Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Virginia Is Not For Gay People

If you ever wondered whether the GOP is rabidly anti-LGBT or not, just take a look at Virginia.
Once upon a time the Virginia Senate was Democratically controlled. Today? Not so much. And evidence of that exists in the fact a bill aimed at prohibiting discrimination in state hiring on the basis of sexual orientation was defeated this week.
Yup, Virgina, there is a Santa Claus and he can discriminate against The Gays if he wants, and so can all state agencies.
A similar measure was passed by the Senate last year when it had a Democratic majority, but was defeated in the GOP-led House; Republicans won effective control of the Senate in the November election.
Labor unions, teacher and public-employee associations, and AARP supported the bill, while the right-wingnut conservative Family Foundation and the Virginia Association of Independent Baptists opposed it, arguing that the bill is unneeded because there is no evidence that gays and lesbians face discrimination now.
No evidence that the LGBT community faces discrimination?
Apparently the conservatives in Virginia don't read. Anything. Ever.


Just A Thought: I'll Miss Barney

The Crosshairs Are Back

Remember when Mama Grizzly Bore® used the crosshairs in her ads to show us which Democrats she was targeting, you know, because they were Democrats?
They're back.
It seems that five Democratic state senators in Missouri have discovered large, orange crosshair stickers placed over their office nameplates last week in the Capitol Building. The targets included all four Democratic women in the state Senate, the Democratic minority leader, and one Republican state representative.
Jolie Justus, a Democrat from Kansas City, said: “Many of us when we came back to our office this afternoon had gun targets on our nameplates. A few of the senators removed them, only to have them replaced by larger stickers later.”
Last time we had crosshairs, Mama Grizzly Bore® placed them over Gabby Giffords' district in Arizona. Giffords was subsequently shot by a deranged man. Now, I'm not laying blame at the feet of the MGB®, but I do lay blame squarely at the feet of the GOP.
This is their issue. Seriously. I mean, I could be wrong, but I don't recall any of this kind of stuff being done to Republican legislators. I don't remember a time when Democrats placed crosshairs over the names of their political rivals.
This is the GOP, and just because they don't condone it, doesn't mean they shouldn't do something about it.
Before another deranged man gets hold of a gun.

via ThinkProgress

Monday, January 30, 2012

Indiana Wants To Teach Creationism

Up there around Nutwood Junction way, the Indiana legislature is moving ahead with a bill that would allow creationism to be taught alongside other theories in the state's public school system.
Creationism, a theory with origins in the Bible's Book of Genesis, suggests that divine power created man, animal, and all earthly matters. The idea is an opposing view to the science-based theory of evolution. If the bill passes, Indiana school districts will have the option to include creationism as part of science courses.
Oops, they almost had me.
See, I'm not a big believer in Creationism, but, hey, if that's your bag, then, well, good for you. And, i don't really mind the idea of teaching the theory of Creationism in school.
As a theory. But don't call it a science, and teach it alongside science. 
Creationism is not science. Evolution is science. There is fact to back up evolution. We can actually see evolution. Now, some folks say you can see Creationism, too, though it isn't based in fact, but rather, it's based in belief. In faith.
Belief is not science. Faith is not science.
Creationism is not science.
You wanna teach Creationism to those who wish to learn about it, then go ahead. Just don't called it science.
Unless you call it science fiction.


Just For Giggles: The Wicked Witch Of The West

The Gay Marriage Question

Carolann McLoughlin, a writer and editor from New Jersey and New York, decided to pose a question for which she, and I, for that matter, have never received an adequate answer:
"What does marriage equality for all citizens of this country/state say about your marriage?"
She still doesn't have an answer because, most of the people who responded were already in favor of equality, and those who are against it, spoke of everything but the question asked. Here are some of the answers she received along with a little response from me:
"The act of homosexuality is an abomination and sin many times over." 
Doesn't answer the question at all. Naturally.
"Why do you feel entitled to enjoy the benefits of marriage when you have proclaimed the basis for this marriage is based on being a homosexual? Why should everyone be forced to confer legitimacy on that which is historically against human nature? You are completely free to live your life as you see fit; but don't try and proclaim that everyone must accept your definition of what normal is. Have a really great day, unless you have made other plans!"
Again, that's an opinion about gay folks, but not an answer to the question at hand.
"May you know no peace in this life."
Ouch. For asking a question? 
"At the end of every speech that an American president makes he says, ‘God Bless the United States of America’.  The law of this land is that God rules here and not the deviants who support homosexuality."
Actually, the country is not run by God's law, so this non-answer is moot.
"A pox on you and your house!"
And she apparently also heard from a time traveler who flew in from the 1600s. Who says 'pox' any more?
"You and all like you will burn in hell for eternity."
Ah, a lovely Christian sentiment, from someone who missed that part of the Bible about judging folks.
Carolann McLoughlin noted that aside "from nasty comments and quotes from the Bible, no one ever answered the question" though supporters of separation of church and state and/or marriage equality were able to form a coherent thought and respond to the actual question at hand:
"As far as I can determine, no one has ever come up with a valid reason to oppose same sex marriage. First, all religious arguments are invalid. We have separation of church & state, so what the bible or any other religious document says must not be considered. Religious institutions can make any rules they want for their members, but they cannot affect others, so no one should even bring them up.Second, whatever anyone else, gay or straight, does in their marriage has no affect whatever on my marriage. Third, the institution of marriage is under attack by many factors, such as divorce, cohabitation etc. Gay marriage is not one of them."
For the record, Carolann McLoughlin is a Christian, and a gay woman, which is why she posed the question in the first place. But, she was a bit taken aback, I assume, as one might be, to hear some of the views expressed by those who call themselves 'Christian':

