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MORE! I Ain't One To Gossip, But..... Frank Langella Gossips.....About Dead People

I love a good celebrity dishing memoir. I'm shallow like that. But, I do get annoyed when some celebrity writes a book--and i kid, because most of them have people write the books for them--and trash other people who aren't here to defend themselves; as in, they're dead.
The newest dead celeb basher is Frank Langella, whose new book, Dropped Names: Famous Men and Women As I Knew Them, trashes countless dead famous people.
Let's see what he has to say about:

Rita Hayworth
Rita Hayworth was 20 years older than Langella, almost permanently drunk, and suffering from the onset of Alzheimer’s disease when they co-starred together. She was unable to remember her lines unless they were written in huge block letters and placed on cards beside the camera.
But to 34-year-old Frank Langella she was a goddess, a flame-haired siren, and they began a passionate affair on the set of the 1972 Western, The Wrath Of God.
The couple played mother and son in the film, yet spent every evening together in her rooms, working their way through endless bottles of bourbon and wine as she reminisced mournfully about the good old days.
Langella remembers Hayworth saying: ‘Don’t stare at me, baby. You can see me in the movies.’ And when he finally left her--I'm assuming the filming was over--he says Hayworth ran out to the car and pleaded: ‘Don’t leave me. I gotta have a man with me.’

Richard Burton
According to Langella, Richard Burton was less than impressive when he visited Langella’s dressing room while he was starring in Dracula on Broadway in 1977.
Langella claims that, after single-handedly polishing off a bottle of Scotch which he had offered nobody else, a slurring Burton launched into a series of reminiscences about Britain’s great theatre actors and recited lengthy sections of Dylan Thomas’s poetry.
As the hours wore on, Langella just wanted to get home. 
‘Could anyone, I wondered, be so unaware of what a crashing bore he had become? There sat a man approximately 52 years of age, looking ten years older, dressed in black mink, with heavily applied pancake [make-up], under a tortured, balding helmet of jet black hair, grandly reciting tiresome poetry.’

Anne Bancroft
Langella  reserves particular ire for Anne Bancroft--an ‘elegant’ stage name, he says, which was ‘about as suited to her as Cuddles would have been to Adolf Hitler’. 
He first met Bancroft, wife of comic actor Mel Brooks, in 1966 when they co-starred in a play. And though they remained close friends for twenty years, Langella soon realized she was ‘consumed by a galloping narcissism that often undermined her talents’.
She once told him how she had been in a New York department store when she saw a woman smiling at her. Bancroft felt ‘inexplicably’ attracted to the woman and wanted to go over and ‘embrace and kiss her passionately’--until she realised she was looking into a mirror.

Yul Brynner
Speaking of narcissism, self-love surely was never more intense than in the case of Yul Brynner. No actor ever talked about himself so much, Langella recalls, and yet had so little time for his fans.
The baldheaded star--‘never far from a full-length mirror’--once gave Langella and his former wife, Ruth, a lift in his 20ft-long white limo. On the drive, Brynner explained how he’d had a special elevator--big enough to fit a car--installed in the Broadway theatre where he was starring in The King And I.
His chauffeur could drive straight in and spare the star from having to ‘deal with the public’. Brynner even showed off a pair of blinding flash lights which he kept handy ‘in case blacks attack my car’.

Paul Newman
According to Langella, Paul Newman--long regarded as one of Hollywood’s Mr Nice Guys--was a frightful bore, too. 
‘After dirty-sexy jokes, shop talk, cars or politics were exhausted, Paul was a pretty dull companion,’ he recalls. ‘Never rude or unkind, just dull.’ 
In awe of his good looks, companions would instinctively think it their fault when he suddenly went quiet, but, Langella says, in reality Newman had simply run out of anything to say. Like the statue of David, Newman was ‘physically perfect but emotionally vacant’.
Sidenote: Paul Newman was the hottest man ever. That's from me, not Langella.

Bette Davis
Bette Davis was well into her 60s when, having seen Langella’s films, she ordered their mutual agent to put them in touch. Though--as with his affair with Rita Hayworth--Davis was 20 years older, they had ‘a number of racy conversations, not quite phone sex but certainly rife with foreplay,’ he says.
But nothing more ever happened as Davis always cancelled their dinner dates. Years later, however, he says he ran into her at a hotel and--enraged, he believes, that her privacy had somehow been invaded--she froze him out when he identified himself.

