Saturday, September 11, 2021

Twenty Years Ago, 10:03 AM EST, Flight 93, Shanksville, Pennsylvania

United Airlines Flight 93

Christian Adams, Lorraine G. Bay, Todd Beamer, Alan Beaven, Mark K. Bingham, Deora Frances Bodley, Sandra W. Bradshaw, Marion Britton, Thomas E. Burnett Jr., William Cashman, Georgine Rose Corrigan, Patricia Cushing, Jason Dahl, Joseph Deluca, Patrick Driscoll, Edward Porter Felt, Jane C. Folger, Colleen Fraser, Andrew Garcia, Jeremy Glick, Lauren Grandcolas, Wanda A. Green, Donald F. Greene, Linda Gronlund, Richard Guadagno, Toshiya Kuge, CeeCee Lyles, Hilda Marcin, Waleska Martinez , Nicole Miller, Louis J. Nacke II, Donald Arthur Peterson, Jean Hoadley Peterson, Mark Rothenberg, Christine Snyder, John Talignani, Honor Elizabeth Wainio, Deborah Ann Jacobs Welsh, Kristin Gould White


Moving with Mitchell said...

I‘ve never seen this. Thanks for sharing.

the dogs' mother said...


VRCooper said...

Let's not forget all who perished. I remember this day vividly. I had just moved from DC to California to be closer to my family and find work. My alarm went off and the news was on my clock radio. I heard something about planes flying into buildings. I was confused. I listened some more and then jumped out of bed and turned on the television. I was glued to the set for the rest of the day. The country came together. I also remember having an interview a few days later and the interviewer thanking me for coming in under the circumstances. I had my American flag pin on my suit lapel.

uptonking said...

Another lovely memorial built to honor those lost on the saddest of days... Thanks, Bob.

Janie Junebug said...

Thank you.