Thursday, September 03, 2009

Reality TV Asshat Of The Week

I so wanted that arrogant smug bastard Mike Isabella to go home on Top Chef last night. When he was called as part of the winning team, I gagged, but then when the judges told him he was also on the losing team for his uninspired Greek salad, I leapt from my chair.

Well, I didn't actually leap.

Side note: Mike is the Executive Chef at nationally-renowned Greek restaurant, Zaytinya.

Back to business. I don't like Mike. I don't like smug and arrogant. I don't like men who think they're supposed to win because they're men. And how dare a girl....she's a woman, him in the Quick Fire.

So, here's to Mike, Reality TV Asshat.


frogponder said...

That was a Top Chef first!
Salads, and especially pasta salad have always fared poorly. Also shrimp seems to be the protein of doom this time around.

Joy said...


Good to know about the Greek Restaurant! (smick)