Friday, September 30, 2022

I Didn't Say It

Martha MacCallum, Fox anchor, proving yet again that Fox “News” people have no idea what they’re talking about:

“You saw what happened in Cuba, I mean, the entire island is completely out of power. And it gives you—you know, you feel terrible for people in Puerto Rico who were just hit, in Cuba who were just hit. Thank God we have better infrastructure in our country. We’ve put a lot of investment into making sure that we’re ready for these things. But it’s an act of nature, and you never know exactly what to expect.”

Yes, Martha MacCallum, an ALLEGEDLY educated woman, doesn’t realize Puerto Rico is a US Territory … possibly because the people there are Brown and speak a foreign language.


Tucker Carlson, proving that President Biden was right about the GOP, MAGAts and conservative “news” outlets:

“American families are facing the very same onslaught from the very same poisonous ideologies. The difference is that in this country it’s rarely acknowledged, except on the fringes. [Giorgia] Meloni is not on the fringes. She’s the new Prime Minister of Italy—she will be—and she’s saying it out loud. Contrast that to what’s happening in the United States. House Republicans just spelled out what they’re running on. It’s a document called ‘The Commitment to America’. It’s fine, probably not much in it you disagree with it ... There’s not a single word in that document about the attacks on the American family that you see every day. That’s at the center of most people’s concerns. How are my kids? Will they have a life that resembles mine? That was called the American Dream. Does it still exist? Will they be able to afford to live the way they grew up? Will they have the opportunities that we had? No. People are upset about that. Why wouldn’t they be? But nobody says it and that’s odd because we know, and now it’s been proven, that when politicians are brave enough to tell the truth about what’s actually happening, they tend to be rewarded for it. Once again, here is the incoming Prime Minister of Italy. As you watch this, ask yourself if you would vote for a candidate like this if you had the chance in our country.”

Fascist; the woman is part of the neo-fascist movement and here’s Fucker Carlson saying that should happen here because clearly he forgot what happened the last time Italy elected a fascist.

I’ll say it again: what President Biden said about many in the GOP, the MAGAts, and conservative news sites was spot on and Fucker Carlson just admitted it.


Chris Christie, pretending to offer advice to Thing 45 yet hoping it won’t be heeded and he can make another failed run at the White House:

“The more you absolutely antagonize with nonsense arguments on television that your lawyers won’t make in court—because they’re afraid they’ll be sanctioned if they do because they have no evidence—you’re pushing yourself closer to a self-inflicted indictment. I think these are all self-inflicted wounds by [Thing 45]. You know, one of the things that I always say to clients are, you know, don’t out loud fight with the Department of Justice. Like, you know, we’ll fight in court and do the things we need to do.”

Thing 45 thinks he’s untouchable and so he will say and do whatever he wants because he’s a narcissistic, syphilitic braindead racist rapist traitor. And Christie hopes he will because maybe it'll give him a shot at the White House.


John Fetterman, on what the right focuses on when it comes to him … hint: it’s stupid:

“Earlier this month, Fox News host Tucker Carlson went on a nearly 20-minute-long rant about me. The whole thing was as unhinged as you’d expect, but one line that stood out was about my tattoos. ‘All your stupid little fake tattoos,’ he said, calling them a ‘costume.’ So let’s talk about the tattoos that Carlson seems to be so interested in. I have nine dates tattooed on my right forearm. Each one is a day on which someone died violently in Braddock, Pennsylvania, while I was mayor. Gun violence and violent crime might be a joke to someone like Carlson, but they are very real to people in towns like Braddock. That’s why I have these tattoos. They are not some ‘costume.’”

Tucker doesn’t get it because it his pasty, flabby Swanson TV dinner mashed potato body won’t accept tattoos. Oh, and cuz he’s an idiot who now wants to make people with tattoos unfit for office.