Liz Taylor
Apparently he had better luck with with Elizabeth Taylor. 
Put in touch in 2001 by a mutual friend who said the Hollywood icon was desperately lonely, Langella reveals that their second date culminated in a 69-year-old Taylor urging him to: ‘Come on, baby, and put me to sleep.’ 
After helping her upstairs rather indecorously by pushing on her backside, he was taken aback by the clutter in her bedroom. he says it was filled with pictures of her dead ex-husbands, ‘dozens and dozens’ of bottles of witch hazel which she used to remove her make-up and a giant open box of chocolates on the bed.
Despite knowing that a relationship with her was ‘quicksand’, he began a brief affair and now says she was: ‘A small, sweet woman who wanted a man to be with her, protect her and fill a void as deep as the deepest ocean.’ 
At one stage, she told him she wanted to leave Los Angeles and move with him to the East Coast to ‘find a place that’s normal’, but Langella told her a relationship would never work because she would ‘have him for lunch’.

Isn't it odd how, with the exception of Bancroft, who apparently only loved herself, all these women wanted to be with Frank Langella, and all these men were morons, narcissists and bores?
And yet he waited until they had all died before he told their "stories".
Methinks someone needs a payday.

I Ain't One To Gossip, But....

Kim Kash Kow Kardashian is so incensed at being flourbombed at her event to promote her new "scent"--and god only knows what that is--that she has decided to press charges against the Bisquick Bomber.
She told E!--the channel that whores out all the Kardashians--that, “I don’t want someone to think they can really get away with that. So we are going to handle that.”
And then she goes on to say, or try to say, that the "event" wasn't for the launch of her odor-de-toilet, but a charity event for Dress For Success. Now, it might have been both, but you know Kash Kow only hoisted her fat ass down there to promote her own fat ass.
Kash Kow: “Now that I think about it and had some time to digest it, I think, ‘What if that was some other substance? What if that person had a dangerous weapon?’ It’s scary. And what’s even scarier is this woman acted as if she was a part of the press. She just came out of nowhere! And so we are definitely changing things up a little bit, amping up security, taking some measures, and…I’m gonna definitely deal with it because it is not acceptable.”
Poor Kim! What if it was something else? Like talcum powder! Baby powder! Baking soda!
Oh, the humanity.
Me thinks someone is just trying to ride the Poor-Me-I-Made-A- Sex-Tape-To-Get-Famous-Whored-Myself-Out-On-TV-Married-A-Man-I-Didn't-Love-For-A-Few-Hours-Divorced-Him-Kept-The-Gifts-And-Then-Got-Bisquicked Pity Party Train.

Oh man, this is way off the Skank-o-Meter.
It seems that fresh from rehab, though still looking like a party hog, Gerard Butler has been spending time with Jailbird-prescription-med-jewel-thief-kidnapper-party-girl Lindsay Lohan.
Seriously. Ick.
Now, this isn't the first time Lohan has been, um, Butler’d. There was talk of the two Walking STDs doing the nasty back in Ott-Nine, but now word is that they're back at it.
Again. Ick.
I mean, there isn't a petri dish big enough to hold that germ-a-paloooza. It would take full body condoms, you know?
Seriously. Wherever these two are hooking up needs to be swathed completely in latex, and then properly disposed of after the co-mingling.

And, speaking of co-mingling.
Last week, Rihanna was spotted visiting Ashton Kutcher’s bachelor pad and then leaving--er, make that, doing the walk of shame--at around 4AM. Now, it's not quite as icky as ButlerLohan, but still, RihannaAshton isn't exactly, um, monogamous.
Now, some are saying it ain't so, but let';s look at the history.
Ashton is a man-whore who couldn't keep his Kutcher contained when he was married, and, well, Rihanna's track record with men is questionable at best.
But some are saying that Rihanna might actually be using Ashton’s place as a cover so she can hook back up with the guy who beat her, Chris Brown. Now, sick as this is, it does make sense since Ashton is supposedly still dating a woman who is the spitting image of his mother, Demi Moore--albeit a few hundred years younger.
Whatever it is, Ashton and Rihanna, or Rihanna and Chris Brown, I think Hollywood is gonna need a Silkwood scrub down. 

