Thursday, December 02, 2021


We have a routine at Casa Bob y Carlos where we take turns cooking dinner, though I usually take the extra day since I love to cook. And it’s become a habit that Carlos will practice his trumpet while I cook, and when dinner is ready I will yell down the hallway:

“Dinner is about to be served.”

One particular day I had to violently shriek calmly yell those words several times down the hallway and Carlos responded with this:

The man does make me laugh.

Tuxedo loves to raid my Twitter feed for some of these gems, and he outdid himself this week.

Johann Biacsics, an Austrian rabid anti-vaxxer, has died from COVID-19. He was hospitalized in early November and despite his breathing difficulties and critical condition, he refused conventional treatment. Before being hospitalized, Biacsics treated himself at home with chlorine dioxide. 

Sorry, not sorry.

Someone posted this to Twitter. It’s Mt. Rushmore before, as the Tweeter said, it was "defaced" with faces.

Oh look, another school shooting where young people are murdered. Moving on because that’s what we do in the United States of Guns.

For several weeks Good Morning America was doing stories about climate change, even sending one of their reporters to Antarctica to cover the story.

But, GMA, hon, please explain why the very next week you used a private plane—let’s not discuss private planes’ impacts on climate change and their carbon footprint—to fly the f%king Dancing with the Stars finalists to New York?

I guess destroying the environment is okay when you’re making coins for Disney.

Once again QAnon loons gathered in Dealey Plaza in Dallas—where President Kennedy was murdered in 1963—because they know that JFK coming back to reinstate Thing 45 as president.

I wonder why no one with a giant butterfly net doesn’t swoop through the plaza, gather up the nuts, and take them to an asylum somewhere. Just a thought.

More Carlos and Tuxedo? Okay …

The other day Carlos was dictating a letter to Microsoft Word when Tuxedo wanted to go outside; and when Tuxedo wants to go outside he is demanding and loud. I heard Carlos telling Tuxedo to be quiet and then Carlos shouted at me to come get ‘my’ cat.

I asked what the trouble was and Carlos showed me the document he was working on. Every couple of sentences, in all caps, was the word:


That was Tuxedo’s meow. Who knew he could speak English? Now I’m trying to get him to meow:

“Dinner is about to be served.”

We’ll see …

The tree is up again and she looks awful pretty, as does the mantle and the dining room table. Now, let’s get this holiday started!

Speaking of Christmas …our annual Holiday Party at work is coming up soon and I am debating between two outfits … demure and splashy.

You pick.

In this week’s edition of Would You Hit It we have Jonathan Cannaux, a French actor and model, currently living in New Yok City.

So … Would You Hit It?


  1. And after the post came a pic of Ted the Crud riding a hot dog - a pic I'd rather forget!

  2. I love Carlos and El Gato Guapo sooooo much! A double dose, yay!
    I don't know which outfit is supposed to be the demure one, but I fancy the black and white number.
    This is probably just me, as usual, but I have a problem with the "would you hit that" vernacular (not sure if I'm using that word right, but I like it). It just seems so violent. It makes me cringe. Hit that meant something entirely different when I was growing up and it lingers still. Just my issues. No worries. I have no problem with objectifying this guy, though :)

  3. Do Tuxedo and your other cats leave all those beautiful Christmas decorations alone?

    I can't decide between demure and splashy -- both are SO FAB!

  4. (Carlos) (Tuxedo)
    Christmas decor very pretty!
    So far we (actually DH) have
    up outdoor lights...
    xoxo :-)

  5. @Deedles
    Carlos and Tuxedo are my two favorite men!
    The demure is the green number, but I likesome splash.
    Howsabout Would You Do Him...or Let Him Do You?

    Surprisingly, Tuxedo and Consuelo and MaxGoldberg do leave the decorations alone, though they love sleeping under the tree because it's their version of "outside."

    I do like some decorations!

  6. The first Carlos story made me LOL. Nicely done, Carlos.
    I like the green outfit.

  7. Someone tell Johann Biacsics, to not let the door hit his ass on the way out. Too bad, not sad.

    Jonathan Cannaux. You had me at French darling. With just the trench I would hit him over and over and over....

    That black and white number I'd wear to a holiday party, and not even kidding.