Adam Schiff, on Thing 45’s assertion that he could declassify documents with his syphilitic brain:

“That’s not how it works. Those comments don’t demonstrate much intelligence of any kind. If you could simply declassify by thinking about it, then frankly, if that’s his view, he’s even more dangerous than we may have thought. He could simply spout off on anything he read in a presidential daily brief or anything that he was briefed on by the CIA director to a visiting Russian delegation or any other delegation and simply say, ‘Well, I thought about it and therefore, when the words came out of my mouth, they were declassified.’ No, people work hard to get that information. People put their lives at risk to get that information. That information protects American lives. And for him to treat it so cavalierly shows both what a continuing danger the man is, but also how very little regard he has for anything but himself.”

He does it because he’s a traitor who was way out of his depth in the White House and will do and say whatever he thinks even when it’s clear he’s an uneducated, ill-informed twazzock.


Thursday, September 29, 2022


So Carlos was telling me the story of Thais, who was in love with Venus and—it’s quite long and involved and this isn’t about that, so we’ll skip ahead—then he said:

“That’s when the opera started.”

Now, some of you may know that Carlos pronounces ‘opera’ like ‘oprah’ and I always get a giggle about that and it flusters him, but as he told the story, I said:

“Oprah was there? Oprah? What was Oprah doing?”

And without missing a beat, he says:

“She was giving away camels. You get a camel! And you get a camel!”

Sometimes he slays me.

Pete Buttigieg is simple, straightforward, common sense, with no hype, no bull shiz, no inflammatory speech. This man needs to be President one day soon.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has endorsed a bipartisan electoral count reform bill, giving the legislation a key boost over a similar bill the House passed. Both bills would prevent future fascist narcissistic presidents from trying to overturn election results through Congress.

The Electoral Count Reform and Presidential Transition Improvement Act would amend the Electoral Count Act of 1887 and reaffirm that the vice president has only a ministerial role at the joint session of Congress to count electoral votes, as well as raise the threshold necessary for members of Congress to object to a state’s electors.

Nice to see the GOP line up behind this since, you know, January 6 was a GOP thang, and one sure fire reason to stand behind this is that insurrectionist and Big Liar Ted Cruz is against it..


Marjorie Taylor Greene is not getting at least one vote that we know of … because her husband of twenty-seven years, Perry Greene, has filed for divorce. Marge Greene, adulterer, is famous for saying:

“Marriage is a wonderful thing and I’m a firm believer in it. Our society is formed by a husband and wife creating a family to nurture and protect. Together, Perry and I formed our family and raised three great kids. He gave me the best job title you can ever earn: Mom.”

Now he’s calling you Ex-. And before anyone thinks I’m being mean, remember Marjorie Taylor Greene attacks other people's marriages, like mine, calling hers the model.

And yet her husband calls the marriage "Irretrievably broken." Sorry. Not Sorry.

Look, I joke a lot, and I’m sarcastic a lot but I think I’m a good friend and here’s one example:

A friend called me and asked if I would loan him $1300 to help him pay rent. Those who know me, know that I’m always willing to help out friends & family but I told him to give me some time to think about it and I would call him back. Before I called him, though, his brother phoned to let me know that my friend was lying and that my friend needed the $1300 to bail his girlfriend out of jail so they could be together for her birthday. Well, I thought about it and decided to give my friend the money anyway because we all need help at times and as sarcastic as I am, I am kinda soft-hearted.

A couple of hours later I got a call from the police station. It was my friend, crying and screaming and asking why I gave him $1300 in counterfeit money.

I told him it was so he and his girlfriend could be under the same roof for her birthday.

Last week Ernesto Martin Herrera tried to serve Texas Attorney General with a subpoena for a federal court hearing in a lawsuit from nonprofits that want to help Texans pay for abortions out of state. When Herrera arrived at Paxton’s home he told a woman who identified herself as Paxton’s wife, Angela, that he needed to deliver legal documents to her husband.