Naomi Campbell is engaged.
To a married man.
That's soooooo 21st century.
But her, um, fiancé, Vladimir Doronin, has been married to Ekaterina for 24 years, although Rumor Has It--hat tip to Adele....god I love Adele...but I digress--Vlad and Ekaterina have been separated for more than a decade.
The only thing standing in the way of Naomi and Vlad's happy nuptials, is, of course, money. Vlad isn't keen on giving up half of his multi-billion-dollar fortune to his wife, so he can marry Model and Olympic Cellphone Hurler, Naomi.
And Naomi don't like it. I mean, she is Vlad's "official" girlfriend, she moved to Moscow to be closer to him, they vacation together and they walk the red carpet together, but Vlad spends holidays with Ekaterina and their daughter.
Hmm,  fiancé sounds an awful lot like whore.
Makes me almost feel sorry for Naomi.

More on the Lindsay Lohan hit-and-run.
It seems there was a surveillance camera in the parking lot that night and it show some interesting stuff.
Like, there was no “paparazzi swarm” around Lindsay’s car.
Like, Lindsay was behind the wheel after she had ALLEGEDLY  been drinking.
Like, Lindsay actually spoke to Thaer Kamal, the man she hit, and told him, "F%k you!"
And now, ALLEGEDLY Camp Lohan--which is Dina and bunch of her chardonnay drinking lady friends from Long Island--are trashing Kamal.
Like, they ALLEGEDLY said Kamal was being investigated for several counts of filing false insurance claims. But, um, that ain't true.
Kamal’s powerhouse mouthpieces, er, lawyers, Mark Geragos and Tamar Arminak, are looking into who has been slandering their client and if it turns out to have come from Camp Crazy, well, then, in addition to suing Lohan for running him over, Kamal may sue her for slander.
Poor Lindsay.
If she's learn to keep her mouth shut she'd stay out of trouble.
I mean, she wouldn't speak; she wouldn't guzzle Grey Goose by the keg, and she wouldn't be swallowing all sorts of prescription meds.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Just For Giggles...Or Is It?

Good News Friday: A Starbucks Boycott Backfires

I don't drink a lot of coffee. Carlos and I usually have one cafe con leche with breakfast and then we're good for the day. But I do enjoy stopping in at Starbucks every so often for a little cappuchino and a nosh.
And, well, now I love it even more--even if the closest Starbucks is 27 miles away. It might well be worth the drive.
And, apparently, I'm not the only one feeling the love.
After confronting Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz at last week's annual Starbucks shareholders' meeting, a furious Maggie Gallgaher from the National Organization for Marriage [NOM] announced an international boycott against the  company because, as Maggie slobberred, "purchasing a cup of Starbucks equals support for gay marriage."
Uh-oh. Sounds bad. Except.
"We're not seeing any impact," says Starbucks spokesman Zack Hutson. 
In fact, it appears that NOM's attack has endeared Starbucks to the public. The company has risen significantly since the "boycott" and sales are way up. Plus, by as margin of almost 10-to1, more people have thrown their support, via an internet Thank You to sStarbucks than have pledged to join a NOM boycott.
And that sends a message to other Fortune 500 companies that defending LGBT rights, and marriage equality, is safe political ground, and good for business.
Now, suddenly, NOM isn't talking. But that may have to do with certain documents revealing the underhanded way that organoizatyoion works having been released. So, they're on the defensive now. They could use a coffee break. Too bad they have no place to go.

In Kansas, God Hates Fags

I am not a religious man. Big surprise, eh? yeah, I know, not so much. I mean, I do have my own spiritual beliefs, but they don't mesh with any one specific religion. See I learned a long time ago that, for many people, religion is a tool to make themselves feel better, and mostly by putting down anyone who doesn't share their beliefs.

Judge not lest ye be judged? Not so much, I've discovered.

Love thy neighbor as thyself? Only if the neighbor is exactly the same as you.

And, if I needed further proof of the detrimental aspects of organized religion--and I don't--I need look no further than the Kansas legislature.

Just this week, those group of asshats that the people chose to send to the capital to represent their wishes, advanced legislation to allow a religious defense to discriminate against gays.
Yup, hate in the name of god. That's what Kansas wants.

Two representatives from Lawrence, Kansas, attacked the the Kansas Preservation of Religious Freedom Act as a blatant attempt to destroy the city of Lawrence's anti-discrimination ordinance that includes sexual orientation.

Representative Barbara Ballard, the Democrat from Lawrence, said, “I am very proud of my Lawrence community, and I’m very proud of the ordinance that we passed. Discrimination is an injustice. It is an injustice to everyone.”

