could only come up with four People of Color in his two, two of whom aren’t holding public office right now, and how that smacks of that old, ‘I can’t be a racist, I have Black friends.’

Ma’am, all due respect, your party has a race problem.


Liz Cheney, responding to Mitch McTurtle after he criticized her for speaking out against Thing 45:

“Obviously, the idea that we could simply ignore [Thing 45] and the threat would go away is clearly wrong, and I think that, you know, Leader McConnell and Leader McCarthy obviously have taken slightly different approaches to [Thing 45]. Leader McCarthy is embracing him. Leader McConnell has thought we can ignore him and go forward as a party without him continuing to have power and authority. That’s clearly not the case, and my view from the beginning has been, you know, we have to, as a party, reject insurrection; we have to reject what he stands for. I don’t think this is an issue about which you can make a political calculation. I think it matters too much.”

I need Liz to take McTurtle to the shed for a whipping.


Ralph Norman, South Carolina GOP Representative, on who is running the country … because Joe Biden isn’t … and what he’ll do about it:

“We’ll subpoena as many people as we can. We gonna hopefully have consequences starting with Mayorkas, Wray with the FBI. I mean, a whole host of things. The whole administration is a rogue administration and I guess we all know Joe Biden is not running this country. There is a cabal of unelected elitists who are running this country. Probably Barack Obama is involved. Probably Eric Holder and—but who knows? We know it’s not Biden.”

Odd that

Norman mentions just two people who are part of some cabal running this country and both are People of Color, which goes against what Miss Hissy Fit just spewed. 

Ralph Norman also “joked” that Ruth Bader Ginsburg was so old, she was “groped by Abraham Lincoln;" he produced a loaded handgun and set it on the table during a meeting with gun control activists Moms Demand Action; he voted against certifying the 2020 election, against gold medals for Capitol Police officers, and against the creation of the Juneteenth holiday.

Best of all, Crazy Ralph was among the GOP representatives who sued Pelosi over the House face mask mandate; the very next day he became sick with … something.


Michael Elizabeth Pence, joining Ted ‘Rafael’ Cruz as being the last Republican to ever be considered presidential material:

“The radical left believes that the freedom of religion is the freedom from religion. But it’s nothing the American founders ever thought of—or generations of Americans fought to defend. You know, I said today here in Houston that the source of our nation’s greatness has always been our faith in God, our freedom, and our vast natural resources. And the good news is, that after four years of the Trump-Pence administration, I’m confident that we have a pro-religious freedom majority on the Supreme Court of the United States. And I’m confident that come Election Day, November the 8th, you’re gonna see that freedom majority around the country turn out and vote pro-freedom majorities in the House, and in the Senate, and in statehouses around the country.”

Oh Mike, you delusional fuck. We are a land of many faiths and no faiths and that’s what we were built upon and, yes, it is what our men and women in the military has fought for.

The sad thing is that your God, the white blue-eyed icon in the sky, is looking down at you and hearing what you say and She is not amused.

Even that fly on your head knows you’re wrong.


Pete Buttigieg, again … sue me, thinks it’s a positive thing that GOP opponents to the infrastructure bill, are first in line when the funding comes to the communities they serve:

“It is striking that people went to the floor of the House or Senate and said, ‘No, this infrastructure funding should not happen’ and then they can’t wait to be there when that funding is coming to their district. But there’s nothing better than seeing a skeptic become a convert. I call it the sincerest form of flattery if someone was against your policy and then when it’s actually benefitting people who live in their communities they can’t hug you close enough. And I’ll say this, I mean politics aside, the people who live in those communities shouldn’t be punished because their senator or their house member said no to this funding. We’re gonna serve everybody equally. I’d like to think that’s how we think about things.”

This again goes back to the GOP whining, and then holding out their hands for the cash and trying to take credit for things like infrastructure.

They lie, nearly every time their lips move.


Thursday, October 27, 2022


Carlos has been given ESL classes over Zoom for a while now, and every so often, between his students and him, he has issues getting on the Zoom call. He was telling me the other day that he thought he had finally mastered it, but then his student was having issues:

“I said, ‘Can you see me?’ … ‘Can you hear me?’”

And then he saw the look in my eyes and even he knew what was coming next … I went full Yentl on his ass:

“Papa can you hear me? Papa can you me? Papa can you help me not be frightened.”

“Don’t do that.”

“Looking at the sky I seem to see a million eyes which ones are yours? …”


He still does not get it that you cannot stop a Showtune Queen.

Adidas cut ties; Anna Wintour, too; his ex-wife has denounced him; his divorce lawyers have quit over it; Gap, CAA and Balenciaga have severed ties with him. But Republicans stay silent.

Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman, two right-wingnut conspiracy theorists who placed thousands of robocalls lying to minority and Democratic voters in Cleveland in the months before the November 2020 election pleaded guilty to a felony charge and face up to one year in prison.

