Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Away ... And Back

It's like a world away, though quite the tourist destination; Bluffton, South Carolina. We’d never been but I recently hooked up with an old friend on Facebook and we were stunned to find that we both now lived in South Carolina, and just a couple of hours apart. A quick invite, a low-key holiday weekend, a call to the pet-sitter, and we were gone.

I got Key West relaxation vibes almost instantly, for the Old Town reminded me so much of that place … without the decadence and gay guesthouses, cuz you can’t have everything.

It was nice to catch up with an old friend, and nice to see a new place, and wander though the town and the shops and the bars and cafes. We’d eat breakfast at the Creperie—something savory for me, something sweet for Carlos—and then take a coffee and wander through town and down to the river; we drove out to Hilton Head early one morning to watch the sunrise, and it was so peaceful and quiet; we checked out the shops and bought a wrought iron crawfish and some gilded oyster shell salt and pepper bowls. Everyone needs those, right?

My friend took us to the Burnt Church Road Distillery, where you can taste all their homemade concoctions in The Sanctuary—my kinda sanctuary. I thought of Maddie as I sipped a Devil’s Elbow Cucumber Pepper Gin Martini … and tasted bourbons and whiskeys and vodka, oh my.

All in all, it was a quick weekend away, and even though it was a holiday, with COVID rearing its ugly head in South Carolina again—after a week being open a great many schools are already going back to virtual because of outbreaks, do not get me started on that—it was relatively quiet and masked and social distancing and, again, a world away.

Just when I needed one.


  1. Nice! I thought those oysters looked kind of odd :)

  2. I know the building are different but the pictures give off the same vibes as @MMs - relaxed and beautiful, just further down the coast. As for proximity to the sea - I am SO jealous as it is very unlikely I will ever see it again.

  3. This proves we can still have a get away and do it safety. I'm glad you got away...any little bit of time feels good doesn't it? I love the vibe of this beach town...some even reminded my trip of Ptown. Loving the vibes of the fireplace mantle.

  4. Excellent! So glad you got to escape for a while. I've never been to that part of SC but it looks great, and I love the gilded oyster shells!

  5. Loverly pictures! And a good time
    had by all. Gilded oyster shells -
    who knew?!!
    xoxo :-)

  6. Glad you took advantage of the opportunity to get away...It really does change ones' perspective getting out of our routine, a new place, and sunshine...It is always great to discover new things...Curiosity will never let you down...Embrace it...

  7. Beautiful pictures Bob! I have never been, and wouldn't be opposed to going. Your post and Maddie's have inspired me to go back to the beach for a few more weeks, before selling off the timeshare. Nothing like some beach time for mental balance.

  8. I’d never heard of Bluffton. Sure looks beautiful. I’m so glad you guys got a little escape. We’ve been talking about going somewhere. Even a day trip to someplace we haven’t been. We’re just waiting for the heat and humidity to depart. And, oh my god, we’ve been looking for a wrought iron crawfish for ages. We’ve been without one for too long.

  9. @Deedles
    The only kind of oysters I like!!

    It's very kind of beachy kitschy Key West, Provincetown, small town. I have a need to see the sea every so often and with COVID and all it's been too long. I felt rejuvenated.

    It was a couple of days really but it felt like a nice long time. And going somewhere new is always a treat and seeing old friends, too.

    The oysters shells were so odd and beautiful I had to have them!

    Bluffton knew!

    It was a much needed getaway.

    We've been to Myrtle Beach but it's not as quaint as Bluffton or Hilton Head. So peace filled.

    We are probably going to Oregon in October for ten days or so; haven't seen my Dad in two years. And this mini-trip, just the two of us, was perfect.
    And doesn't everyone need an iron crawfish??

  10. Ohh that looks nice!
    Love the beach-y feel. Probably kind of touristy, but hey.
    I have never been to South Carolina. I don't do Southern states well...


  11. It looks like an absolutely delightful place! Perfect for a weekend getaway -- we all need one of those once in a while!

  12. Sounds like it was a good weekend. It looks very quaint.

  13. Yay for the getaway. It looks lovely and good to hear you and Carlos got out of town for a little bit. We did as well and it really did the mind and body good.

  14. Sounds like you had a simply marvelous time.

  15. Looks wonderful, and the hurricanes went farther west so you didn't get blown away.

  16. So glad you got away and had a lovely time. Looks like an ideal spot. Thanks for all the photos. And glad you took care to remain safe. Kizzes.

  17. Oh that looks so pretty. I can just picture Hemmingway sitting behind his typewriter in one of those houses!


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