Thursday, September 10, 2009


Here are a few things that i find interesting, annoying, cute or bothersome.

Tyra Banks took off her weave on the premiere of her talk show this week. i sort of wish she'd take off her head so we might never have to hear her speak again.

Jay Leno has left the Tonight Show so he can do the same show ninety minutes earlier. Does this seem like a stupid idea to anyone but me? I don't like Jay. I don't think he's funny. His humor is pedestrian. I will not be watching this mess.

I joined Twitter so I could rant about Joe Wilson. I don't know how long I'll stay this time, because my last try lasted one, er, Tweet.

I don't like Mike Isabella on Top Chef. he's an arrogant douchebag, and it seems he only wins when he works with someone else, like the Voltaggio brothers--Bryan is the cute one. I so wanted him to get the boot--or as Carlos says it now, You ARE the weakest link. Good bye! I was also hoping Mattin would go. it would have been great fun to see the french guy go in the French food challenge. Sidenote: Is it me, or does Mattin remind anyone else of PeeWee Herman, albeit a French PeeWee?

I saw Glee last night. I liked it. i wasn't as bowled over as some people were, but I thought it was cute. Of course, it didn't hurt to have Matthew Morrison in a bathtub, and the delicious Jane Lynch is a joy forever, plus Lea Michele has a lovely voice. and the writing is quite sharp. Hmmm, maybe I was bowled over?

Obama's speech last night was terrific. He knows how to speak, which is something we haven't seen in a president since last century, and he gets his point across. He was firm in his convictions and stated them brilliantly. I loved how he said he would call out those people who keep spreading lies about health care reform. Are you listening Death Panel Palin and Asshat Michele Bachmann?

I don't know how weatherpeople keep their jobs. Yesterday, it was supposed to be mid-80s with a slight slight SLIGHT chance of rain, but about 9AM the sky turned black and it poured and poured. I wonder what'll happen when the weatheridiots call for extreme heat. Perhaps the Earth will become the Sun?

While Carlos and I were doing our Gaybor Day shopping up in Charlotte, we happened upon some lamps. We never agree on lamps. he likes, and this is true, Monkeys. On. Lamps. I, however, do not. He'll find a lamp and I'll sneer and say, Then I find one and he'll grimace and says So, I find one that has a more traditional shape that Carlos might light--an urn shape--but it's made of shiny silver metal and therefore satisfies the need for something contemporary that i like. i hold it up, and Carlos says,, I don't like metal. Nine years together and I did not know this. But imagine my surprise when, just a few aisles over, he said he found a bed frame that he loved. Yes, you guessed it, made of metal, in a shiny silver. If I didn't think he'd start crying I would have left him in the store.

Paris Hilton.

Lindsay Lohan.

Mark and Jenny Sanford.

Joe Wilson.

That's all.


Michael Rivers said...

Another great collection of mussings.

Tyra--she doesn't bother me too bad. But, I don't really follow her.

Jay Leno--Amen a thousand times to what you said. I do not think he is funny. His humor is totally forced. I've never understood his fame. I won't be watching.

Glee--very cute. Not sure I'll watch each week. But Matthew Morrison is beyond sexy. And Jane Lynch is always wonderful!

Larry Ohio said...

I can't wait till Jay Leno's 10pm show starts. There is nothing else on in that timeslot except for crime shows on CBS (CSI, Mentalist, Numbers, etc.), evening news on the FOX affiliate, one-hour specialty news programs like Primetime and 20/20 on ABC (shows where they take 10 minutes of real news story and stretch it into 42 minutes in the most excruciatingly painful way possible).

Jay Leno's show will be a blessing, IMHO.

lacochran said...

So with you on Jay Leno. I don't understand this move at all. He's so 1993. That's not gonna change.

Beth said...

Hey, find me on Twitter! @Luvrte66. Did you know that Joe is on there, too? @congjoewilson

I am SO with you on the Leno thing. Every time I see commercials for his new show, I get pissed off and say something to the TV. NBC has always had some of the best 10 o'clock shows ("ER" anyone?) and now they're going to fill every freakin' night with LENO? The same Leno who IS NOT FUNNY?? AGGHHHH! [pant pant pant]


Wonder Man said...

Joe will suffer for this

Joy said...

I love Carlos stories and am so happy that you had two of them! OK, one was a line he said, but that's fine with me.