  • I heard a Catholic bishop say, “Heaven help us if gay marriage is approved.” 
  • I watched the evening news in horror as Christians lined the streets in protest bearing signs and posters that said horrible un-Christian-like things at the funeral of an American soldier who gave his life for his country. The chants include rants that state that this death is God’s punishment for homosexuality.  This act has been repeated on several occasions. 
  • Christian people show up in Trenton to protest the passing of a marriage equality law and many of the accusations shouted at those in favor are cruel and repulsive. Not really ‘Christian behavior’. 
  • I have witnessed or been the recipient of dubious behavior on the part of many Christians who condemn me because of who I am. 

It looks like Carolann McLoughlin never got an answer. At least not from those who don't support marriage equality. And why do you think that is? I mean, if you firmly believe something is wrong, bad for society, ruinous to your own matrimonial union, you'd be able to come up with one coherent reason.
One that doesn't involve telling gay folks to burn in hell.

Carolann McLoughlin 
's full article HERE.

Outstanding Guest Comment Of The Week: The Mistress and My, Um, Boner

Quite the week here at ISBL, with a plethora of posts, good, bad, indifferent, and snarky. So, let's get right to awarding this week's coveted....coveted?....ISBL Outstanding Guest Comment of the Week:
One more week, and another young soul lost forever because, in one brief moment, they decided they couldn't take it. So, we're left with Another One: Phillip Parker:
Frank said...
We need a memorial, something akin to the AIDS Quilt for these children and young men and women who die with the taunts of bullies ringing in their ears. But the sad thing is we shouldn't need one.
Do you really have to go to school to become a doctor? And, if you do, its it at all ethical to sell your soul to a right-wing-nut conservative "news" channel? it must be, because "Doctor" Keith Ablow Goosesteps For FauxNews:

Beth [Missus Bucko] said...

As I commented when another friend posted this on Facebook, this guy blows. (Get it?) :D

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) [Mister Beth] said...

After reading this, I had to drain my beer and go get another. I despise sanctimonious bastards like this! 

