Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's Sunday. My Pets.

A Sunday Tuxedo raises his eyes toward Heaven and
prays to the cat gods that there will be fish for dinner.

And when he realizes it'll be a dish of dry stuff like everyday, he pouts.

And does his best Camille impression.

Or Tuxedo of the Jungle....or Bond Tuxedo Bond.

This is TallulahBelle's best side,

and the look on her face when you catch her
doing something that is on the Do-Not-Do List.

MaxGoldberg of the Boca Raton Goldbergs,
doing his best Tony the Tiger impression,

before he runs from the idiot with the camera

and hides out under a rocking chair.

And the PocketDog Ozzo, who, well, let's just say I was hoping for a life-sized dog when we found him, and now the little pisser has wormed his way into our hearts.
Lucky Bastard will always look like a puppy; a gay man's dream, to never grow old.


Ultra Dave said...

They're so cute! How do you not overdose on cuteness?

frogponder said...

I loves the pet pictures. The Labrador Girls wish they had some of those sun beams to bask in.

mistress maddie said...

My heart melts when I see those cute animals! Max Goldberg looks very mischiefvious

Beth said...

I love your kitties! Oddly enough, we feed Sheeba dry crap, too.

And okay...Ozzo is adorable, too. ;)

Joy said...

Cute pictures and story!

Wonder Man said...

they are cute, I should post my pets

Mark in DE said...

So cute!