And House Minority Leader Paul Davis, also a Democrat from Lawrence, said, “I don’t believe it is ever right to discriminate against someone because of their sexual orientation.”
Lance Kinzer
But Representative Lance Kinzer, a Republican, of course, and foot solider in the culture war, defended the bill--it's his bill, by the way--saying it was meant to make sure government could not infringe on an individual’s religious beliefs: “Free exercise of religion is at the core of who we are as a people.”

Which begs the question, Lance, since when does free exercise of religion allow someone to discriminate against people? I mean, that whole judging business? The love for your neighbor? You're just gonna throw all that out because it doesn't jibe with your anti-LGBT hatred? God would not be happy with you, Lance. In fact, I think she'd be downright pissed off at you.

See, according to Lance, an apartment owner in Kansas could cite his religious beliefs to fight a complaint if he refused to rent to a same-sex couple. An employer could fire someone for being gay.

So effing Christ-like. So Kansas, I guess, because I'm not hearing any uproar.
But, while we're discussing, here's my take: if, and I've said this a hundred times, your religious belief is that I am an abomination and will be spending eternity in Hell for being gay, go for it. You're free to think that way. You free to say that. What you aren't free to do is discriminate against me in  housing, employment, or any other walk of life just because your tiny addled brain says that's what god wants.

Because she doesn't.

I couldn't care less if you all wanna go to church on Sunday and sing your hymns to the baby Jeebus and then come out of worship and tell me you hate me.
See, I don't discriminate against you.

I don't believe it that.

I Didn't Say It.....

Madonna, on her process of choosing a mate:
“It’s about finding a man you can look up to, and comparing them to archetypes that I obviously adore—John Travolta in ‘Saturday Night Fever,’ Bruce Lee, Abraham Lincoln. I name people who I look up to and admire. I compare the object of my affection to all these people.”

Is it just me, or did anyone else realize that two of her choices are ALLEGEDLY gay men?
Rethink MDNA.

Barack Obama, on the Trayvon Martin case: 
"I think about my own kids. and you know, I think every parent in America should be able to understand why it is absolutely imperative that we investigate every aspect of this. And that everybody pulls together, federal, state and local, to figure out exactly how this tragedy happened. so I'm glad that not only is the justice department looking into it, I understand now that the governor of the state of Florida has formed a task force to investigate what is taking place...My main message is to the parents of Trayvon Martin. You know, if I had a son, he would look like Trayvon. and, you know, I think they are right to expect that all of us as Americans are going to take this with the seriousness it deserves and that we're going to get to the bottom of exactly what happened."

I don't understand all the uproar over his comments.
Newt said he was race-baiting, but, um, if you;re a Black man and a young Black teen is murdered, wouldn't you think, 'Hey, that could have been my son.'
I think Newt is the one playing the race card.

Adam Savage, Mythbusters host, on atheism at the Reason Rally:
"I have concluded through careful, empirical analysis and much thought that somebody is looking out for me. Keeping track of what I think about things, forgiving me when I do less then I ought, giving me strength to shoot for more than I think I am capable of. I believe they know everything that I do and think and they still love me and I’ve concluded after careful consideration that this person keeping score is me."

Isn't it funny, in this day and age, that we are still discussing freedom of, and from, religion. Haven't we moved beyond the idea that all people must think alike.
If Savage believes he is repsonsible for his own life, choices, destiny, and someone else thinks that God, or gods, or goddesses, or, whomever, is responsible for their life choices, shouldn't we all just let it be?

Maggie Gallagher, on Starbucks refusal to came to her lumbering, blubbering hate machine, NOM:
"Starbucks has voluntarily decided -- as a corporation -- to associate its brand with a major political issue, the CEO just confirmed. I was in the room. I heard him. Customers across the world have a right to know that contrary to the promises made by the corporation in the Middle East and elsewhere, Starbucks does subsidize political causes. Drinking a cup of Starbucks coffee, sadly, means supporting gay marriage. Speak out, and stop being invisible to powerful men like Schultz. The business of America may or may not be business, but the business of corporations is to make an honest profit by serving all their customers well, both those who favor and those who oppose gay marriage."

Maggie's boycott has drummed up about 20,000 goosesteppers for hate, while nearly half a million have signed a petition thanking Starbucks for their pro-equality stance.
Oh, and their stock is soaring while NOM's is falling [see below].