S'A said...
During my drinking days, I drank because it was fun! And I went to Church regularly. (sometimes with a hangover). Now I don't drink, and I don't go to Church. Wonder what he would make of that?!
I missed saying this in the post, but I have a kinda crush on this governor, so I was pleased to hear that Maryland Governor O'Malley Pushes For Equality Again:
Wonder Man said...
hoping for the best
I sent out some Just For Giggles fun with a post about the ability to read backwards and what talent it is....not:
truthspew said...
bɹo˙ʇxǝʇdıןɟ ʇnoqɐ ʍouʞ sn ɟo ǝɯos 'ǝǝs ˙ʇuǝןɐʇ ssǝןǝsn ʎןqıpǝɹɔuı ɹǝɥʇouɐ ǝʌɐɥ noʎ sıɥʇ pɐǝɹ uɐɔ noʎ ɟı puɐ
And I do wish Blogger would fix the OpenID thing and capchas
Imagine my surprise when I learned that "Doctor" Keith Ablow Goosesteps For Newt:
froggy said...
I'm speechless! I don't know where to start?! What about a woman who decides to have an affair with a married man? Is she really qualified to judge this man as worthy? They see something to admire in his lack of morals, compassion and general meanness? That's it - those are great qualities for a leader!
Living in South Carolina, I know we're kinda sitting at the back of the bus, under that big seat, behind a box, tucked into a corner, when it comes to LGBT rights. But I was thrilled to find out that you can get a specialty pro-LGBT license plate in only three US states, and we're one of them, so BRB: I'm Headed To The DMV:
tamayn said...
I have to say I'm pretty proud of SC and Indiana on this announcement. Equality can use all the support it gets.
I was feeling kind of Sally Field-ish, thinking about Governor Romney and how much we have in common. I took to my rooftop and shouted Oh Mittsy! You're Just Like Me!!:
Mitch Block said...
Yep. And Mitt worries about getting a pink slip. Just like me. And Mitt likes to make random $10,000 bets. Just like me. I had no idea how much "one of us" he really is. Thanks for making it abundantly clear.
I just loves me some architecture; and I really get, um, hot for some innovative stuff, which was why I was pleased with Architecture Wednesday: Split Personality:
Bill Dameron said...
Wrap it up, I'll take it! The house, not the architectural boner. Get your minds out of the gutter, you dirty Internet people....
It's funny, in a sad pathetic way, that some religious folks didn't get the God Is Love memo, especially up north, where Minnesota "Christians" Lobby For The Right To Bully LGBTQ Students:
Rainbow said...
Jesus disowns these heartless, uncharitable people. the y have no right to spew out their heathen lies! They should be brought to jail for inducing suicide!
Then, after that last post, we moved a little further east to discover that New Hampshire Wants To Legalize Hate:
Stan in NH said...
There's more and more ridiculousness and hate legislation coming out of our Republican, tea-bagging,free-stater moronic legislators daily. Hell, we have 400 people in the House, and 24 int he Senate. Both have super majorities. Right now, we're kind of f@#ked, but there's always November! We're planning on getting rid of these @$$holes and replacing them with people of common sense.
if you want to meet our crazy legislators in person, check them out:
Every so often, someone other than Carlos puts a tingle in my nether regions and I just gotta say Wow:
Tivo Mom said...
He was on Ellen a few days ago and I swear he is hot. I loved him in this random movie "Go" a while ago (he was a drug dealer) but he has gotten better with age.
I adore having fun at the expense of Mister and Missus Swingrich and their utterly normal relationship. I mean, she's a robot, right, and he's a bag of hot air, and if these two kids can find a  way to come together, well, Just For Giggles: The Swingrich's:
Princess said...
It is a clever bit of poster making but have you seen this Bob?
I had everyone  from Newt to Mittsy to CBS to Mariela Castro to Anonymous in my sights this week in my Random Musings:
Wonder Man said...
love that Newt/Chucky!
And, just a note, all of the comments in Today's Birthdays were outstanding in their own right. Thanks all!
I try really hard to mix things up when reporting what folks are saying each week--sometimes it harder than others--but this week there were all sorts of things and I Didn't Say It....:
Cubby said...
Re: Cynthia Nixon, well said Bob. Bisexuals have the ability to choose. The rest of us, gay and straight, do not. I'm happy for her that she is bisexual and I'm happy that she can choose which gender to have sex with, but it is wrong for her to imply that just because she can choose that the rest of us can choose too.
Tivo Mom said...
I adore NPH and the photos of he and David from Out magazine (I think that was where they were) were beautifully done.
As for Cynthia Nixon...well here is my thing. Ya'll know that as a conservative I am very cut and dry about things. I understand gay, this is how you were made, like any other characteristic and I accept and love you for who you are. Its no different than me having blue eyes or red hair in my mind. I have a harder time with bisexual, and I don't know why. I think because I never thought of being gay as a choice. Sorry rambling I know. I try to accept everyone for who they are, I guess sometimes I have a harder time with this.

I never thought I'd see gelato-inspired fashion, but then I also never thought I'd be so lucky as to see Rami in a tank-top and both came true on PR All-Stars: Ice, Ice Baby:
Sean said...
Who the hell was doing the editing for this episode? If you blinked you missed Rami and even the DVR had a hard time catching a glimpse of Rami but Austin got so much screen time I thought we were having a white out.
I like some good news to end the week, and ready myself for the weekend, and sometimes the good news can make you a little teary-eyed. But good tears, as in Good News Friday: Zac and His Two Dads:
mrs.missalaineus said...
amazing. having first hand experience with the foster care system i can honestly say that holding sexual orientation as a qualification is the stupidest reason to deny a child a loving, stable home, esp when the 'normal' parents couldn't get it right in the first place.
it's just love and wanting to be with someone and have a family with them and it's the most natural basic need in the world and asshole politicians and religious nutjobs make it seem horrible just to try to make themselves look better. it makes me vomit to think of all the kids who will never know a loving family because of petty prejudice.
Bill Dameron said...
Amazing kid, amazing parents. This is love as it was meant to be.
Bad parents, big mouths, pots calling kettles black, dumping the pregnant girlfriend, and seizures from Whip-its. Now, I Ain't One To Gossip, But.....:
Peter said...
Exhaustion, stresses in her life... normal people
I have a little--as yet unpublished--book I wrote, which is also called "I Should Be Laughing." I've posted parts of it here before, but it's been a while, and since my birthday hit, I was thinking about I Should Be Laughing: Harry and Jimmy:
designing wally said...
I'll be back later to comment after I have studied.
Thanks for sharing.

Princess said...
It's the story of my life!
But my favorite comment this week was, ahem, in regards to my architectural boner, I think, in Architecture Wednesday: Split Personality:
mistress maddie said...
When you said it was modern, clean lines and minimal, I didn't know if you meant the house or your architectural boner!?! But it is a stunner, I love the size of it. The house not your...well......
Yeah, well, thanks for the comments, once again. I do appreciate them all.