They still face similar felony charges in Michigan and, in a separate action, the FCC has recommended a $5.1 million fine for the robocalls.

Sorry not sorry.

After we took Tuxedo to the vet last week, we learned he basically had the same cold-flu thing Consuelo had, and the doctor prescribed anti-biotics. She also wanted a urine sample and couldn’t get one in the office, so we were sent home with a plastic tray, a small bag of sand, and a dropper and vial to collect the urine. Tuxedo was going to spend the night in the guest bathroom—to keep Consuelo from contaminating his sample with hers—and he seemed fine with it, but at around two o’clock in the morning I woke up to find Tuxedo on the bed with us; I roused Carlos and asked if he’d let Tuxedo out and he said, ‘No.’ In the morning we could see that Tuxedo was able to push open two doors to get out of the bathroom.

Luckily, he did leave a sample for us.

Leslie Jordan, the beloved actor and comedian, probably best known for playing Beverly Leslie on Will & Grace died this week. It is suspected he suffered some sort of medical emergency and crashed his BMW into the side of a building.

Thank you for the laughs, on W&G, and every other show you appeared on, and the riotous video posts you created during the pandemic. Thank you for giving me one of my go-to lines:

“Well well well if it isn’t [insert name here]. I thought I smelled Gin and regret.”


It’s been twenty-two days since Hurricane Ian hit Florida and forged a path of destruction across the state, and the amount of federal recovery aid distributed to the state just sailed past the $1 billion mark.

Funny, since the governor of Florida called such monies a form of socialism until his state needed them.

Tuxedo was also given anti-biotics at the vet and trying to give them orally is a feat in and of itself.

It requires Carlos to ready the dropper full of medication, a towel to wrap around Tuxedo, and his Nice Daddy—that’d be me—to hold him in the towel and lie him down on the counter on his side so Carlos can force open his mouth and give him the meds.

It’s a battle, I tell you, because Tuxedo, even at 19, is till agile and strong and wily and cunning, but we have been managing to do it, twice a day, and as soon as he’s taken the meds he slithers from the towel and crawls up on my shoulder and hugs me.

Masculine icon and tough guy Ted ‘Rafael’ Cruz hid in a supply closet during the January 6, 2021 riots on the U.S. Capitol that he helped spur on by catering to Thing 45 and The Big Lie.

After the 2020 election, Cruz repeated the numerous unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud, supported a lawsuit to void absentee ballots and approved of an attempt to stop four states—Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin—from using the election’s results to appoint electors. These two efforts failed.

And during the riot he ran and hid while the people he egged on attacked the building and this country.

Fucking traitorous hypocrite bitch.

Ozzo also saw the vet last week, just to see how he’s faring; the eyesight is bad, the hearing is awful, and there’s arthritis in the hind legs. So the doctor prescribed CBD gel caps for his arthritis pain and Carlos seemed fine with that until I told him that CBD is from :::gasp::: cannabis—though you can’t get high from it—and good for pain.

I think Carlos instantly pictured Ozzo lighting up a joint in the back yard behind the shed.

Upside, there has been a noticeable improvement in his mobility, and the doctor called with his test results and said he is the healthiest, semi-blind, semi-deaf, arthritic nineteen-year-old dog she’s ever seen.

This is Fabien Sassier, a big old French piece of beefcake who, from what I saw while checking him out, has a big old piece of beefcake that he doesn’t mind showing off, but that is not the question: Would You Hit It?

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Architecture Wednesday: Spanish Modern In LA

This Spanish Revival home, built in 1921—yes, she’s 101 years old—sits atop a rolling lawn, with bell-shaped entry stairs  and a charming portico entry.

But even while she’s a grand old lady, the home had a more updated, open-and-airy layout, with high barrel ceilings, wide arched doorways and tall original casement windows that look to the south, capturing breezes and city views. It has formal living room and dining room—where beautiful original French doors open to a broad tiled courtyard terrace and the backyard and guest house.

The fully renovated 2994 square foot property includes a three-bedrooms, each with its own private bathroom, a half-bath for guests, and a permitted one-bed, one-bath guesthouse completed in 2019. The kitchen has custom cabinetry, soapstone counters, cork flooring, and an open breakfast area with original built-ins. A walk-down basement (with driveway access) holds a gym, office, and ample storage.

The guesthouse has steel windows and doors, wide oak flooring, and custom designed built-ins—including a king-size Murphy bed—allowing for flexibility in use. The gardens are professionally designed and the two-car garage has an EV charging station round out the property. The only thing I’d add, though there really isn’t room, is a pool, but it’s a gorgeous property near Los Feliz Village restaurants, specialty grocers, and historic Griffith Park.

PS She’s not just a grand dame, she’s also costarred in a movie, being featured in Mulholland Drive.

As always, click to emBIGGERate …