Monday, July 06, 2009

Good! Bye.

I was reading a Vanity Fair article online just last Friday. It was an, shall we say, evisceration of Sarah Palin; all unflattering, all the time.

I. Was. In. Heaven.

I printed the article and was reading it and commenting and outlining and preparing it for a blog rant; I love a good blog rant, you know. But then, bitch up and quits!

I like to think I scared her with my SSIS--Send Sarah Into a Snowbank--almost as much as she scares me.

But I'll continue with my post and add more as the story breaks. I was thinking about putting up her resignation/basketball medley press conference, but it was as incoherent and rambling as nearly all things Palin, so we'll just let that be.

The Vanity Fair piece, by Todd S. Purdum, tells the tale of Sarah before, during and after, her unsuccessful, horribly unsuccessful, shot at being veep to Gramps McCain. A lot of folks working on the McCain campaign have taken aim at Sarah Palin, as have I, like she was an Alaskan wolf and they were tailing her from a helicopter. The words they used to describe her: "diva" and "whack job" and, my personal favorite, "Little Shop of Horrors."
The article was written, obviously, before she decided to toss her political career in the crapper, take her toys, and go home, but it is quite telling as to who she is, how she works, and what she does if she doesn't get her way.

For example:

  • She created SarahPAC to put forth her agenda of gun rights and abortion control, her real American agenda, when her chief fundraiser, Becki Donatelli suddenly quit, leaving the PAC without a clear direction. It's a nice little PAC egg for any future campaigns, although that seems slim now.
  • She formed the Alaska Fund Trust whose sole purpose was to raise money to pay for her legal expenses stemming from a variety of ethics charges levied against before and after the McCain McDisaster. I will say, in all fairness, some of the claims were trifling and stupid, but some were not. Sarah Palin is not a uniter, but a divider; it's love for some, hate for others where she's concerned.
  • Walter Hickel, a two-term governor of Alaska, worked to get her into the governor's mansion. He was co-chair of her gubernatorial campaign because he thought she also supported his idea of a natural gas pipeline to the Port of Valdez to make it available for sale worldwide. As soon as she was elected she dumped the pipeline idea. Hickel now says, "I don't give a damn what she does."
  • As we've all suspected all along, McCain spent less than two hours with Palin before choosing her to be a Heartbeat Away. It was a decision he, apparently, instantly regretted. She didn't even tell him of her unwed, teenaged daughter's pregnancy during the Lite Vetting Process.
  • She pandered to those Americans with no insurance by saying she and her husband, Todd, had no insurance when they first married, and didn't have it until he joined the union at British Petroleum. But Todd, yes, her husband Todd, says that wasn't true; they had catastrophic insurance, which isn't the same as no insurance.
  • When McCain chose her as his running mate, Palin felt she was losing support in Alaska. She asked Steve Schmidt, McCain's chief strategist, to conduct a poll in Alaska to see how her numbers were doing, but then the economic meltdown occurred and McCain suspended his campaign. The Palin poll was never done. Sarah Palin subsequently became very difficult to work with; she even refused to face, speak to, or participate in a mock debate set up to prepare her for her first televised debate with Joe Biden.
  • After the debate though, which was not a total disaster, she suddenly became emboldened, even crossing the McCain campaign strategy of pulling "out of active competition in Michigan."
  • She became the diva who ignored McCain's chief advisers, who were forced to send messages to Palin via a third party. She would not speak to anyone in his camp for the remainder of the campaign.
  • And, as for that election night concession speech? McCain staff members now say that when they went to load John McCain's speech into the teleprompter, there was another speech already in there. Sarah Palin's speech. When she was informed that Vice Presidential candidates don't give the concession speech, she asked, "Are those John's wishes?" When told they were, she refused to listen, following McCain on his walk to the podium to ask why she couldn't give one.
She was already plotting her next step on the backs of the failed McCain campaign.
More to come. Stay tuned.
The Vanity Fair article is HERE.


frogponder said...

Considering the history of VP pics, many have been downright alarming, maybe we should make it an elected position, or appointed after the election, or just skip it all together.

truthspew said...

I'd say she exhibits high vanity numbers too. She's a know-it-all and those people who think they know it all are very annoying to those of us who do.

frogponder said...

I'm back to click thru to the article. Magazine nowhere to be found, must not be out yet? But I can't wait that long!

Beth said...

I was also glued to the entire 6-page article, and posted it on Facebook. Fascinating, indeed. Equally as fascinating was the email exchange between her and Schmidt concerning Todd's membership in the Alaska Independent Party--Sarah wanted Schmidt to issue a press release about it, essentially lying about the Party's purpose, and Schmidt instead issued a smackdown on Palin. Beautiful.

The latest is her lawyer threatening lawsuits against newspapers and bloggers for defamation. Hahaha! You and I might be part of a class action suit! SSIS! XO Beth

Sasha (Malchik Gai) said...

Says a lot to me about just how insane the repugs were to put her on the ticket. Not that I'm complaining. I hope they continue to make wonderful decisions like this. Til Honest Abe himself comes back from the dead to box some so called "leaders" soundly about the ears.
Thanks for sharing, I will most likely read the article with glee.

Joy said...

They thought they could just put any woman on the ticket and get the Hillary supporters. Says a lot about their attitude toward women and lack of realization that men supported Hillary, too.