She said Paxton was on the phone and unable to come to the door. Herrera said he'd wait, but an hour later Angela exited the house, got into a truck in the driveway, started it, opened the doors and then Paxton came running from the house, got into the car and she drove away.

Paxton then Tweeted:

“It’s clear that the media wants to drum up another controversy involving my work as Attorney General, so they’re attacking me for having the audacity to avoid a stranger lingering outside my home and showing concern about the safety and well-being of my family.”

A stranger who identified himself? And Paxton shows concern for his family by making his wife answer the door? By making his wife head out to the driveway and start up the getaway car and then he runs outside like a rat and jumps in?

This is the epitome of ReTHUGlicans.

I moved out of Florida to get away from hurricanes, and now it appears that Ian will be coming right over the top of Casa Bob y Carlos Friday night and into Saturday and Sunday.

The good news—is there ever good news with a hurricane—is that the storm should lessen significantly before we get it, and the projected rainfall totals for Camden aren’t so terrible.

But, seriously, Mama Nature, why?

Anthony Bowens is the first out gay wrestler to become an All-Elite Wrestling [AEW] champion, and man oh man is he a hunk of man-meat, but … Would You Hit It? Or Would You Let Him Hit You?

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Architecture Wednesday: Lake Tahoe Masterpiece

I think I’ve mentioned before that my family used to rent a cabin on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe every Summer while I was growing up. It was the best place to spend a Summer, high in the mountains with hiking and biking and swimming in the frigid lake; and it was a nice cabin, two bedrooms down and a loft upstairs with a large wrap-around deck.

Nowadays, though, my tastes have changed and this cabin, nestled on Crystal Bay, on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe, just west of Incline Village, Nevada, might just fit the bill, even if it is a bit large and ostentatious.

This 7,850 square foot home sits on 1.2 private acres with 110 feet of lake frontage. The Great Room, with attached sunroom and lounge sits high above the water, with a beautiful terrace for those sunsets. The primary suite is set apart from the home, accessed via an enclosed bridge, with views and privacy in mind; outside and down some steps is an in-ground pool with an infinity edge overlooking one of the most beautiful spots on the planet. Downstairs are five more lake view en suite bedroom suites, including a bunk room, office, home gym, and family room and bar with a terrace view. In addition, there is a separate in-law wing over a three-car garage.

I love the windows and the views, and the soaring wooden ceilings; there are open spaces and private spaces so it fits about every family or group. Best of all is that lake frontage. Oh, it’s so far down the hill you say? Who wants to walk all that walk down the hill to the water and then walk back up?

The home comes equipped with a funicular tram brings you down to the crystal cove and deep-water shared pier with a boat lift and a buoy beyond. 

They’ve thought of everything …

Monday, September 26, 2022

Dinner With Bob and Carlos

It's been a while since I've done a food post, and since we had guests for the weekend, I thought I'd share our culinary creations with you all.

Of course everything starts with an appetizer and we opted for mini-pizzas for everyone with our new favorite Pepsi-flavored Pepperoni, or Pepsi-roni if you prefer.

Moving on to the main course, we tried a new House Favorite our Nyquil Marinated Chicken. It has a lovely Minty flavor and helps you sleep. Plus, the guests get tired, too, and there's not of that hanging around chit-chatting for hours once the meals over.

For those who weren't into Chicken, but all getting ready for the Holiday,. we offered the Halloweiners ... Black Licorice-flavored hot dogs. Yummy.

After dinner, and the rush to the bathroom was over, we offered up some sweet nibbles before our geusts departed ... like Candy Corn's newest flavors, Fruit Punch, Vanilla Ice Cream, Hot Dog, Hamburger and Popcorn.

And we washed it all down with Pepsi's newest flavored soda, S'mores. They come in three flavors: Toasty Marshmallow, Chocolate and Graham Cracker.

I think it was a lovely dinner, even with the bathroom rushes and some of the guests nodding odd right after the chicken course. And as they were leaving everyone joked that they'd never ever be back.

Friends are fun.