Thursday, September 24, 2009

Not Exactly California Dreamin'

Mackenzie Phillips on NOprah. What a mess; a train wreck, from which I could not look away. Drugs. Sex. Rock'n'roll. Incest. it was all a bit too much. Apparently, under the influence of drugs, a lot of drugs, Mackenzie Phillips and her father, John Phillips, began a ten-year consensual sexual relationship.

Ick. I'll get that out of the way early on.

The "relationship" ended when Mackenzie became pregnant and didn't know if the father was her boyfriend or her father.

Now, I don't use drugs. Never have. So I can only imagine what mass quantities of heroin and coke and, well, god knows what else, will do to you, and allow you to have done to you.

Is Mackenzie lying about the incest to make some coin on a book?

Only she knows.

And that goes for the incest as well.

Only she knows.

A couple of her father's ex-wives have come forward to speak up for John Phillips, who passed away a few years back. They stand up for him by calling him a drug addict and a degenerate, but state quite firmly that he never had sex with his daughter.

How do they know?

This isn't something you speak about over dinner. it isn't "Pass the peas and, oh, by the way, I'm schtupping my daughter."

It isn't like that at all.

So the ex-wives should keep quiet and speak only to what they know.

I'm not saying Mackenzie Phillips is telling the truth, or even that she's lying to sell a couple of books. I'm saying the only people who know whether or not this happened are Mackenzie Phillips and her father.

Sadly, he isn't here to dispute anything.


Beth said...

Yeah, I don't know, either. It's sure gotten her a lot of publicity, hasn't it? I'm skeptical.

Wonder Man said...

why is she doing this

edder said...

My spidey sense tells me it's true. We all have our stories and skeletons and many of them result in self medication with drugs and alcohol, etc..

It's so crazy I have to believe it's the truth. No one bats an eyelash when a celebrity writes a book and talks about similar issues. This one just happens to be about incest. And they were both so messed up I can really see it happening.

Very sad. Either way, her life has changed forever by coming out with this just for a few book sales. I believe she gave it much thought prior to doing so.

lelocolon said...

I believe her he fucked her, but in this particular story I feel more like she also wanted to get bang too. After all why will she come out and said that now if she did not wanted to protect herself before. Maybe she wanted the joy ride too. Hey and papa said why not is pussy?