Samuel Wurzelbacher, AKA Joe the Plumber, playing the Why is everybody always picking on me card like his idol:
"Remember how the leftwing media crucified Sarah Palin in the 2008 election? Well, now they've made Joe the Plumber their new target. Since winning my primary, the media has made it their number one mission to discredit my candidacy and annihilate my character. I've been painted as a bigot, told I'm not qualified to serve in Congress, and lectured on live TV as if I'm a schoolboy in the principal's office. No, I didn't earn a degree at Harvard, I haven't worked on Wall Street, and I don't make a six-figure salary. I'm a normal American, just like you. I served my country in the military and I've worked day and night to provide for my family. If that doesn't qualify a man to run for Congress, I don't know what does."

Poor Joe.
No, being in the military and caring for your family does not qualify you to run for office. At least not by themselves,
You also need a brain and a political stance, not just a few seconds left on your Fifteen Minutes of Fame clock.

Josh Elliott, Good Morning America anchor, on his father's coming out:
"When I was 13 years old, my dad came out and he died when I was 15, but for two years I got to see him as a man fulfilled and a man in full... I just want to say this: I took from him his love of storytelling; I took from him the importance of being an advocate for those who need it; and I took from him what it means to be a man."


Keith Ellison, Democratic Representative from Minnesota, on the recently revealed NOM strategy of pitting the Black community against the Gay community:
"Today, we learned from previously confidential documents that the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) is intentionally working to divide Americans across racial lines to advance their political agenda. The exposed documents reveal that NOM’s ‘strategic goal’ is to ‘drive a wedge between gays and blacks – two key Democratic constituencies.’ Our nation was founded on the principle of liberty and justice for all people—regardless of race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. NOM is clearly opposed to these basic ideals that so many Americans hold dear. I call on people from all backgrounds to speak out against NOM’s agenda and vote NO on the anti-marriage amendment this November."

First Starbucks poured a Macchiato all over NOM and now they are crumbling beneath their own bigotry and hatred.
The mirror has two faces, Mags. And they're both repulsive.

Julian Bond, Chairman Emeritus of the NAACP, on the latest NOM scandal:
"NOM's underhanded attempts to divide will not succeed if Black Americans remember their own history of discrimination. Pitting bigotry's victims against other victims is reprehensible; the defenders of justice must stand together."

NOM. Using hate to gain some kind of bigoted foothold in their doomed fight to "protect" marriage..
Ain't gonna happen.

Mark Potok, Southern Poverty Law Center spokesman, also on the NOM scandal:
"Black folks, this is a message for you: The National Organization for Marriage (NOM), the country’s preeminent group fighting against same-sex marriage, really, really likes you. They even want to make some of you famous! Have NOM’s principal leaders, former president Maggie Gallagher and current leader Brian S. Brown, stood up for African Americans before? Well, not so much. But it turns out that they’ve decided that you’re actually very important....NOM isn’t the first organization to use such cynical marketing ploys, schemes that seem to have little do with the interests of the people they claim to represent, and it certainly won’t be the last. But the revelation of its bald attempt to exploit black people and Latinos should help end the idea that NOM is an honorable group that would never engage in race-baiting. Because that is precisely what it has done."

It's one thing, NOM, to have an opinion, a political belief, a moral viewpoint. But to try and pit people against each other, hoping to prevail, is disgusting and hateful, and, well, totally you.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Random Musings

So, former Vice President Dick Cheney had a heart transplant last week. He's had five.....FIVE.....heart attacks over the past 25 years and countless medical procedures to keep him going. 
I wonder if he got a Haliburton heart.
I wonder if he's still on the donor waiting list for a soul.
I wonder if he could have gotten a two-fer deal and gotten a brain with that heart.
I wonder if he got a compassionate heart.
I wonder when I'll stop this.

Funny Tweet:

The Drag Race.
Loving Sharon Needles to death. I love that she isn't a glamazon and there's some kind of edge to her.
Loved Chad Michaels and his take on debate and inaugural dress.
Loved Latrice Royale's lipsynch for your life. Grrrl knows how to brang it.
That's entertainment.
Oh yeah, and one more thing:
PhiPhi must go.
That joke about 'The Help' was all sorts of wrong. Mostly, because it wasn't funny.

Poor Newt.
He's running out of money so fast in his campaign that he's taken to charging folks $50 to have a photograph taken with him.
And now, two thirds of his staff has been axed, and he's lost his last two print reporters--from POLITICO and the Atlanta Journal Constitution--reporters on the trail. The Associated Press pulled its reporter after Tuesday's Illinois primary.
It's over Newt.
You're not gonna be president--and it's funny because he seriously thought he had a chance.
Go home, return to a normal life.
Cheat on your wife.