    Didn't those loons watch AMS!!! They will see then that JFK jr was taken out by aliens like his father before him.

    Ahhhhhh, thank goodness your in that house with a trumpet player. That story was pretty funny.

  8. @Mr.Shife
    When Carlos is funny, he is FUNNY!

    QAnon people really scare me because they are so delusional, and that they walk among us.
    I admit that when Carlos did that trumpet bit I could not stop laughing.
    I knew you'd like a French nugget!

  9. Green, definetly go green, the other looks too much like Mont Blanc

  10. @Dave
    But Mont Blanc comes with a top hat!

  11. Will Carlos be playing at the local horse racing track?

  12. Boebert - hey, didn't she chop her husband's peen off a century or two ago?

    Jonathan - yes - but only if he wears no cologne, no after shave, no underarm deodorant. I don't speak French. But I KNOW French.

    Go demure, dahling. That other look has been done to death! That queen from POSE owns it.

    Very jell with all your decor. And the pets don't mess with any of it? Lucky you. I love the holidays. And I love lights and decorations. You Go!

    I love Tux more and more.

    I see those Q-A-Loons really dressed for the occasion...

    GMA is such crap. Morning television blows.

    I wonder if we made people choose between guns, their kids, and their 'god' - which would they choose? Hmmm...

    Mt. Rushmore. More evidence humans suck.

    Johann... Bahahahahahahaha... But notice how it changes no one's mind...? Like he didn't even exist? And his death proves nothing?

    Tux is right. THE BOYFRIEND pointed out today that humans are the only species where the male of the specie is in charge. What DOES that tell you????

    Carlos. Love him more and more. What a nice sitcom you've written yourself... sigh.

    Kizzes. And thanks.

  13. @Frank
    Now there's an idea, especially given that we live in the Steeplechase Capital of the World, and just about a mile from the track!!

    I don't think that was Boebert, especially since her husband was accused of whipping his dick out to underage girls in a bowling alley. True story.
    No bath for Jonathan!
    Huh. I guess I can't really outdo Billy Porter ...
    Our cats have always been real good about the decorations, though MaxGoldberg likes to nibble on the tree!
    Those folks would choose guns over anything.
    Carlos and I are like Lucy and Ricky, though we each play both parts!

  14. Ok, so Carlos. Yes, the man knows what he's doing. I would have cackled like a maniac at that response. And Tux, always on point, no?
    Boob-ert is a waste of oxygen, as well as that other blond three-name Repug. Despise them both.
    I really can't with the Daily Dose of Stupidity that the QAnons, Anti-vaxxers and assorted Repugs provide. or with the fucking shootings. Kids are back in the classroom and so are the shootings. Ugh.
    Thank goddess for eye candy, though.
    And I think green is your color. Just add the black hat. Be a maverick.


  15. Ah, Carlos and his horn!
    I wish I could still agree with Tuxedo’s re-tweet, but scroll down to Lauren Boebert for reminder of a real mother-•£‰•er
    Yep, sorry, not sorry.
    Mt. Rushmore was magnificent.
    Shoot the NRA.
    GMA, practice what you preach.
    I love the idea of a butterfly net.
    You’d think Tuxedo would miau for Carlos.
    The house looks beautiful.
    I’d go with the black and white, and top hat.
    Let Jonathan Cannaux know I’ll be in NYC in April. Be ready.

  16. Great music, Splash, and maybe the cat can dictate a blog post?

  17. @Six
    Carlos slays with his quick wit, which he doesn’t use all the time, but when he does, it’s perfection.
    The QAnons and their, um, “beliefs” are the stuff of nightmares.
    I like your advice about the outfit, because what I really like is that hat!

    When Carlos is funny, he’s FUNNY.
    Boebert is clearly the exception to the rule.
    I’ve messaged Jonathan; he’s waiting.

    Don’t give Tuxedo any ideas; he already thinks he deserves more blog time!!

  18. Your husband is hilarious. And that Christmas tree!!! Damn I wish you could set mine up as I hate doing it!

  19. The Lunatic Fringe all need to be in Straightjackets and heavily Medicated, when they Gather is the best way to round them up and get them the Help they clearly need... the Visual of huge Butterfly Nets is Sweet. *LMAO*


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