Thursday, September 24, 2009


So. Top Chef. Quick Fire. All the chatter is on Robin. How she shouldn't be there and how pissed everyone is that she hasn't packed her knives and gone.
So, I said to myself, Robin's gonna win something.
And she did. She won the Angel/Devil Quick Fire and all the other chefs, well, mostly Mike Isabella [when is he going home....arrogant asshat] and Jenny Carroll, bitched and moaned about her win. But the worst offender of all was one Eli Kirshtein, who actually made light of the fact that Robin is a cancer survivor.
Eli said he'd play the "Cancer Card" from now on so he would win.
I used to like you, Eli.
Now, you're an asshat.

I am a Glee-k. A big old boa-wearing-show-tune-singing-lip-synching-Matthew-Morrison-loving geek.
Chris Colfer as the Gay Kid is wonderful.
Jane Lynch can do no wrong.
Dianna Agron is the perfect slutty cheerleader.
Last night's episode was brazilliant and if you don't watch Glee. Shame.On.You.
Witty. Clever writing. Fun. And, oh so gay.
Watch it. Dammit!

Last night, just before bed, I'm checking my mail as usual. Carlos is futzing around the house, doing all his nightly business. And, as I check my mail, I notice a card on the desk with a stamp on it. It's one of those cards you send back when you buy a tire, so you can register the purchase in case there are any recalls or such.
It's from WalMart.
Now, we bought a tire at WalMart a few years or so ago, for the car Carlos had before the car he has now, and I thought, Man, he is the procrastinator to end all procrastinators.
When he comes into the room, I ask why he's mailing this registry card in now.
And he says, I got a flat tire yesterday and had to replace it. I told you.
Um, no, you didn't.
Yes, I told you that was why I came so late last night.
Um, no, you didn't. Do you think you could tell me that you got home late because you had a flat tire and had to go to WalMart and have it replaced and I wouldn't say a word? Me? Not say a word?
Oh......I thought I told you.
Cut to ten minutes later. Carlos in bed, reading. I come into the room and head towards the bathroom. I say, over my shoulder, Oh, I forgot to tell you., Two days ago I accidentally shot the neighbor's dog. I thought I'd mentioned it.


tim said...

that is awesome huh... love the topic.. wonderful!

Lou said...

I wish we got Glee here. One day maybe.

Your font go smaller and smaller and I left my glasses at work by mistake yesterday so I can't read the bit about the car with the flat tyre. I'll catch up tomorrow.

lelocolon said...

Carlos tire, that will have make me wonder the same thing, and being forgetful is second nature to me, However dealing with anything that happens with the car sends me to a zone where the entire world needs to know.

Berry Blog said...

I missed this episode. My former students ( now high school) turned me on to this. I love how liberal and open our modern kids are today.
So I have to look up which night it is on so I don't miss the next.