What is it with ABC's Once Upon A Time and their slew of hot actors in leather pants playing hot fairytale characters?
Don't get me wrong, I ain't complaining.
Last week, we met The Mad Hatter, whose real name we found out is Jefferson--as well as finding out how he went mad--and he was played by the dashing Sebastian Stan wearing just a hint of guyliner.
Hot guys. Leather pants. Capes. Houses in the woods.
Reminds me of my teen years.

Matt Sutter, a gay man living in Atlanta, says that after he and friends enjoyed karaoke at Gilbert’s, he stepped outside and saw a woman who had parked in the taxi stand area. He politely warned her that she might be towed if she left her car there.
Nice, right?
Until a Checker cabbie parked nearby walks up.
“He comes walking up and starts yelling at them,” Sutter says. “I told him I was on top of it and he said, ‘Fuck you faggot.’ I was dumbfounded to have someone call me that in front of two of these popular [gay] places.”
Sutter stood nose to nose with the cabbie until a security officer from another club intervened, He tried to get the driver to apologize to Sutter, but the cabbie refused.
Sutter called the cab company to complain.
And, Checker Cab, a family-owned company founded in 1947, took quick action.
President Rick Hewatt cancelled the driver’s contract with the company: "We called the driver in, he didn’t deny it and he had his own story that this individual had cussed him out and not acted appropriately. I told him that’s no excuse and I cancelled his lease. Very seldom do we have these sorts of problems. When we do, we take care of them.”
Bravo to Checker Cabs.

For someone who's been in the news business, and been news for his antics--chair tosses and empty vaults--Geraldo Rivera is still an asshat.
He actually blamed the killing of Trayvon Martin on his wearing a  hoodie.
And even Geraldo's own son thinks his dad is a moron.
But, you know, he works for FuxNews, so............
And, looky there, Geraldo Rivera. In.A.Hoodie.
I guess he's lucky no one nearby was carrying a gun.

Over there on MSNBC, Thomas Roberts planned a segment on that damaging NOM document dump with Truth Wins Out's Wayne Besen and NOM's Maggie Gallagher.
But, um, Mags failed to show, even though she confirmed an hour beforehand that she'd be there.
Roberts used an empty chair instead of Gallagher, and said, "This empty studio chair in Seattle was supposed to hold Maggie Gallagher...although she is missing in action...I would say 'hi Maggie', but you're not there!"
Roberts went on to discuss the documents with Besen and the race-baiting done by NOM and Mags wasn't around to try and spin it, you know, that The Gays are responsible for their hate.
UPDATE: It wasn't that Mags didn't show. She went to the wrong studio. Yes, stupid is as stupid does.

The Weinstein Company has decided to release the film Bully unrated after the MPAA refused to budge on its 'R' rating on the film.
See, it's a film about kids being bullied, and, well, there are some f-bombs in the film because that's how kids these days talk, but, if the MPAA had their way, the very audience this film targets, to educate about the dangers of bullying, would never see it.
BULLY Director Lee Hirsch, “The small amount of language in the film that’s responsible for the R rating is there because it’s real. It’s what the children who are victims of bullying face on most days. All of our supporters see that, and we’re grateful for the support we’ve received across the board. I know the kids will come, so it’s up to the theaters to let them in.”
Now, it's up to individual movie theaters to decide whether or not to let minors see it.
And they should.

Rick Santorum. Asshat. Idiot. Moron. Bigot. Homophobe.
See, at a campaign event at a bowling alley in Wisconsin today, Frothy told a boy who reached for a pink bowling ball: “You’re not gonna use the pink ball. We're not gonna let you do that. Not on camera. Friends don’t let friends use pink balls.” 
The comments were tweeted by Reuters reporter Sam Youngman.
I don't get his popularity. Yes, I understand he is NotRomney, and the conservative wingnuts of the GOP love a good NotRomney. But he is consistently whipping out the crazy, whether comparing homosexual sex to f%king dogs, or calling Obama a snob because he went to college, or telling women what to do with their bodies, and shouting "Bull shit" to a reporter who asked a question he didn't like.
His comments, plain and simple, are homophobic. He can couch his hatred in religion, but it's hate. It's bigotry. It's disgusting.
Still, look at him up there. Doesn't he look pink?